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| Two senior Home Affairs officials involved in serving Bushiris residence notices suspended

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Baba Alokolaro
Baba Alokolaro ()

@SayMama1 We can’t recall him, because we didn’t register there. We went with convenience and registered nearer “residential” home. Sad state of affairs and terrible comms

Ashante ()

@PaulMzoxolo @SABCNews This country is in a mess bcse of people like you, nihambe kabi this time. As much as the Home Affairs has failed us we have no right to dictate on how they do their job. All the institutions have collapsed especially hospitals because of the illegal immigrants that are here.

Mandla ()

@uBhayi @BlackCulture_HM So speak the ANC who’s in charge of home affairs , what an irony 😂😂😂😂

SkyNews ()

BREAKING: Seven people have been detained following a security incident on an oil tanker off the Isle of Wight. Home Affairs Correspondent @skymarkwhite says within the last hour the military have brought a conclusion to this incident. Read more:

News24 ()

| Two senior Home Affairs officials involved in serving Bushiris residence notices suspended

Kabelo_Moss. ()

@BenjaminNduban1 The department of Home Affairs just found out that he has been conducting business illegally in RSA and also fraudulently obtained a permanent residence permit. Source: @eNCA

Probe International
Probe International ()

Defence Minister Harjitt Sajan calls the detention of Kovrig and Spavor “hostage diplomacy”. Foreign Affairs Minister Champagne used a statement on 50 years of diplomatic relations with China to criticize the detentions and demand they come home.

King Josh@
King Josh@ ()

@ActionForChang6 @ITKHUMALO Sans are not mad when they call for audit of all home affairs documents of grigambas#Foreignersvoerstek

Donnie ()

@shihlukeX Home affairs is also one racist and corrupt place. Check all European visitors they are given citizenship for two weeks holiday be African and it’s 48hours stay.


The Ministers of Health and Home Affairs have issued a joint statement regarding conditions for travellers to and from Lesotho. Find the full statement on the link below.

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Razan ()

Very angry, very upset & very annoyed that in 2020 when we thought we have come so far for the treatment of mother and children specially survivors from mother & baby homes that they are planing to put us 60 years back. #RepealTheSeal #UnsealTheArchive

Abdullahi Buhari
Abdullahi Buhari ()

@foijege @samuelaruwan He’s the Commissioner for Security & Home Affairs, where the directive and implementation is coming from, so well in line

Teflon. ()

The road near Hodisa & Home Affairs has beeeeeeen under construction for over a year now.

Mbune ()

@eNCA I like the move made by RSA Home Affairs, its a good move. WHY NOW indeed WHY NOW, all of a sudden some officialls want to cancel his permit.

Kairaba Kunta Kinte
Kairaba Kunta Kinte ()

@inch6_5 @eNCA He could have done his market reaserch well and realise there is a bigger and more gullible market in Mzansi. Plus an easily corruptible Home Affairs.

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Zelda Ann Hintsa🇿🇦
Zelda Ann Hintsa🇿🇦 ()

When will this corruption stop. L Home Affairs officials suspended | eNCA

Kairaba Kunta Kinte
Kairaba Kunta Kinte ()

@Albert70275848 @eNCA I think Home Affairs is better placed to explain this. EFF might not have the immigration records.

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Mbune ()

@ZimEye I like the move made by RSA Home Affairs this time around. What were they thinking, WHY NOW ...?

Bea. ()

@eNCA If he could verify every single person who is here, he would be shocked or pretend to be shocked The rest of Home Affairs would be suspended.

Chieryalarajesh ()

Follow twitter handle @CyberDost of Ministry of Home Affairs to get safety tips related to cyber crimes.

#PutSouthAfricaFirst🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 ()

@eNCA Most of home affairs officials are corrupt we see them everyday there this one at marabastad infact this shit of assylum must be suspended is no good for our country

AKP ()

It’s funny how when somebody’s ambition is to raise their family and look after their home affairs and take care of that domain they’re viewed as backwards or oppressed.

Sandy Arora
Sandy Arora ()

Union Minister of State for Home G. Kishan Reddy made d announcement in his address at d 59th Raising Day function, in Greater Noida, of d ITBP—one of d seven Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) under d Ministry of Home Affairs and responsible to guard 3,488 km India-China border.

Idy Enang
Idy Enang ()

A great treatise which I encourage everyone to read and understand. We have a severe gap in generational understanding and it all starts with the dysfunctional family system. Poor home affairs have impacted societal norms and values. Let us go back to basics.

MzantsiNative🇿🇦 #PutSouthAfricansFirst
MzantsiNative🇿🇦 #PutSouthAfricansFirst ()

@Bally12389363 Not gonna happen! The judge is facing the same ANC underhandedness as the two Home affairs officials. I wish we can all see the ANC for what it really so we fight the right battle!

And that is destiny
And that is destiny ()

@eNCA All the officials should be jailed and home affairs be placed under administration. This is the worst institution when it comes to corruption and enabling and abating

Jo Brett
Jo Brett ()

A worthwhile and easy activism: write to your MP about the police failings in the racist attack on Niyad Farah and her friends. Template letter: (remove the line near the end unless your MP is on the Home Affairs Select Committee ()

PutSouthAfricansfirst ()

@ZWELY_SIYABONGA @Thabelo_PSAF Unfortunately your dad is going to be deported back to Malawi, that’s according to the Home affairs minister because him and his wife have fake permanent residence

IG : Lovablevibes.co
IG : Lovablevibes.co ()

Former Malawi home affairs minister jailed for passport scam

The Namibian
The Namibian ()

Minister of home affairs, immigration, safety and security Frans Kapofi on Friday apologised for police brutality and the detainment of protesters during a #ShutItAllDown protest two weeks ago.

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