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“We can be pretty certain Ryan’s going to miss a month of footy.” @PAFC coach Ken Hinkley on Ryan Burton’s injury..

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do the fruit nuff nuffs want Hinkley sacked again???? Super confused at this point..

@thaylock Hinkley openly declared they planned to ‘terrorise’ Neale. That didn’t go so well..

@BrisLions_Fans @brisbanelions To plagarise and slightly change the immortal words of Bill Woodfull during the Bodyline series - “There are two teams out there on the oval. One is playing football, the other is not”. All 6 votes to Ken Hinkley - once a Lion always a Lion!!!.

@Lee_Gaskin1 @AFLcomau Hinkley couldn’t coach a dog to sit. Carried by his assistants..

“We can be pretty certain Ryan’s going to miss a month of footy.” @PAFC coach Ken Hinkley on Ryan Burton’s injury..

As opposed to Hinkley teams. Win when they shouldn’t , lose when they shouldn’t . No consistency . Can’t count on them..

@coachjc88 But JC, give Hinkley time. Remember where we were before him. Injuries. Young players. Tough comp. Someone had to lose. Be like Brisbane. Am I gettin’ this right?.

@coachjc88 Gray turned the game last week. Dominated the midfield. Started everything. Won the showdown medal. Following week gets shoved in a fwd pocket for 90% of the game. Hinkley you fkn genius. What a master stroke #sackken.

@chrismwriter @PAFC It’s a tie between that and Hinkley’s contract extension..

@PAFC That’s the difference between a team with a quality coach with high standards & a Ken Hinkley coached team..

@PAFC When does the heat go on Hinkley? As in, legitimate his time is up media pressure?.

Hey Ken ’ve been smashed by the Karma Bus. Stupid pre game comments and idiotic tactics. #AFLPowerLions.

How is Ken Hinkley not under serious pressure to keep his job ? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ #AFLPortLions #Crazy.

@_SDU_ While 2011/12 continues to be the benchmark the Board measures Hinkley against, disappointment is assured..

After all these years, finally lost all my faith in Ken Hinkley. Sorry, but he needs to get the boot. Can’t keep continuing years and years of mediocrity. The Gold Coast Suns could do with him. #AFLPowerLions #KenOut.

Is there any chance Hinkley resigns of his own volition? Unfortunately I doubt the administration of @PAFC has the guts to sack him with a year to run on his contract..

I wish i could be as poor as my job as Ken Hinkley and the same job security, @PAFC you hiring at all?.

@PAFC @PAFC SACK ken Hinkley he isn’t the coach we need, his way of coaching is SHIT, his coaching style is FRUSTRATING.

Losing 7 goals in the first quarter to Brisbane is a major, big time, failure. Total disaster! Loser Ken Hinkley should be fired TODAY!!.

@dbattisti_ @PAFC Ken Hinkley can’t get these guys up. They are sick of his repetitive shit. #kenout.

The incredible scale of the nuclear power station being built by 1000 Welsh men and women twenty miles from Cardiff.

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@PAFC DISGRACEFUL EFFORT! If Hinkley talks about how disappointed the players are after the game? SACK HIM!.

@BooKhaki beating adelaide and then losing the week after. the old “hinkley 1-2”.

Just getting ready for Ken Hinkley’s press conference. “It’s a tough competition” #AFLPowerLions.

@ahleach Hinkley is arguably the coach most deserving of being sacked this.

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