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  • Honey Badger + President Mal … Scary Sight let’s get it @Mathieu_Era!!

  • Cardinals have informed the Tyrann Mathieau The Honey Badger they are releasing him.

  • Honey Badger..

  • A honey badger’s skin is so thick, they can withstand multiple machete strikes, arrows and spears..

  • Tyrann Mathieu The Honey Badger And what animal loves honey? Bears Get it done, @ChicagoBears 🐻👇.

  • Something is so wrong about cutting Honey Badger on the same day the Cards officially sign Bradford and Glennon.

  • 8️⃣ days and counting! We’re closing in on the Honey Badger being back out on track and in action at the 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ @ausgrandprix 💥 #F1 #DanielRicciardo @F1

    Honey Badger twitter.
  • I could replace my teenage daughter with a honey badger and nobody would notice the difference..

  • Where are the Honey Badger updates.... Give me something

  • @JungleBoi_Swagg @Mathieu_Era @NdamukongSuh Suh is screaming “Show me the money.” And we’ve been through that with Fat Albert! But I’d love to see you and honey badger in that secondary. 🔐 🔒 🔒

  • Throw the bag at the Honey Badger. Texans got the money.

  • @Mathieu_Era Come to @nyjets let’s gooo Honey Badger.

  • Haven’t seen any Honey Badger news.. no planned visits. Rumors.. anything. He’s gonna be a Charger soon. Him, Earl or Suh. One of them is coming to LA..

  • I’ve always been a fan of the honey badger... just saying 😏.

  • Things get tight quick in 2019. But could make a sexy front loaded offer to a Sheldon or Honey Badger. Plus bargain guys will for anyway.

  • @Browns get the honey badger.

  • @RapSheet @NFL Wrong move focus on honey badger and Jordy.

  • Go get the Honey Badger Mac! #nyjets #NFL #Jets #HoneyBadger @nyjets @Mathieu_Era @TheAdams_era

    Honey Badger twitter.
  • Honey badger has #JetsTwitter in a good mood tonight @TheAdams_era we need him!!!.

  • Jarrius said bring Honey Badger and that nigga got far away from here as possible ... That nigga talking bout going to the Jets.

  • Hey @Chargers — go get the Honey Badger!!.

  • Honey Badger @Mathieu_Era to the @Redskins please. Him and @JungleBoi_Swagg would be nasty back there. #REDSKINS #SpeakItIntoExistence #HTTR.

  • Honey Badger has experience playing in the slot. Just sayin

  • @RAIDERS have Jon Gruden call the honey badger ASAP !!

  • I reallly can’t think of a better fit for honey badger than us based off his OWN words 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️.

  • @JimmyKempski Honey badger.

  • Clearing cap space for Honey Badger

  • @RAIDERS if we don’t land either Suh or honey badger or BOTH by the end of the day we officially failed free agency @NdamukongSuh @Mathieu_Era.

  • @mavsfan89 @fishsports @1053thefan @dallascowboys @DezBryant I’d rather have Jordy and Honey Badger with Dez money.

  • Patrick Robinson gone? Yeah Honey Badger on his way!!!!.

  • 👀👀 Honey Badger incoming @MarkCushing22 @trayfball23

  • @TheBucsWire Here honey badger....#Bucs