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  • “It’s 600 days after the vote. We’ve made no progress and everybody from one half of the country hates the other half” “It’s time to pull out the big guns. I’m sending out our most toxic lying wanker to have a chat with the Remoaners about carrots.”

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  • ⏰ HALF-TIME ⏰ Man. City & Juventus lead at the break after a thrilling 45 minutes of #UCL round of 16 action!

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  • HALF-TIME Best goal of the first half? 🤔 #UCL

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  • A fantastic February half-term of football across the region and still time for more...

  • I went over to the nature park this morning forgetting it was the half term holiday. A huge waste of fucking time.

  • Half time Old「アウトフォーカス」PV

  • The Little Explorers kids’ club @TheGladesBrom returns 12th -17th Feb (half term) for more time-travelling fun. Ice Age, Knights & Dragons and Future & Robots themed events 11am - 4pm daily in the central atrium. Visit for more information #BeckBromFL

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  • All Y11 boys have received their personalised GCSE timetables today. They have also been shown how to access the revision resources on the VLE. Boys need to make valuable use of their time over half term. English and Maths Mocks Feb 27th.

  • Still time to get involved this half term you guys!!

  • @BattleNonSense @klausklausef I see this "servers/game is much better now" statement every single day for PUBG and go look into it. Game has gone from absolute dogshit with a piss on it to absolute dogshit with less but still too much piss on it. And half the time there is no difference at all

  • @joshuajoehector @MercuryLCFC @HarryMaguire93 @vardy7 Of course it is football is football but have a word with Harry ask for a pen just b4 half time

  • @MorrisBai_ @GraceRandolph @wbpictures You cared enough to half way entertain me.... I could tell your tent up and angry not my deal don’t care. If your a just a bully. You call that making the best of your time I think your pussy.

  • @femiexe Not so with #perfectpant ... HMU if you want more info... cut that ironing time in half and still have those great creases

  • @stateofsoho @CityWestHomes And reorganisation was launched 8 & half months ago - - - Half the population can actually produce another HUMAN BEING in that time!

  • #ManCity half time talk after a dour display Pep...that wasnt great were pants Sterling holding back the anger...Jesus! Pep ..great shout Raheem..get him on lads.

  • Kids doing your head in this half term? Get some me time and burn some of that frustration off at our class tonight. 6.30 in the sports hall.

  • ilke Homes can be installed on site at a rate of 10 homes per site per day, with the overall construction programme taking less than half the time of traditionally built homes

    Half Time twitter.
  • While it has been incredibly quiet online for me, ‘real life’ has been the complete opposite. It’s been a great half term but super intense as there’s so many things I want to implement but so little time in which to address them!

  • Then getting off at half time in the final...

  • Half time Old 『0』PV

  • Half of UK adults adopting ‘vegan-buying behaviour’ as number of full-time vegans grows four-fold in 10 years. #London #veganuk

  • @vmbusinesshelp Thanks will try that too. Got a time frame on that fix? All systems cloud based and losing half a day of business.

  • Speaking to a young customer this morning and I said I missed having half term breaks, the kid responded with “yeah but being an adult is awesome isn’t it? What is it like being an adult?” my response “you’re just tired... all the time” think that kids having a breakdown now #ops

  • Full on Retro time you beautiful lot...! 3 songs 1 year in Retro Heaven at Half 11... place your guess! Matt x

  • @Yasmin103_ Nooooppee ours is this week some have it next week 😃 seriously this is the first time ever I’ve been so happy with a half term holiday 🤣 ... you work term time?

  • @FortniteGame @Rachuae This game is so broken. Im done. Doesnt register when you shoot half the time. Sounds keeps cutting out. This is actually game breaking. First time I said it but this update finally broke the game. No point in playing a battle royal shooter if you cant shoot or hear half the time

  • Half way through a fantastic tour of #StrangersOnATrain with this glorious bunch!! @ATGTICKETS directed by @anthonypbanks Still time to jump aboard...

    Half Time twitter.
  • How come it’s overlooked how abusive Jenny was? She used him so much. I mean, I know she was troubled and I know half time she was on drugs but her and Forrest’s friendship was not a healthy friendship for the most part. Am I wrong? #ForrestGump

  • @clementine_ford Well no, because you need evidence. If you get all uptight because a man looked at you for half a second, that’s not worthy of the court’s time.

  • @N00B_1457_YT @NikilisRBX Yeah it takes time but I don’t think it takes a month and almost half a month

  • The Cuckoo says the time is half past the hour - StarDate: 2018046.0330

  • HALF TIME Goa Professional League 2017-18 Panjim Footballers 1 - 1 Dempo SC #DempoSCOfficial #GoldenEagles #WeAreOne #GPL

    Half Time twitter.
  • I marathoned four assessments so I would have time to myself. 5 hours each on 2 apps, and 2 and a half hours on DSA/comp-sci fundamentals

  • Schools aren’t protected at all, these school securities half the time don’t even do shit.

  • @Gewgs Hahaha no not this time. Stuff blocking front door. Shutters half opened. Someone in pub 😂

  • @hmeisler Oh, thanks for the reminder. Time to head to the store for half price chocolate. 👏🏻🤗😁

  • You can win some of the games half of the time but you cannot lose all of the games all of the time if you win all of the games all of the time. Simple! #aflx

  • まず顔がタイプ。Half time Old

    Half Time twitter.
  • @forumpandlr half time vc me prometeeeeeeuuu

    Half Time twitter.
  • @jimjom1234 @jronthedot @Tormounus They like the crimes. Hell our Govt sends the shooters half the time lmao. And these ppl are so dense they wanna act like they don’t understand ur analogy cuz they keep tryna put a literal meaning behind it lol

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