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She is the moment. The Duchess of Cambridge 👑 Photo by Keith Heppell.

Heppell Photo,Heppell Photo by Cambridgeshire Live,Cambridgeshire Live on twitter tweets Heppell Photo

@Baron_Mathers @jdestoop80 Heppell would need to stick around to give everyone.

@madefortvmayhem I often wonder what happened to him at the end where he runs off into the distance. Hope he was alright..

@essendonfc Not a great qtr by heppell. Turnovers and poor decisions. Draper needs to lift. Jones timing is off.

@ZforZak Snelling, Langford, Shiel, heppell, Stringer, Merrett, Hind are not and cannot hold a tackle to save their lives on most occassions.

@Shayno63 3 - Shiel - really loving his clearance work 2 - Wright - could have and should have kick 8 1 - Heppell - cannot blame him for us losing by 2 goals.

@Keir_Starmer @simonlightwood Eh? Only about 30 percent of the people of Wakefield bothered to vote. This isn’t anywhere near a glorious victory. It’s voter apathy..


@ScooterMcNeice Don’t rate your judgement if you sponsoring Langford and Francis and think Heppell is underrated.

See ya Heppell and Rutten. As shit as Matthew Knights was Rutten is stooping to his level..

@jdestoop80 Looking for someone in the replies to tell me why everyone says they hate Heppell because I am interested.


@benno_76 Not even a contest…. I’m an Essendon supporter - heppell so finished he never even started.

@essendonfc gotta swap Guelfi with Heppell we need more fire power up front. More mobility in the back and more accuracy up front. Heppell is a good mark of the ball and accurate enough but Guelfi’s mobility in the back is missing so many holes in defence comes down to work rate..

First quarter, Heppell looking absolutely amazing on the wing. Hey, you know what, let’s move him to half back!!!.


Nick Bryan not up to the level. Snelling n Langford underdone should of had another go at VFL Harry jones needs to step up We need better defensive players Heppell shits me #AFLeaglesdons.

@thbjenkins @mikegalsworthy There are other parties other than Labour. This is the absolute problem in this country, this two horse race needs to come to an abrupt end and PR introduced, otherwise we end up with voter malaise and hung parliaments..

🔔LIVE: West Coast v Essendon QT Top Disposals 7 Nic Martin 7 Zach Merrett 7 Dylan Shiel 6 Dyson Heppell QT Top AFL Fantasy 44 Peter Wright 30 Jake Kelly 30 Jack Redden 28 Nic Martin @aflratings.

@alexroupakia Considering the fact that Boris lies and uses the manipulation of the press daily (ex Journalist), there’s a very high chance that the ending up in Intensive Care with Covid was absolute bollocks. And here is the prime Daily Mail reader audience member to qualify this..

Wordle 370 5/6 ⬜⬜🟩⬜🟩 ⬜⬜🟩🟨🟩 🟨⬜🟩⬜🟩 🟩🟩🟩⬜🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩.

LAST TIME THEY MET #AFLEaglesDons Round 11, 2021 at Perth Stadium ESS (87) WC (71) ESS MOST DISPOSALS Z Merrett 37 D Parish 36 K Langford 28 A McGrath 24 D Heppell 22 WC MOST DISPOSALS D Sheed 43 A Gaff 31 J Redden 26 S Hurn 24 J Nelson 23.

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