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Hilary Duff is the latest target of the sick and deranged QaNon followers.

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The “Lizzie McGuire” star’s name was trending on Twitter over a baseless conspiracy theory about her son.

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Most popular Google search in the last hour: 05/24/2020, 16:01:51 DAYTONA BEACH Ayesha Curry Pier 45 Eid Mubarak Hilary Duff

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Whoever dreamed this one up and put this garbage into the universe should take a break from their damn phone

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@RarityJay It’s a skit on tv, it’s not real. You’re an adult you should know that 💀 what’s with people coming for innocent women? Just cause your fave is problematic doesn’t mean u have to dig up 20 year old sh*t from Britney or Hilary duff or whoever else

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Hilary Duff Shuts Down ‘Disgusting’ Internet Theory That She’s A Child Trafficker

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Hilary Duff was always ahead of our time, homegirl literally ended homophobia

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Hilary Duff spent her holiday weekend denying a ‘garbage’ child trafficking conspiracy

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I wake up every morning reminded that I’ll always be a little bit in love with Hilary Duff. Mornings are the best.

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¡INAUDITO! Hilary Duff involucrada en ‘Tráfico sexual de niños’ #EEUU


In response to the hilary duff drama have yall been around children before???? They r constantly getting naked and being weird!! My mom has like a million scrapbook pics of me being naked amd climbing into Christmas boxes bc i used to HATE wearing clothes

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Pera, o povo quer cancelar a Hilary Duff pq ela tem uma foto do filho dela dela pelado qd era criança? Cadê o cancelamento da minha mãe, que tirou 200 fotos minhas com a rolinha à mostra qd eu era criança e ainda as colocou num porta retratos p todas as visitas verem? kkkkkkkkk

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#Escándalos | Tuits, pedofilia y un video: La desagradable acusación contra Hilary Duff .- #-

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Hilary Duff shuts down disgusting false child trafficking conspiracy theory

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Lana Del Rey se met tout le monde à dos, Doja Cat fricote avec des incels, Hilary Duff est accusée de pédophilie, Khloé Kardashian ne ressemble plus à Khloé hé doucement j’arrive plus à suivre là

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Hilary Duff is trending because of a picture of her son naked in her phone. People are calling her a pedophile and satanist for this. All im gonna say satan I guess? Cause Avi is always naked and I take pictures constantly because it’s funny and he’s my fucking kid. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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@jakechillenhaaI @ratfvck Idk bro I listen to Hilary Duff and I’m pretty sure that makes me better

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i knew that hilary duff and doja cat shit was fake. lol people really bored from this quarantine, they’re out here ruining lives lmao i-

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Uncut Gems should have ended with a needle drop of Hilary Duff’s “Coming Clean”


Walt Disney sigue vivo y su mayor proyecto fue clonar a Hilary Duff para la película de Lizzie McGuire, ahora el clon está en una lucha contra el gobierno ya que ella quiere revelar que la Hilary original tiene niños atrapados en su sótano.

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all this doja cat, hilary duff, and ghastly drama all in one day ohhhh my godddd 😂

N ()

people on here are getting way too comfortable making up the weirdest things and it’s only a matter of time before some of u get hit with a did hilary duff even do to get her child involved in such a gross thread

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Stop with the Hilary Duff shit, I know way too many people whose lives were impacted by p*******e for y’all to be this fuckin stupid.

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Hilary Duff involucrada en ‘Tráfico sexual de niños’ . .

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Hilary Duff is the latest target of the sick and deranged QaNon followers.

Isa ()

gente? que loucura eh essa da hilary duff? as pessoas estão ficando malucas

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the way y’all are projecting some weird trauma/scenario onto hilary duff and her son makes me think it’s time for y’all to just deactivate and seek therapy

Huebinho ()

olha, num é pq eu sou muito fã não, mas essa história da hilary duff não tem a MENOR graça. não é engraçado fazer piadas inapropriadas com os filhos dela. não é engraçado levantar esse tipo de conspiração absurda que pode causar um trauma real na família dela. que coisa nojenta.

Mina ()

Alright now, the Hilary Duff stuff is a reach. It looks like she literally just put spirals around a picture of an anime character for her son. Not whatever weirdo symbol y’all think it is.

Momo ()

gente namoral vai tomar no cu bom dia quem inventou isso da hilary duff realmente precisa de um hobby the queen said herself

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Hilary Duff walked so that Lady Gaga and Ariana could run #RainOnMe

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