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Congratulations to Brad Scott on becoming the Snr Coach of the @essendonfc From a personal point of view i want to say how proud i am of my great mate James Hird! For him to even be in a space which allowed him to apply for this role. That is most important to me #courage 💪🔴⚫️.

The Hird Truthers having a collective meltdown is a delight. Golden Boy doesn’t get a redemption arc. Not at the club he almost destroyed anyway. There’s a weird revisionism around his coaching. People seem to constantly ignore/forget he came back and was Very Bad..

Sheedy and Hird need to go away and form their own Real Essendon FC in country Victoria somewhere and all the truthers can move there. Seriously.

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@superfooty @Robbo_heraldsun If true, Essendon choosing the best person they thought was available for the role, and ignoring club legends such as Hird and Sheedy is a MASSIVE positive for the club IMO..

For those saying I am being unfair to Sheeds, you should know he’s been actively promoting Hird (and working against other candidates) in recent weeks. He wasn’t interested in letting the panel do their thing. No respect whatsoever for the process.

Essendon’s decision to appoint Brad Scott as senior coach was not ‘fully endorsed’ by the entire board, with Kevin Sheedy losing a boardroom showdown with president David Barham, reports @Robbo_heraldsun.

And let me just say I hope this process whets James Hird’s appetite and he begins a proper apprenticeship as an assistant and eventually gets another senior gig down the track. Would be great to see.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Stunning comments from a current Essendon board member. 🤯 MORE:.

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Analysis: If it was not glaringly apparent already, Kevin Sheedy thinks he is bigger than Essendon. For the second time in little over a month he has undermined his fellow directors. @codeaflau @codesportsau.

Five or more club best and fairest awards in AFL era: Scott West, Gary Ablett jnr, Nathan Buckley, Matthew Pavlich, Nick Riewoldt, Brent Harvey, James Hird, Sam Mitchell, Michael Voss, Chris Judd, Scott Pendlebury, Lachie Neale..

kevin sheedy: james hird is waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat, so he can cross rivers, lakes & even seas that aren’t too choppy.

@7AFL @superfooty Essendon will never heal until the spectre of James Hird & Kevin Sheedy disappears. Look at how Pies flourished when Eddie went.

Caller suggests the AFL intervened and planted Brad Scott as Essendon coach to prevent James Hird from taking the job. C’mon people… 🤦‍♂️.

Sheedy and Hird. The gifts that keep on giving, to the other 17 clubs. 😅😅.

@PrinceISname Caro seems quite sure that Hird will not get the job and they have told him he will need more experience. Why would they put him through all this if they thought he didnt have the experience. I dont believe that he has been ruled out just yet and she is just guessing..

@jdestoop80 @essendonfc Not sure who you’re following. I’ve only seen predominantly positive tweets. I love Hird but think Scott’s appointment is brilliant. He was the best available and will give that hard edge we’ve lacked for years. Bring on 2023.💪🏻.

Kevin,have long been an advocate but you lost me today. Last thing EFC needs is someone holding the club back & now I fear that is what you have become. You are more loyal to Hird and his fans than the club. Don’t mind you voted for Hird but that article is a disgrace #godons.

@FOXFOOTY Question is would Rutten still have the coaching job if not for the Sheedy/coterie push to return Hird behind the scenes? Maybe do an interview with Matthew Knights & get his 🍿.

@CalTwomey What terrible form by Sheedy. He has lobbed a grenade at the foot of Scott. For some people still, James Hird is bigger than the Essendon FC..

“I’m not happy. Don’t tell the Essendon fan base an untruth. This is what happens when you bring new people into the club. I actually felt insulted that Hird would think I voted against him after what he’s done for our club.’’.

@essendonfc James Hird Premiership Captain, Brownlow Medallist, Norm Smith Medallist, nearly lost his face on the field in an Essendon jumper but not worthy of a 2nd chance. No loyalty in football or much else anywhere these days. I think its disgraceful myself..

@sab_rossitto @torkymonkey Your twitter handle best describes what Sheedy did today. Made it about him and Hird. Not the club. As a fan I don’t think that’s in any way acceptable. He didn’t have to go public an hour after a major announcement. True sabotage stuff.

@triplemfooty 2007 = Ricciuto, Buckley, Hird, Archer, Grant, Kouta, Darcy and C Scott.

@RitaPanahi Hird nearly destroyed their club & they still pine for him. A good reminder that supporters can’t separate the favourite son as a player from the coach..

@luke_ablett Shattered. I thought Hird would get the job and I was amazed when Josh Frydenberg didn’t get appointed to become AFL CEO. I am also making an excellent recovery from being kicked in the head by a horse earlier this year.


I feel like the media were all “if they appoint Hird it’ll bring up old wounds”. Not a day goes past I don’t think about (and lament) The Saga…with or without Hird as coach.

“Hird deserves a second chance!” “You know he returned as Essendon coach in 2015, right? And that he resigned in Round 20 that year following a 112-point loss to Adelaide, with the team sitting 15th with a 5W–14L record?” “…Hird deserves a third chance!”.

@ScooterMcNeice I’m not getting into a debate but he always has. We (pro Hird) need to get behind him from here on in. Frankly our supporters are a bigger embarrassment than Richmond of old..

very sad about kevin sheedy’s attempt to appoint james hird at essendon’s coach. growing up in suburban Melbourne in the 80s, his music taught me that it was ok to be weird.

The more I think about it the less inclined I am to blame Sheedy for his I’ll advised statement about Hird. Let’s be honest we’re all a product of our environment, and Essendon has been all about turmoil and undermining each other for nigh on 20 years. Thoughts @ScooterMcNeice ?.

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