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Novas fotos de Hayley no Rio de Janeiro hoje! (via @YELYAHG00N).

Hayley Photo,Hayley Photo by Paramore Brasil,Paramore Brasil on twitter tweets Hayley Photo

Hayley Williams desceu do palco para cantar perto do público no show do Paramore em São Paulo! 🥰.

a hayley a música inteira com os braços levantados pensando que desgraça esses brasileiros.

Não tem chuva que impeça o fã brasileiro de Paramore de cantar a belíssima “The Only Exception” com Hayley Williams! 🥹😍.


É visível o quanto paramore ama pessoas negras, a gente brinca mas a Hayley sempre deixa claro nos detalhes. Todos os show sempre sobe alguém negro, não só aqui no Brasil, mas pelo mundo inteiro..

Hayley Williams cantando “All I Wanted” e, como ela mesmo pediu para a plateia do Paramore, “encontrando sua Mariah Carey interior”. 🎙️.


Hayley Williams sobre fãs brasileiros: “Vocês constantemente nos lembram do poder da música e são o motivo pelo qual continuamos indo em frente”  Confira como foi do Paramore em SP:.

OLHA AÍ! Hayley Williams mandando até uns polichinelos durante o clássico Emo “That’s What You Get” no show do Paramore em São Paulo. 💪.

Hayley Williams desceu do palco e foi pra grade cantar This Is Why inteirinha com os fãs 😱.


“Drag is not a crime. Gender-affirming healthcare for all, including our youth, is a necessity,” Hayley Williams wrote on her Instagram Stories..

Well done HAYLEY staying alive as long as you did with the ‘Winner’s Curse’ on your head….but this Kingdom has room for only one Royal 👑 #SurvivorAU.


EITA! Show do @Paramore em São Paulo tem treta e Hayley Williams confusa: Só pode vaiar quem brigar, for racista, homofóbico, transfóbico e machista.

Hayley Photo,Hayley Photo by PAPELPOP,PAPELPOP on twitter tweets Hayley Photo

hayley saliendo al escenario a cantar “you first” 🐍 🔥.

Hayley Photo,Hayley Photo by miguel from paramore,miguel from paramore on twitter tweets Hayley Photo

mulher segue o conselho de hayley williams, encontra a mariah carey dentro dela durante all i wanted e acorda sem voz entenda.

دلار کلا 45 دقیقه روی 60 تومن بود. بعد الان هر جنسی می‌خوای بخری طرف می‌گه با دلار 60 تومنی وارد شده..

Why did Hayley vote for Nina yesterday when she wanted to blindside George? Why did 5 people - two groups that hate each other - all vote for Nina today??? What has Nina done to piss everyone off?? I NEED SOME CONTEXT. SOME ANSWERS. WHAT AREN’T THEY TELLING US????? #SurvivorAU.

Hayley Photo,Hayley Photo by Michelle Rennex,Michelle Rennex on twitter tweets Hayley Photo

🤣🤣🤣 Jintimani uploaded a story saying Matthews and Hayley Matthews wanted her to say Matthews Di. Jinti went on to upload their chat as well hahaha🤣 #CricketTwitter #WPL.

Hayley Photo,Hayley Photo by Krithika,Krithika on twitter tweets Hayley Photo

Taylor y Hayley en Sao Paulo está noche! 🇧🇷 El setlist volvió a la normalidad con Crazy girls y Told you So 📷 vía jessouzax.

Hayley Photo,Hayley Photo by Paramore Argentina,Paramore Argentina on twitter tweets Hayley Photo

I’m sorry but that conversation about birds not feeling electricity cause of gravity made me lose a few brain cells 😭 almost as bad as Hayley 😅#LoveIsland.

Hayley Photo,Hayley Photo by Torie,Torie on twitter tweets Hayley Photo

sou muito apaixonada pela hayley williams sé pode um ser humano tão.

Celebrate women in hockey with Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser, who accomplished a lot during her on-ice career – including winning four Olympic gold medals – and continues to break ground off ice as the @MapleLeafs’ assistant general manager..

Hayley Photo,Hayley Photo by NHL Public Relations,NHL Public Relations on twitter tweets Hayley Photo

Oh yes. Another torturous one and we all know this was Hayley’s kinda challenge. I miss Hayley 😩 #SurvivorAU.

Tyler, Hayley and Fraser need to have a callback. That was the best 5 minutes of this season. #BelowDeck.

صديقة تشتكي بسعادة على الكرسي انتقل إلى الملف الشخصي لمشاهدة HD 🎞🎞.

i used to have this hayley williams toy that i used to pour milk on and suck the milk back out of it and it was sopping wet all the time 😭 i used to slam it against walls and it would make a loud thud.

Hayley Photo,Hayley Photo by violet ✿,violet ✿ on twitter tweets Hayley Photo

It’s amazing that Hayley and George’s fates have really been inter-Twined. …because Nina decides it. #SurvivorAU.

Watching Hayley Matthews in the WPL is a delight. She’s playing with such a freedom that we don’t often get to see at an int’l level. All because she’s got a strong batting line-up beneath her and she’s without the pressure that ‘if Matthews gets out, it’s game over’..

“Just sit there at camp and keep opening the coconuts, don’t say anything and don’t do ‘the Simon’..you know what the Simon is? There’s a good plan and you’re gunna twist it. Don’t twist it” This sent me into laughter. Hayley really treats him like a puppy dog 🤭 😂 #SurvivorAU.

I suppose Hayley and George are equal threats for Liz and she can mobilise against Hayley more easily right now? And then go for George next? #SurvivorAU.

What a test match it is turning out at Hayley Oval. Can NZ snatch a win in the final over? #NZvsSL.

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