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A monumental moment 🙌 Scottish referee Hollie Davidson will make history today as she leads an all-female match official team for the Portugal v Italy men’s international. #PORvITA.

Hollie Photo,Hollie Photo by World Rugby,World Rugby on twitter tweets Hollie Photo

History made! 📖 Hollie Doyle becomes the first British female jockey to win a Classic after winning the Prix de Diane Longines! 🏇👏.


HOLLIE DOYLE REMPORTE LE PRIX DE DIANE ! 👱🏻‍♀️ Nashwa (), la favorite, permet à Hollie Doyle 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 de devenir la première femme lauréate du Prix de #Diane @Longines #Quinté 🏆🥇 Arrivée 🏁 : 4 - 8 - 12 - 2 - 1.

Once again the Liberal Party is following the “we need someone to say something idiotic; let’s send Hollie Huges out” playbook.

Hollie Doyle making history with NASHWA. What a moment! 👏 (via @AtTheRaces) | @HollieDoyle1.


🚨 Hollie Doyle sera avec nous dans 𝗟𝗲 𝗚𝗿𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗗𝗲𝗯𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗳 ! Rendez-vous à 19h30 sur Equidia Racing Mag et à 21h sur Equidia ⏰.

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Merci à Hollie Davidson et à ses deux adjointes pour ce match. Heureux que les choses avancent également dans notre sport. 👏🏼.

Hollie Hughes condemned me for out of context tweets from 12 years ago. But stood by this awful human:.

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History in the making! 👇🏽 Hollie Davidson and her team become the first all-female officials to take charge of a men’s test match today. Pretty big deal 👀 #PORvITA.

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With people like her no wonder the liberals collapsed. Keep it up Hollie Hughes - let the people know just how out of touch your party is. #Craigey.

Now if Hollie Hughes is an example of coalition female brainpower, Labor has nothing to fear. Where the hell do they get em from? #dbfever.

I doubt that Hollie Hughes would know a Marxist if she fell over one in the street! The education minister has blasted Senator Hollie Hughes for “crazy” comments blaming the Liberals’ low youth vote on “Marxist” teachers..

“I think you should use Dettori. give me Hollie. Dettori huh, you’re fired”..

Geezus wept. Where does the Liberal Party find these giant fruitloops? Education system ‘run by Marxists’ sez Hollie Hughes @JasonClareMP takes aim at @LiberalAus intellectual peanut, Senator Hollie Hughes over ignorant & unhinged comments on teachers.

If Hollie Hughes thinks the LNP was annihilated bc of Marxist teachers - I’m ok with #auspol.

ポルトガル対イタリアの男性の試合を、TMO含め全員女性レフリーが担当するそう💗✨主審のHollie とARのSaraは、東京オリンピックでも笛を吹いています。またAurélieも含め3人とも、今年10月開催のWorld cup 2021で主審をつとめます。努力をして、その努力を正当に評価してもらえる事はすごく大事。.

Rob Stott
Rob Stott

Hollie Hughes has always been like this and I’m personally very excited for her to finally be given the national platform she’s craved for years.

Still trying to process Hollie Hughes calling the education system Marxist because her own kids don’t wanna talk to her.

No. Young people live in the 21st century. The views of Hollie Hughes can be found in abundance in the 19th century..


The tension between soft and hard animates the sound of Happy Hour.

Hollie Hughes ran a lens over why they lost the election: Ahhh yes, the fault of Marxist teachers. And the libs need to get better at social media. Oh and human rights and caring for our planet are luxuries. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #auspol.

Hey babies 😈 Here’s all my links 💦 Only fans - $3 + Freebie Admire me - £4 + Freebie @fanvue - $ No pay walls @Snapchat - holliehoathprem £ Preview page - ….

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«Je n’ai pas de mots» : Hollie Doyle, femme jockey et lauréate du Prix de Diane, entre dans l’histoire ➡️.

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Join us at 11am on @SkySportsRacing where we will be flogging the Northumberland Plate within an inch of its life for an hour. Josh will be telling us why he thinks Trueshan would have won with BOTH Hollie & Tom on board and that the horse would have beaten Arkle & Frankel!.

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Good afternoon from Hollie and me 🥰I’m late today as I’ve got 2 friends coming round for lunch. Hollie this morning was on cat patrol again this time with her heckles up 😂😂🥰😂xx catch up later xx.

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Check out our latest blog from Dr Hollie Booth @hollieboothie! How can we reduce catches of endangered marine megafauna while protecting the livelihoods and well-being of some of the world’s most vulnerable coastal communities?.

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Hollie is amazing! Kingy not a bad Trainer either! Fabulous ❤️🍾.

This was the first audio-visual episode I recorded for @TahrirPodcast. I also had an afro. I have a mullet now. EP 6 - Hollie S. McKay: War Crimes Investigator and Journalist Tunes in from Taliban-Held Kabul via @YouTube.

Who would you say is currently the best flat jockey? 🤔 🌟 William Buick 🇮🇪 Ryan Moore ☘️ Colin Keane 🇮🇹 Frankie Dettori 👑 Hollie Doyle.

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WTAF? On what planet does Senator Hollie Hughes exist? These pathetic attacks on teachers need to STOP! We are already in a crisis situation & if she can do better, she needs to put her money where her fat, ignorant mouth is… #auspol.

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