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Austin Reaves said he’s studied James Harden and Trae Young to become better at drawing fouls, via @jovanbuha..

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Goodnight Twitterverse. The Hatter loves you. I am sensitive. It is not always rewarding or appreciated. But I love deeply. I am loyal, honest and true. Yes, Simple things make me sad but they also can lift me up. I refuse to change or harden. The world has enough of that..

“Face up and win the f—ing game.” Miami’s final play was plain and simple as the Hurricanes stunned No. 1 Indiana.

DeRozan 25 points DeRozan 8 rebounds Harden assists 12 Harden rebounds 7 One attempt tonight ?.

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@ntsharden Warriors fan owning harden fans as per usual😹😹😹.

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@NBA @warriors just end the season already i’m tired of this pain + i wanna see Embiid and Harden win a ring.

I’m not freaking out I’m just tweeting at midnight like a normal person: An injured James Harden < Shake & Melt. You can finish the regular szn like that if you have to. But you can’t make it in the playoffs w/o Harden. Seems like there’s an obvious solution here..

Harden splits a pair. to go. IU ball. Timeout, Teri Moren. She has two remaining. #iuwbb.

Derrick Jones Jr.’ın 2. uzatma sonunda Harden’a yaptığı maçı kazandıran blok.

🥶 James Harden, Chicago Bulls karşısında buz gibiydi! 🔻 5 sayı 🔻 2/14 şut isabeti 🔻 0/6 üçlük isabeti 🔻 5 top kaybı.

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Breaking down CJGJ drama Harden’s foot The Last of Us Oreo + fork = bliss?.

Patrick Beverley has done an impressive job on James Harden tonight This has been up there among Harden’s worst games as a Sixer.

All the walking James harden does and he can’t walk his butt to the free throw line smh 🤦‍♂️.

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James Harden has 4 points on 2 of 11 shooting 3:57 left in the 4th quarter. 😠😡🤬🤬🤬🤬.

Harden makes the first and misses the second. Holmes grabs the rebound and calls timeout. Indiana down 1 with 40 ticks left #iuwbb.

Destiny Harden goes 1-2 from the line and Miami leads by 1 with 40 seconds to play. Timeout Indiana.

James “MVP candidate” Harden tonight: -46 minutes played -5 points…? what??? How? -2/14 shooting 🤢🤢 -0/6 3pt -5 turnovers - -11 Absolutely abysmal. This is a top 10 MVP candidate? Shameful..

Harden hits 1 of 2 FTs to put Miami up by one with 40 seconds left. Indiana ball coming out of timeout..

Lil Baby had the same amount of 3PM as James Harden today 🔥🔥.

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Harden look like old version of Claude on LIFE 😭😭😭😭.

There is just no way that Harden played 47 minutes in 2OT and finished with 5 points. That’s wild.

Julius Randle becomes the 20th player in NBA or ABA history to score at least 57 in a loss. 16 guys have 1x Booker and Harden 2x Jordan 3x Wilt? 15x..

@KyrieSwerving6 @PlayoffJustin They really didn’t, harden just had the worst Game of his career, the bench was Non-Existent and PJ Tucker is Out. They still BARELY beat us by 4 in double OT.

@BelieveInEmbiid @statmuse Your argument is Harden failed him against the bulls. Jokic’ entire team failed him that night. Dude I love how Philly fans hate Jokic but we don’t hate Embiid. Dude is awesome! Just not quite as good, in different ways Jokic without him we’re fucked, without Embiid you good..

DECK 23 | PICK #145 Recap de la Nuit : 1️⃣ Fox 🦊 60 1️⃣ Curry 👨🏽‍🍳 38 1️⃣ Turner 🚜 37 1️⃣ Derozan 🐂 36 3️⃣ Lavine 🍷 (33) 99 2️⃣ Irving 🗺️ (30) 60 1️⃣ Harden 🥕 6 Total de la nuit : 336 pts Total équipe : 57 798 pts Classement équipe : 109 📈 #TTFL.

@sircartiair144 @jamaImusiala_ You’re not so young either Victor wanyama’s spaghetti.

Talk about how they look to diminish leak Harden because of this too. Narratives are a funny thing, fam..

J’avais hésité à mettre James Harden en #ttfl cette nuit. Finalement mon Derozan a 36 n’est pas si mal. 🙂.

Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker! For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts. Ps. 95:6-8.

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