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Wishing you all a very happy Eid 🤗 On this auspicious day, may the spirit of Eid bring peace, love and togetherness and give us strength to stand strong against all odds !🙏🙏🙏 #EidMubarak

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Nazihani Nazir ()

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone! Lambatnya post ootd but wtv 😂

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Better late then Happy eid muvarack 🕋🕌#Arewatwitter

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TRGeSports ()

Happy Eid ⚡️. - تهنئكم إدارة الفريق بمناسبة عيد الفطر المبارك⚡️، عيدكم مبارك.

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. ()

Hi guys, first of all happy eid to all muslims. And i just want to say that i’m sorry for everything that i did. I wont be tweeting as much as i do before or maybe not tweet anymore for awhile. Thank you for those who staying by my side but its better that i take my time off from

Claire J Cheeseman ()

So I lost 57 followers because I said I hope my Muslim followers had a happy EID , well good riddance is what I say , the way I look at life is judge people on who they are as a person not race,religion ,culture, political views or sexuality. Live and let live xxx

Batakab ()

wasnt sure about posting these but hey happy second eid !! 🍯💛

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Mahesh Babu ()

Wishing you all a very happy Eid 🤗 On this auspicious day, may the spirit of Eid bring peace, love and togetherness and give us strength to stand strong against all odds !🙏🙏🙏 #EidMubarak

Trends Samantha ™ ()

Happy Eid Mubarak ✨😊 @Samanthaprabhu2 Fans ! #EidMubarak

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AwesomeAdam🐲 ()

Happy Eid! Finished fasting for 30 days and it’s been a great Ramadan! The crescent moon is Eid’s symbol so I got my Lunatone and took a Pokemon GO snapshot! 🌙

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Happy Eid to all of you,wherever you are and you will be celebrating Eid under safe and maintain social distancing in this fight against Coronavirus Allah open the doors of serenity and prosperity for Allah accept all your prayers and forgive all your sins

Adunbarin Oluwapelumi ()

@Ahmedmusa718 @shank_comics Happy Eid Mubarak 💫 Allah will bless you more bruh

🌬𝙇𝙤𝙘𝙤 ✨ ()

Eid Mubarak everybody, stay blessed and stay happy 🌟🌟🌟

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Asmaa ()

زينوا الطريق، عاد العيد، عاد بفرحته وكرمه 🍬! ❤️ Happy eid everyone

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credit: HAPPY EID MUBARAK ☪️ MUA PICTURED iro_ayo OUTFIT @Dasilva12Liz 140, BODE THOMAS ROAD SURULERE LAGOS WhatsApp 08023230075 ✅ Cc @dayoamusa 💋

Arman Shaikh(ارمان شیخ) ()

May the light of the moon fall directly on you and Allah bless you with everything you desire today. Happy Eid! #EidUlFitr #eidmubarak2020

Parvez Tyagi ()

Assalamualaikum Happy Eid-ul-Fitr to you and your family. May Allah show you these joys again and again, And accept all your acts of worship in Ramadan, accept your fasting, your Taraweeh and all other acts of worship, Remember in special prayers,, MR PARVEZ TYAGI

NoName ᵃˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ Face NoCase 🅙 ()

@bruderdeinemoi Sis sagt: hi küsse euch alle liebe euch alle happy eid und wer mir geld senden will, hier meine iban

Vincent Johnson ()

Happy Eid El-Fitr to all Muslims around the world🌎 I wish you a joyful celebrations 😄😍💕

Ayoola ()

Happy Eid Mubarak May this Eid bring Barakah(blessings), Rahman(mercy),joy and happiness to you and your family. And may Allah grant us firmness in our Deen(religion). Don’t forget to stay safe, Eat your sallah meat with fearless redberry & stay jigyy. #FeelTheAttitude

Hassan Ali ()

On this holy festive, wishing you a day filled with lots of laughter and happy moments. Eid Mubarak from my family to yours! #Eid2020

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Mustapha Zanna ()


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Anin pics ()

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone! May this auspicious day bring joy love and blessings to your life and family. Stay safe everyone❤️

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‏فيصّل ألشمريٰ☤ ()

🇺🇸: happy eid 🇪🇬:كل سنه وانتا طيب 🇸🇦: بلغت عليك بكلنا آمن

Professor D🔥man ()

Happy Eid weekend to those who celebrates and also happy Memorial weekend! 🙏🏽✅❤️ stay safe everyone and enjoy your loved ones !✅


“Wishing our nation a happy Eid Ul Fitr. We pray for Allah’s guidance and blessings to overcome present day challenges”. COAS

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Summer -Arif- offical ()

Aslamu-o-likum! ✨ May this special day bring peace happiness and prosperity. Wish you and your family the blessings of Allah the kindness of Allah and help of Allah on this day of Eid.✨ And your years with love and peace! HAPPY EID-UL-FITR! Stay happy stay blessed!.. 😊😊

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Bruno Uvini ()

Happy Eid my dear friends , I wish you all the best always ❤️

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Aadil ()

Eid MUBARAK wish you have a happy eid Mubarak on this lockdown

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Chelsea FC (at 🏡) ()

#EidMubarak to all the Chelsea fans celebrating around the world! Wishing you a happy Eid al-Fitr! 💙

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Elissa ()

Happy Eid to all of you wherever you are and however you will be spending this holiday. Stay safe and may all your prayers be answered on this holy occasion!

☚ #pride2020 Melania ☛
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