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BREAKING: 8,500 arrests in the civil unrest of 2020, per preliminary Harvard study of the Summer of Rage

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StoryTeller 🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦🇮🇳🇪🇬
StoryTeller 🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦🇮🇳🇪🇬 ()

@IndicAcademy This question is like someone asking if professors have monopolized knowledge at Harvard!


How much would you need to save to send your child to Harvard? Watch this to learn about what plan could work for you. #investinyou (In partnership with @acorns.)

Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE)
Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) ()

Educators are always on — constantly having to see themselves through other people’s eyes. Summer gives us time to look outside ourselves.”

The Ringer
The Ringer ()

Netflix’s new sci-fi film may seem more fiction than science, but according to a sleep doctor from Harvard, that might not actually be the case. @HKSurrey:

NRC ()

‘Fouten maken mag’ is een populair managementmotto. Maar de ene fout is de andere niet, schrijft @BenTiggelaar_BT. Harvard-prof Amy Edmondson presenteerde een praktische taxonomie met drie soorten falen.


Indigenous peoples urge Harvard to scrap solar geoengineering project. Saami reindeer herders and others say the technology to block a share of sunlight reaching Earth, in a bid to cool the planet, is too risky and does not respect nature.

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Laris Vrahimis 🇬🇷 1821-2021!
Laris Vrahimis 🇬🇷 1821-2021! ()

Να απαγορευτεί δια ροπάλου η σπουδή σε πανεπιστήμια του εξωτερικού (διότι ως γνωστό, για να μπεις στο Harvard το μόνο που απαιτείται είναι τα λεφτά του μπαμπά) και όσοι έχουν τέτοια πτυχία να σταλούν για δέκα χρόνια στα χωράφια να κάνουν αγροτικές δουλειές.

The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe ()

In today’s paper: Milton rallies around gay couple after years of harassment, Harvard professor Danielle Allen to launch historic bid for governor, and more.

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G Y E N Y A M E ➕
G Y E N Y A M E ➕ ()

IMUNs are known for their quality, high standards, and difficulty levels, and participating in one will work as an asset when you apply for colleges or jobs 🎖 Top Ivy League colleges such as Yale and Harvard have been known to give additional consideration to students

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Adrian ()

según los estudios hechos recientemente en el laboratorio de Harvard dicen que si no te gustan las milanesas con puré sos un hijo de puta

Corporate Machiavelli (He / Him)
Corporate Machiavelli (He / Him) ()

However, having an MBA from Harvard makes employers want to hire you because in order to get into Harvard Business School you had to be -Extremely Intelligent (High IQ) -Extremely Hardworking (High Energy/Industriousness) Both of make you a very competent employee

Corporate Machiavelli (He / Him)
Corporate Machiavelli (He / Him) ()

The value of a degree comes from THE SELECTION PROCESS TO GET INTO THE SCHOOL that gave you the degree. Nothing you learn when getting a business degree (MBA) from Harvard is useful information for succeeding in business in real life. ...

Corporate Machiavelli (He / Him)
Corporate Machiavelli (He / Him) ()

If Harvard were to suddenly double the number of students it admits every year to its MBA Program (Harvard Business School) the value of an MBA from Harvard in the eyes of employers would be cut in half.

Ai ()

@AltusNem Ah yes idiots calling a f/m relationship homophobic is so big brain they probably graduated from Harvard/sarcasm But fr tho wtf.

🇵🇸 Zay 🌹🌖🌑🌔 🚩🏴
🇵🇸 Zay 🌹🌖🌑🌔 🚩🏴 ()

Black Lives Matter Protesters ‘Overwhelmingly Peaceful’, Harvard Research Finds

Maju ()

Chicos si la excelencia de los médicos en Cuba fuera una mentira entonces Harvard no tendría un convenio con las universidades cubanas para que vayan los estudiantes yankees a especializarse a Cuba.

Sam Rocha
Sam Rocha ()

Black Lives Matter Protesters Were Overwhelmingly Peaceful, Our Research Finds | Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University

Sudan Muhammad
Sudan Muhammad ()

‘Vaccine’ Deaths & Serious Injuries: The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) contains 294,801 reports of suffering and death caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. Even with this extraordinary number, a Harvard study concluded that only One in One👉🏿

Enzo ()

@martuanglani @JereAlvino9 Emiliano bondelaoca, el boliviano que salio segundo en su clase en ciencias geopolíticas en harvard, consiguió una beca despues de inventar un aparto que reproduce sonidos solo perceptibles para las iguanas paradisiacas, es una promesa en el campo del desarrollo sustentable

Most Wow Facts
Most Wow Facts ()

Good Will Hunting is the result of a playwriting class Matt Damon was taking during his fifth year at Harvard.

claire 🔆 | 📖: Nona casa (releitura)
Claire 🔆 | 📖: Nona casa (releitura) ()

@thisismeEster ele humilhava a rory em público. ficava reclamando. e ainda mais agora no meio da terceira temporada, ele até problematizou que ela ia pra Harvard (algo que ela falava desde sempre e ele dizia que gostava) pq n ia ter tempo pra ele

sofa 🦭 commissions open
Sofa 🦭 commissions open ()

Good Evening, “Dream SMP” was a sociological study conducted by Harvard University.

☀️; Giu | SPUK QUEEN 🇪🇸🇬🇧
☀️; Giu | SPUK QUEEN 🇪🇸🇬🇧 ()

@KairuYLaCtm Es que no se me ocurre qué tanto puede hcer una institución sacándole 6 millones de pesos chilenos a cada alumno como mínimo debería ser como Harvard

Bloomberg Quicktake
Bloomberg Quicktake ()

🎓A senior headed to Harvard gave away her $40,000 scholarship to a fellow grad going to a community college. I am so very grateful for this, but I also know that I am not the one who needs this the most.

AntifaBook.com ()

BREAKING: 8,500 arrests in the civil unrest of 2020, per preliminary Harvard study of the Summer of Rage

Mingichavu ()

@sureshicpark Lool my batchmates who went to first year when Hyd campus started used to talk like they got admitted to harvard and i used to think you don’t even have a campus ffs. Some of them passed out and got into fucking musigma but their bits pride never died.

Deixa o Kaique te amar?
Deixa o Kaique te amar? ()

não zoo o fax do palmeiras porque tem um certificado na minha carreira aí que foi meio forçado tambem a exemplo de ciro gomes que ministrou um curso de verão em harvard e se diz ex-professor

Bort ()

Esperemos que el joven zapoteco sea un referente y dé el ancho a las expectativas, la última indígena que salió de Harvard es un vil fraude y se la vive chillando.

CBS News
CBS News ()

This Harvard-bound high school senior got a scholarship – and shocked her class when she gave it away at graduation.

UberFacts ()

Men who ejaculated 21 times or more a month had a lower risk of prostate cancer than those who ejaculated four to seven times a month, according to researchers at Harvard Chan School of Public Health

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