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“No hay necesidad de tomar venganza en contra de la gente mediocre. La mediocridad es su castigo”. (John Hawkins)

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PFF ATL Falcons
PFF ATL Falcons ()

#Falcons rookie snap counts in week 1: CB AJ Terrell - 62 LB Mykal Walker - 29 G Matt Hennessey - 18 S Jaylinn Hawkins - 16 Who do you want to see more of in today’s matchup with Dallas?

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Mr. Dutch
Mr. Dutch ()

¿Me estás diciendo que a Hawkins y a Blane los mató un lagarto de mierda?

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Droo Somersault
Droo Somersault ()

@superfooty @Robbo_heraldsun Is Hawkins pushing opponents into the contest going to be looked at?

Ronny Lerner
Ronny Lerner ()

For all intents and purposes, Wood did to Lobb what Hawkins did to McCartin but wasn’t penalised. At least Hawkins took the mark! #AFLFreoDogs

Mick ()

Tom ‘Dahmer Gacey Bundy’ Hawkins at it again I Fucking ridiculous.

Stella 2020
Stella 2020 ()

President (Montana) Biden (D) 42% Trump (R) 49% Jorgensen (L) 2% Hawkins (G) 1% 9/14-9/16 by Siena College/The New York Times Upshot (A+) 625 LV Woof! Have a nice day! Poll #129594 #ElectionTwitter

The Atlantic
The Atlantic ()

I think Kanye West is a Republican dirty trick, Green Party presidential nominee Howie Hawkins tells @IsaacDovere:

Republican State Leadership Committee
Republican State Leadership Committee ()

“History shows that White Democrats largely ignore Black Americans until important elections when Democrats, like clockwork, create a racist bogeyman out of the Republican nominee.” @Shay_Hawkins_OH, Ohio state House candidate #VoteRed, #LeadRight

ゆー。 ()


Vincent Reneleau
Vincent Reneleau ()

Sûrement parmis les plus vieilles sculptures de dinosaures au monde! Réalisées autour de 1852 par Benjamin W. Hawkins et qui ont probablement servi de modèles aux célèbres dinosaures de Crystal Palace, à Londres. Plâtres signés.

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Justice 白
Justice 白 ()

Le fans de One piece quand ils ont vu Basil Hawkins dire 1 % de chances

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Tiger71 ()

@Richmond_FC @OtterBox Look at how loving we are as a club, 2 of our magnificent defenders looking after hawkins after the game, what culture!

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Christopher Kamka
Christopher Kamka ()

White Sox currently have 4 runs on 2 hits. Last time they scored 4+ runs on 2 hits or fewer was the Andy Hawkins Game on July 1, 1990 (0 hits).

PollingReport.com ()

If the election for president was today ... Trump 42% Biden 51% Jorgensen 2% Hawkins 2% (Monmouth U. Poll, RV, 9/3-8/20) trend:


Na entrevista para a Classic Rock, 100 Icons, Taylor Hawkins, fala sobre a performance de Freddie no palco. Ele conta da diversidade do cantor e relembra que o primeiro show que assistiu na vida, foi do Queen, em Irvine Meadows, dia 11/09/82 Leia mais:

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Aaron Hawkins
Aaron Hawkins ()

“Overall, the BERL reports suggest legalisation is more likely to reduce social harm than the status quo, while also having some positive economic side-effects.”

First Coast News
First Coast News ()

Way to go! 🎊 After distinguished careers in the Navy and Air Force, Patrick and Kristine Hawkins topped their nursing school class.

Mike Archer 🌻 ⏳
Mike Archer 🌻 ⏳ ()

Biden and Trump are fine with this. Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker are not.

Spartan SGA
Spartan SGA ()

Hey y’all look at this. Our very own @StCharlesHS Spartan Mr. Hawkins looking out for our teachers across the bridge in Talbot County! We are all in this together. #SpartanPride #OneCommunity

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy
Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy ()

@jakefm I would. But I’m not voting libertarian and greens nominated Howie fucking Hawkins. Hard pass.

Carole Hawkins
Carole Hawkins ()

@BebsDotter @daviesneil275 Think its when you make illegal hooch from potatoes - totally lethal - in a shed using Irish water & peat.

Dario Hunter 🏹
Dario Hunter 🏹 ()

And so the spin begins over Hawkins getting left off polling even where Jorgensen remains. If y’all were worried about “election rigging and engineering” then the party shouldn’t have rigged for a candidate no one is interested in. …

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Mike Klis
Mike Klis ()

The highly regarded Dr Joshua Metzl, an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist at the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Denver, is performing the surgery to repair Von Miller’s dislocated tendon today. #9sports


Detective Kevin Hawkins, Intelligence Bureau| End of Tour: 5/7/07 #NeverForget

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Otakårålhø ll-// tem orgulho de ser One Piece stan
Otakårålhø ll-// tem orgulho de ser One Piece stan ()

#onepiece990 . . . . . . . Eu realmente não acredito que o Hawkins esteja se referindo ao Drake, pq isso seria muito óbvio, o que não é a cara do Oda

💜Stephie🌙🦋 ()

“No hay necesidad de tomar venganza en contra de la gente mediocre. La mediocridad es su castigo.” John Hawkins

Nerea Díaz Martos ✨
Nerea Díaz Martos ✨ ()

Se miran, Warlock en busca de paz, en busca de un refugio. La policía les atrapa. A ellos. A Cassy. A Lianna y Hawkins. Warlock ni si quiera se había fijado en que habían llegado; su plan se había vuelto en su contra. — ¡Manos arriba! —Grita la policía. Levantan las manos.

Belén Trueba
Belén Trueba ()

Cuando por fin deja caer los brazos a su costado, vuelvo a respirar. Nos miramos un segundo. Está asustado. Yo también lo estoy. La realidad nos -¡Manos arriba! Ah. Sí. Estamos todos. Cassy, Hawkins, Lianna, Warlock y yo. Los cinco. Otra vez en peligro.

Biblio Vasconcelos
Biblio Vasconcelos ()

“No hay necesidad de tomar venganza en contra de la gente mediocre. La mediocridad es su castigo”. (John Hawkins)

Angela Walker
Angela Walker ()

RELEASE: Hawkins Campaign Blasts Democrats’ Manufactured Crisis In Wisconsin via @HowieHawkins20

☚ Labor #gopies ☛
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