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Marc-André Ter Stegen and Jasper Cillessen were the only goalkeepers to keep a clean sheet away from home in the #UCL this evening. Barcelona had them both last season. 🤝.

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what my next 24hrs look like: - end class at tonight - sleep by - wakeup at - get home by - pack my stuff for the weekend away - travel all night and reach ard 3-4am - wake up again at 7am for the first dive. Welcome to my life. 😂🥰.

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Oh. The seamless transition from dumped bachelorette to home and away audition #TheBachelorAU.

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Omg, this was literally one giant audition for Home and Away for Abbie #TheBachelorAU.

I think the absolute biggest issue with our club right now is that nobody is afraid of playing us. It’s been like this since 2017. Before we could go into a game home or away and teams would fear us now even at the Bernabeu nobody fears us..

Fark if that wasn’t a scene right off home and away I’ll be damned #thebachelorau.

Poor Abbie - I really do feel bad for but on the bright side that scene will work great in her showreel for Home and Away #TheBachelorAU.

@THEShamitShetty @thfclp__ Difference is we were winning 2-0 against Olympiacos and all we needed to do was make it to half team and we would’ve essentially won the game. Juventus were playing away from home against Atletico. Very different scenarios. So in short, yes, we bottled it. Again..

I actually don’t mind going to work hella early cuz by the afternoon my ass gets to go home and sleep the day away.

I also hope she gets hired by Neighbours or Home and Away I would watch the shit out of her on a soap #TheBachelorAU.

The moment Abbie gets back in the car her phone gets bombarded by Home and Away and Neighbours producers wanting to sign her. Her performance is more convincing than most of their casts. #TheBachelorAU.

I swear to god I better not see Abbie on home and away anytime soon #TheBachelorAU.

Have been sent home from work, bf was having his hair cut so I am sitting in a comfy chair watching before driving back. Barber is lamenting the return of the frosted tip and how many kids he’s having to turn away because he refuses to give someone a shit haircut 😂.

the hardest thing about being away from home is that i don’t have my car 😩 i feel so dependent on someone else to drive me around and i haaaaate it.

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⁦@Travistritt⁩ was thinking about Bobby Bare this morning and came across this. You always talk with passion but what you say here is both funny and extremely moving to me! Great version of “500 Miles Away From Home! U & Mel Tillis in a 🛶 Plz Tell.

09/19/19 My Morning Devotion MUCK AND MIRE. Once upon a time, in a land far away, two young peasants a brother and sister named Muck and Mire left home together. They packed a lunch and skipped through the front door of their.

Hey @rogers why was the NHL Live subscription dropped from home internet packages? That was such a great feature. Now you keep raising prices but take away service. It’s a bad look and certainly will have me looking elsewhere..

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i watched lastnight AND tonight and i had to sit through home and away both horrible, terrible, never again..

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Marc-André Ter Stegen and Jasper Cillessen were the only goalkeepers to keep a clean sheet away from home in the #UCL this evening. Barcelona had them both last season. 🤝.

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4 years and one day since his last #UCL goal away from home..

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