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James Harden has 31 40-point games over the last 2 seasons, the same combined total of: Steph Giannis Westbrook Durant LeBron Kyrie Kawhi Wow..

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Harden: “You know, Steven, I’ve been thinking, and I’m not sure our team has what it takes!”.

I know Harden didn’t have 47 including 17 in the 4th against the best Def tm in 🏀? Kawhi must be load managing again. No way this happens with Kawhi on the court🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Why isn’t Kawhi guarding Harden or Russ, but instead guarding Tucker? Best defender in the league is guarding least threatening Rockets offensive player.🤔.

James Harden scores 36 points, Rockets rout Warriors 129-112.

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i want someone who looks at me like travis does to james harden.

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@Jelly_Reynolds How good is the NBA this LeBron Giannis Harden DeVonte Graham The stars are producing!.

Giannis being able to simply make 3’s is a cheat code like Harden’s step back. That may be over some of your heads..

@ahleeeeeu Luka be making clutch 3s n shit sending it to OT harden tries to get a call dosent get it and loses the game watch Luka a lil but he’s super exciting.

@ahleeeeeu Luka is way more exciting . Almost everyone that watches basketball agrees James Harden style of play sucks to watch it’s a common subject.

James Harden: Hopefully my friend who tore his achilles gets better NBA Twitter: Absolutely savage, James Harden OWNS Warriors with subtle roast.

Great game for the rockets tonight. James harden played great along with Westbrook and Tucker. The only things we should improve on is crashing for boards on offense. Everything else for now is perfect..

@The_only_DJack7 Harden been in the league longer tho with more talented players than Giannis ever had.

James Harden quickly throws Warriors back to earth.

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She asked Harden about the Warriors, dude wanted to say he didn’t care so bad lmao.

@warriors I know the GSW is a young team but c’mon Rockets runs same play over and over again,Russ & Harden down the hill PJ waiting corner 3 or lob to Capella. I like the fight of the GWS,actually I tough that Willie#2 will be good help and fit for this young team but I don’t see it..

Ahahahaha Harden got 13 assists and people say he doesn’t share lmao also managed 36 points💉.

Embiid has shot 10 free throws in the first half? Those are Harden-esque numbers!.

James Harden tonight 36 Points 13 Assists 3 Steals 3 Blocks • 12th game since 2016-17 with 35 points and 13 assists. Nobody else with 8 of those games. • 3rd game in history with 35-13-3-3 (MJ and Magic) • Harden’s 89th 35+ point game since 2016-17. Next most is AD with 49.

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La barre des 20 points franchie. C’est parti pour dérouler. À D’Antoni, aussi, de reposer Harden dès qu’il le peut. Toujours important..

@bigbizthegod rookie called harden food n harden dropped 18 straight after not missing a single shot.

@ArchitectMeb @redrock_bball Whoever had harden & gave him away is a buffoon!.

Here’s the deal: LeBron James is SPECIAL Kevin Durant is SPECIAL Stephen Curry is SPECIAL Kawhi Leonard is SPECIAL Anthony Davis is Special James Harden Giannis Antetokounpo is Special They’ve all had shortcomings. They’re all current or future All-Time Greats..

Nice EP left baseline fade snaps an 11-0 run by the Rockets, but Harden adds 3 more. Warriors now down 21. #LetsGoWarriorsLive.

NBA fan discussion on early-season Rockets chemistry between Russell Westbrook and James Harden:.

James Harden has 31 40-point games over the last 2 seasons, the same combined total of: Steph Giannis Westbrook Durant LeBron Kyrie Kawhi Wow..

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