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when ts8 has this aesthetic & is a rock-pop collab album with hayley williams ahhh

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me pone mucho de nervios la entrevista de sopitas con la hayley xq creo q es más q obvio q pETALS FOR ARMOR SE VIENE Y EL FANDOM ES BIEN PINCHE INTENSO

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Renaissance Hayley would’ve been shot (it also doesn’t work with glasses)

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The biggest lesson I’ve learned is, ‘It’s okay.’ It’s okay for me to be kind to myself. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to get mad. It’s okay to be flawed. It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to move on. — Hayley Williams

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Hayley Williams on turning down a collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert: “I don’t want to be that famous”

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Vanilla ()

someone needs to explain to me that you do not get a gay girl’s attention by posting a song by hayley kiyoko on your story and hope she says something about it

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!!!! Coming in less than two hours after the earthquake with a whole history piece? @NMBlanchard is untouchable.

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hayley williams prolly didn’t wanna be labeled a cultural appropriator by y’all weirdo sjw niggas for collabing with uzi, i’m sick

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#QuarantineThoughts: Does Rob Kardashian still have his sock company? Turns out he does. @robkardashian #DamnGina 🧦

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se uma brasileira conseguiu conquistar o Oliver Sykes eu consigo conquistar a Hayley Williams né? seguindo a lógica eu tô certo

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If you follow imh*ghkeyshawn do not believe anything they say about giving merch. They scammed me $100 after i gifted them that to get me a shawn follow and for them to get me merch. They never did it for months. So do not trust them at all.

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@Hayley__Harding We ran to the doorway but apparently you’re supposed to be under a table?? I don’t own a table that I can hide under!

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Being from the Midwest is USELESS in an earthquake I screamed DO WE GO TO THE CLOSET OR THE BATHTUB and my fiance screamed back THOSE ARE BOTH FOR TORNADOES

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2020 Olympics postponement signals growing power shift from IOC to athletes: Tweeting from her Toronto couch two weeks ago, six-time Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser had two words for the International Olympic Committee, which had yet to postpone the Tokyo…

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🥍 Senior Hayley Barner is a double major in Elementary Ed and English. She also is getting a minor in Reading. With the hope of becoming an Elementary school teacher in the future we know she will do great. Thank you Hayley 🥍 - #BSUBears #BSUWlax

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Needed something to do as I stepped away from my desk for a minute and ended up flossing?

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@Gusbuckets omg i can’t believe you got hayley williams from paramore to be in this

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meu deus a hayley williams se vestiu do husky da ionna pra se aproximar e passar o corona cara como ela é safada

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Would like to say a huge thank you to the incredible team at @birthrightsorg who have helped advocate for women’s rights and given me incredible legal advice. I can (& other women) now have my partner present at my Child’s birth as per updated guidelines at my hospital.

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A Hayley ignorando o desafio da Demi. Ela n tem amor nem pelos fãs famosos

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Não estamos sabendo lidar. 📷 | Hayley Costey (hayleycphoto) via Instagram - “Feliz aniversário amigão! ❤️🐜” @NoahUrrea

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📷| TE AMO! Hayley Costey via Instagram (hayleycphoto) — “Feliz aniversário @joshbeauchamp! 🦩”

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Xoleana ()

sera que a hayley vai responder o desafio da demi lovato??? ela nunca participa dessas coisas

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@Kpaxx Thanks, Hayley 😊 I have a lot of conservative family I don’t talk to that I’m friends with there, so let’s gooooo hahah

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demi implora atenção para hayley williams e descobre como é ser uma parawhore entenda

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when ts8 has this aesthetic & is a rock-pop collab album with hayley williams ahhh

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@reddesertflower Yeah :( with harry ive called so many times to win them for my friends whilst people who already have tickets are winning and then selling them. Its ridiculous

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Here’s a song for you… Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris by Hayley Williams

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Creasing at #MAFS Stacey defo fucked Mikey, it’s written all over her face😂😂 ABSOLUTE cheek of her to blast Hayley for the same thing, these women omgggg

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Yeah Hayley, thing is your clubs skint so Harlee had to take the pay cut #AVFC

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if you try and get tickets for harry from smallzy when you already have them for every other show, please consider the people who cant see harry at all. Dont sell the tickets, give them to people who dont have tickets for harry.

☚ Hazzard #DragRace ☛
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