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Congratulations Modi Ji. Excellent Press Conference! Showing up is half the battle. Next time Mr Shah may even allow you to answer a couple of questions. Well done! 👍.



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Merrin dives on the low kick and Leeds have the ball back 10 - 6 to go until half time.

London now get a scrum for a knock on as Leeds chase a loose London pass 10 - 6 to go until half time.

This time last year a was drinking champagne n getting ready for Mwell to win the cup, then the game kicked off, we were 2-0 down by half time n a found out the champagne we had was actually prosecco. Life is a rollercoaster..

am i just bitter that this is the first time i’ve seen some people give half a shit about what’s happening in localities outside dublin? who’s to say.

Quarter time West Perth v Peel Not a lot to report. No injuries, Bell two goals, Jones is faster then I realised, Mitch Crowden getting involved. Harley had a couple of touches but only on ground half of the quarter. West Perth 8 Peel 18.

“You do know this isn’t a valid reason to block time out for this room, right?” The very tired looking man said, his voice coming out half amused..

And with that we’ve left the @DisneyCruise holiday and are now making our way back to England, I am full of emotion, lack of sleep and 2 weeks worth of buffets (#ohdear) I’ve never picked a worst time in my life to do a half marathon but.

14 years ago today was the greatest night in our clubs great history. We found ourselves 3-0 down at half time but a magical 6 minute period later it was 3-3. Penalty heroics from Dudek meant the Champions League came home. That’s why we love you @LFC #LFC.


I’ve been up an hour and a half and the neighbours child has been screaming the whole time. You’re not selling it to me people..

remember when i thought i was going to sleep?? lmao anyways time to stay up and think about all the horrible shit i experienced and how strange and mildly concerning it is that i was abused relentlessly for two and a half years and yet i SEEM pretty much a-ok.

Meyers Leonard and Stephen Curry both scored 25+ points in the first half, just the 2nd time opposing players have done so in the last 20 Postseasons (LeBron James, Klay Thompson, 2016 Finals). Curry has 43 career 25-point halves. Leonard had never scored 25 points in a game..


I got soooo mad about Dr. Drew calling [email protected] half siblings. I know, they are. But stop referring to them as half brothers every single time..

Watford to come back from 2-0 down at half time to win FA Cup - 90/1 The Queen to move to Ireland permanently in 2019 due to Brexit - 80/1 #FACupFinal.

⏰ HALF-TIME ⏰ ⭐️ Hegerberg with an incredible first-half hat-trick 👏 Marozsán gave Lyon the lead inside 5 minutes #UWCLfinal | #UWCL.

HALF-TIME | Top first 45 minutes, that! @21LVA and @gabrieljesus33 give us a two-goal advantage at the break at Wembley 👏 💙 2-0 🐝 #FACupFinal #mancity.


@CNNnewsroom @ArletteSaenz Joe Biden is a phony bipolartician who spends half his time trying to get his foot out of his mouth..

Half of the time I see Sasuke stan accounts and they all seem to love/like Sakura. Mostly it’s those Naruto self-inserts who CANT absolutely stand Sakura. And always bring up “she LiEd” Well naruto wasn’t effected by it why are you..

@sanpromises people in the comments saying may and it would half make sense because its before kcon ny which is like the 7th of but at the same time it wouldnt because they wouldnt be able to physically promote in korea for the time being if they went abroad??.

STORY TIME: Okay so I was cooking rice right, and I’ve been cooking it for like an Hour now, the water was somewhat warm but like the water wouldn’t boil. Well apparently I didn’t turn the stove on and I feel like an idiot. 🤦🏻‍♀️ to be far, I’m still half asleep.🤣🤣.


@SarahCateArtist @pearlylondon One time my friend was ordering a burger and he asked if she wanted a quarter pound or a half pound and she relied with “no I want a whole one”.

@TLCDivineWind I love Ben Barnes. I started watching this a few days ago and just didnt really get in to it. I was only like half an hour Should I have given it more time?.

Congratulations Modi Ji. Excellent Press Conference! Showing up is half the battle. Next time Mr Shah may even allow you to answer a couple of questions. Well done! 👍.

Imagine if you spent half the time defending Black women as you do defending Alyssa Milano. Just imagine..

On an average night, about million prime-time viewers tune in, which is about percent of the total population. GOP Congressman Thinks Half Of America Watches Fox (They Don’t). via @politicususa.

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