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Nic is one of my favourite #HardQuiz contestants. She’s on tonight..

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#HardQuiz Poor Steve - what a nice man. Was congratulating the other contestants when they got an answer correct! Awe..

The last 3 episodes of #HardQuiz , the ladies have been slaying it. ☺ #BattleOfTheSexes.

hee hee hee. I love that show #HardQuiz was a good one tonight @nonstoptom @ABCTV.

Is it just me or does Tom do an awesome impression of Kermit whenever there’s a hard off #HardQuiz.

🥵 I’m now being shamed; was *wrong* on every one of those Australian Open questions … despite having watched it consistently for over 50 years! #HardQuiz.

@PrometheusAM When they got married they cancelled flights over the church, so it kinda already was dealt with. Just learned that on #HardQuiz !.

“You should have seen that coming.” Title if your sextape. #NineNine #HardQuiz @adamrichard @nonstoptom.

#HardQuiz It’s already most amusing, although - pelvic thrust - how could they not know that?! With these four topics head-to-head will be interesting🤔.

Nice to see John Howard on #HardQuiz tonite. Special subject GST..

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Being on #hardquiz does sound fun but I a) don’t have a topic I know everything about b) lose the ability to remember proper nouns when asked a direct question Do think I could crush the people’s round though..

Yes! It does. He’s also back to his winning form for the rest of his national stand-up tour soon, plus on #HardQuiz. Thanks as always for the chat, @nonstoptom!.

@adamrichard haha yep. gotta go small and specific, weird and obscure (especially cos the other contestants won’t be able to steal answers/points from your topic that way too) #HardQuiz.

Last week on #HardQuiz , the contestants were 2 ladies & 2 males This week it is 3 ladies & 1 male Will next week be all female contestants? 🤔 #GirlPower.

#HardQuiz jeez the fix was in. Dogs was incredibly broad Sampras was the Sampras universe. Toy story was pretty attractive. Bullshit and cheap Tom.

So who came out smiling with the big brass mug? Watch the latest #HardQuiz now on iview:.

Since we’re on the here’s my little naughty one! #HardQuiz #Dogs.

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Dogs is too broad a subject. Also here is a pic of an adorable puppy #HardQuiz @ABCTV.

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#HardQuiz several of the questions on Pete Sampras had little to nothing to do with Sampras or even tennis..

I’m (unfortunately) the BTS fan from a few weeks ago and Wynonah was in my casting group! I’m so happy to see she made it to the show she’s wonderful and really lovely in person #HardQuiz.

I was about to say that despite my prejudice against her accent and name spelling, Wynonah is terrific! #HardQuiz.

#HardQuiz ❤ that lovely Wynonah ❤s the very wonderful so do I ❤.

“Dogs” is such a broad subject for this show though. I think they’d do better picking a specific breed. #HardQuiz.

@BenjaminMM_ You can force me to read them by applying to be a contestant on #HARDQUIZ with the books as your topic!.

@judyfree10 @Raymartin55 indeed it was worth Wednesday night always good viewing with #HardQuiz on the #ABC menu.

Nic is one of my favourite #HardQuiz contestants. She’s on tonight..

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