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Just waiting for my Queen and Princesses to wake Happy Valentines Day girls ❤️.

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Thanks bhey😘 I know how busy you are but you still make efforts to make me smile for the past 12 Valentines day😉🥰💜 Happy hearts day y’all! 💖 . . . . . . . . . . . . #valentinesday….

Gotta share Lisa’s take on the “commercialism” of Valentine’s Day. LOVE IT!! “While I’m happy to have a great bf right now, I spent MANY valentines without someone in that but I didn’t let it stop me!! 😉.

Be COURAGEOUSLY HAPPY & FREE. Be stronger today than you were yesterday. I know some people had a rough time coping with the fact of being single & alone on Valentines Day & comparing….

@kayrodelas Xistah💓😘belated happy valentines. Love u pakita ka naman pag umuwi ka..

@johnnyloupx น่ารักจังเลย happy belated valentines kub 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡.

Happy Valentines Day sa napaka sweet kong lola nanay at ate 💞💕💞 Late post late bati pero syempre unang una kayo sa puso 😊❤ LAB U!!!.

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Happy valentines day raven love Love na love kta💖😘haha.

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Happy Saturday😊 We hope you all are enjoying your Valentines gifts you had ordered from us. 🌹💕.

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Happy Valentines, my longest running relationship is with this Parowan bathroom!.

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happy valentines to my boo whos not my boo but is still kinda my boo, yk who u r.

@rubaybe Mag hatag kos imoha dai, unya gikaon ni @HaraiJualo haaay😪 isa ra baya taad to ka sokolet plat tops, unya iyang gikaon, pati papel nga Happy Valentines.

happy (late) valentines day 💐 watching my fav show and bought myself flowers 💕.

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Happy late Valentines Day .. have some Nayeon trying to seduce Tzuyu ♡.

Hey! I wish my fruit loops or hottie husband would have actually said “Happy Valentines Day!” Maybe next however I said that last year. Ugh 🙄.

Day Late but Happy Valentines Day to my baby @Ambitious_Diary she know I don’t care bout this shit but that’s me 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️.

i didnt get a chance to post this yesterday but happy valentines day to my biggest blessing and my greatest adventure 💌 @cr_7cx.

Just waiting for my Queen and Princesses to wake Happy Valentines Day girls ❤️.

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