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The richest 400 Americans own $ trillion—the size of the entire UK economy. These 400 billionaires pay a lower tax rate than the half of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. The rich have waged 45 years of class war. It’s about time working people stand up and fight back.


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Carl adamec ()

Anna Makurat with a 3 and UCF calls time -- it has one time out left. @UConnWBB 33, UCF 20 just 90 seconds into 2nd half.

PicksHotterThanRyanBraunsPiss ()

@SamOliverLees @AITA_reddit I’m serious, half of the time your reply is more cringeworthy than the actual AITA post itself

Alex Hurst ()

That was absolutely dire today again. Don’t let the result and Hodgson’s negative second half tactics fool you. We get worse every time we play. We’ll stay up but it’s so bad. ASM as the central striker for much of today? Betaleb and Rose look shocking as well. So grim

Bernie Sanders ()

The richest 400 Americans own $ trillion—the size of the entire UK economy. These 400 billionaires pay a lower tax rate than the half of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. The rich have waged 45 years of class war. It’s about time working people stand up and fight back.

Sport @ GWC ()

It’s 2 tries apiece at @PortobelloHigh for the U16 against GS Direito at half time. Miraculously the rain has stayed off, but it’s freezing! Exciting second half to 🏉❄️


Pete Nash ()

@ScottElderfiel1 @TwoCrowsPodcast Stengle & McAdam showed enough to stay in, we need their speed & they will get better each time they play Davis did enough to get another run, Butts also did some good things & will get better with every game Chayce will be great too we did ok given Sloane missed 2nd half

FPL Crate Digger ()

GW27 Predictions Zero shots at the Bridge as Lampard and Jose agree to a draw at half time Martial braces as if he’s just lost a winning lottery ticket Lundstram starts and gets subbed on 59 minutes Vardy scores vs City and celebrates with a Coleen Rooney wrestling mask

Jswaggar1 ()

@ChelseaFC #CHETOT predictions! 🔮 First CFC scorer: ____________Rudiger Half-time score: ____________RLC Full-time score: ____________2:0

Abubakar salaudeen ()

@ChelseaFC #CHETOT predictions! 🔮 First CFC scorer: none Half-time score: 0-0 Full-time score: 0-1

Shehnaaz Gill FC 💞 fℓιρρєя ☣ ()

“Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.” – Will Rogers #OurPrideShehnaaz

IrelandsFarmers ()

Myself and a friend bought this lad as a calf this time last year from the famous Haltcliffe herd. He’s heterozygous polled, this means half his calves will be born without horns. He’s also got an NT myostatin gene. He’s just out from stud and semen will be available soon.


Malik4TheStreets♋️ ()

Twitter beef is the best kind I swear, ion even know what’s goin on half the time but them clap backs always be ruthless af😭😭😭😭😭

Warrior Always ()

#நான்தாப்பா_பைக்_திருடன் Dei half baked kissme 😉 not one time we will say multiple times now samugavirodhi samugavirodhi 🕺🕺🕺

Football on BT Sport ()

Manuel Neuer where are you off to? 🙈 The Bayern goalkeeper goes walkies, gets nutmegged, and Paderborn pull level just before half-time!

ShookyShooky⁷ ()

I still need to listen to like half of the album still, luckily its friday and then the weekend thank god. I’ll have lots of time to listen to all the other genius masterpieces and amazingly produced songs BTS created, which ARMY sincerely thanks you for creating @BTS_twt 🙏💜💜

Ed Bourne ()

@cvpayne Question I had. Why was @PeteButtigieg going after Klobuchar. Seemed like petty argument when his real target should have been Bernie, Bloomberg and Biden. Klobuchar seemed like she was on verge of tears half the time


Because of you, half the time I don’t even know that I’m smiling. #TwitterQueenRashami


Venus🐉 ()

half the time i wanna be really bougie and high fashion the other half i wanna be a cyber space alien princess

Dot-art Gallery ()

Happening today The Reader at Calderstones 👀 👇🏻✏️ Half term is the perfect time to get creative and try something new, join us for a FREE drop-in drawing session with award-winning Illustrator Phil Disley! (Suitable from 10-13s) 🙌🏻


Stockport TPA ()

Today sees a special half term programme of events for Friendly Fridays, gardening (indoors!), story time, games and more


Half time Old ()

【🎸🎸高松ライブ🎸🎸】 (土)SANUKI ROCK COLOSSEUM 2020 -MONSTER baSH × I♡RADIO 786 タイムテーブル解禁!! Half time Oldは21日!! オリーブホールのトリ🔥🔥 19:30〜🎸🎸 お待ちしております!! 🎫一般発売中 詳しくは☟


Chloe ☁️ #CHENWeLoveYou ()

half of those views are probs from me HAHAHAHA I watch that so often and still laugh each time 🤣🤣

Sharish ()

@HimeshMankad @iHrithiksSniper Abhi bhi time h bhai ...dekh le, half century ho jayegi 😂😂

The BUSY AF Mommy Gf ()

@FormidableTrap Had me in the first half, Avie. But passing culture is a thing and dictates most trans people and traps in their identities, most of the time. And why do you want it to be easier to tell if someone is trans? That kind of thinking scares me and would leave us vulnerable.

Ellie ♡ ()

@pyplacca I would but still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing half the time 😂

눈부신 꾸기⁷ ()

Back at listening to this and feeling goosebumps all over!!!! Can we say he’s half rapped? I mean it’s like a melodious rapping/singing. Dang Jungkook you’re doing amazing baby. 정국아 ㅠㅠㅠ 역시 너무 잘한다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ what kind of choreo would he bring on this time? I can’t😱

Lotherton ()

Maybe I forgot to our penguins are very friendly😄 Let your little unicorns meet our curious birdy beauties! Feeding time is at 11am & 3pm everyday 🐧 For more half term fun visit our events page for details.


Michael Beale ()

Well done to the players on showing an outstanding mentality to come back from 0-2 especially after missing 4/5 very good chances. It’s only half time in the tie & Braga are a very, very good team. We have it all to do next week. Thanks for the support. It makes a big difference

Kehlani ()

first time hitting the stage in a year & a half and i wouldn’t have wanted to do it with and for anyone else but ALEXIS LYNCH! LONG LIVE LEX

Harry Kane ()

Happy birthday to @jimmy_greaves ! An honour to have presented his granddaughter and son with a gift at the game last night. Not the result we wanted but it’s only half time #COYS

☚ fyfe Dimma ☛
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