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So Trump is going to give Iran $15 billion to come back into compliance with the agreement he tore up because it was the worst deal he had ever seen? My head hurts..

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Is anybody willing to just like cut off my whole head? I don’t want it anymore.

Honestly I think there’s a big cut off at the year 2000. I still can’t wrap my head around anyone being born after 1999 and I was born in 1999 lmao.

@EA_Head_Honcho Then you gotta keep living fam 🤷🏾‍♂️ look through the windshield, not the rear view mirror.

Went to Jamaica, had the pool by the beach, got a red head showing her tits to me..

@hbeauchampt “” she went closer to the male’s head and whispered. “I have been in love with a girl before, no one know’s except one person.” It felt still weird to admit that in an open way. You never can expect how people would react on that..

I go on Nitrome *one time* to reminisce about childhood games and I suddenly have the Square Meal theme stuck in my.

I know about all the countless problems u have been through n gosh u just stand up so well every time u r pulled down. U dust yourself off,hold ur head up high no matter how big prblm is and fix yourself. U are so Damm strong Hero. #ParthSamthaan #ParthiansKaPreciousParth.

The bandana is not attached to her head omg.

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Man hospitalised after stranger punched him in head several times.

every time i think of my nigga my head and soul be like: 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰.

@EldBeet Gogol moved closer to him and placed his head on Ivans just happy to hear it We should hang out .

i knocked my head and remember why i choose you, and you choose me. and since i decide, i am right..

@MMAassault1 I think Khalil roundtree if he keeps his head down and continues to train like a best in Thailand he’s gonna be a handful at LHW, would love to see a rematch with him and Jonny walker in a year or so..

I’ve noticed a lot! That many Finsubs are almost afraid to talk. I can’t learn how to manipulate you by one response answers. I get you expect us Findoms to just know how to manipulate you. That’s not how it works. I need to know how your head works, we have to talk to do that..

@bugibuns can you believe this is precisely the man i was head over heels in love with.

I swear that popped into my head soon as I read her tweet 😂😂😂.

@LadyBellatrix Federer is not bad at clay, he just lacks the titles. Head to head comparisons are moot? Lol. Their head to head rivalries have been going on for 14 years, spanning all three of their primes. Noting moot about that..

Call this hasty but in 6 months time, Brian Callahan will be a Head Coach candidate..

@FireAngel2013 @iwantadirewulf first impression- Funny person! One of the heads of AF so kinda scared to talk haha your nickname in my head- Fire! 🔥 you are my- Inspiration when it comes to editing :) to be honest- We should talk and game more! Enjoying playing DST with you should you post this too- YES.

im just convinced anyone affiliated with Office Depot Warehouse who also wears glasses and shaved their head last year is a snake.

@Scorpions_Jewel Mumbles something about letting her sleep longer, drawing the covers over her head..

@RipCityMornings @CoachNBurton Over or Under .. That you have crushed the dreams of a former player as a Head Coach due to not playing him?.

Super Alan Barnes now head of the Referees, Viva la Barnes.

Every Democrat needs to 100% get this fully into their head..

So Trump is going to give Iran $15 billion to come back into compliance with the agreement he tore up because it was the worst deal he had ever seen? My head hurts..

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