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The CCP’s draconian national security law ends free Hong Kong and exposes the Party’s greatest fear: the free will and free thinking of its own people.

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Canada suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong after China’s new security law comes into effect.

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UN Watch
UN Watch ()

🇨🇳 China arrests 370 Hong Kong protesters, including a 15-year-old for crime of waving independence flag, after Beijing passes draconian security law. 🇺🇳 Reactions from @UNHumanRights: 0 country visit requests 0 condemnations 0 reports Why, @mbachelet?

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但在这项新立法在香港的寒蝉效应变得清晰时,美国国务卿、对华鹰派庞皮欧严厉谴责了这项立法。香港警方周三逮捕了超过300名亲民主抗议者,包括一名挥舞港独旗帜的15岁女孩。 “美国不会袖手旁观,任由中国将香港吞入其威权的无底洞中,“庞皮欧在一份声明中说。

Thuc Tri Pham
Thuc Tri Pham ()

BBC News Tiếng Việt - Thủ tướng Đức nói quyền tị nạn dành cho tất cả mọi người, kể cả người Hong Kong

True Pundit
True Pundit ()

China Begins Brutal Crackdown Under New Law In Hong Kong, Starts Arresting Those Calling For Freedom

Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine ()

China Begins Brutal Crackdown Under New Law In Hong Kong, Starts Arresting Those Calling For Freedom

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OPINION | ‘A lever to harass China’: US protests security law because it lost access to Hong Kong ‘sore spot’

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Taiwan opens office to help people fleeing Hong Kong after China implemented the new National Security Law

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The world should stand up to China over Hong Kong says activist Nathan Law

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi ()

All freedom-loving people stand with the people of Hong Kong as they confront Beijing’s campaign against freedom. With my signature, the #HongKong Autonomy Act goes to the White House. The sanctions included within it are critical to holding China accountable.

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💧🍀Duncan MacMartin⏳🇵🇸
💧🍀Duncan MacMartin⏳🇵🇸 ()

US has been exposed for funding last year’s Hong Kong protests

Secretary Pompeo
Secretary Pompeo ()

The CCP implemented its national security law on Hong Kong, in violation of the commitments it made to the Hong Kong people– and disregarding Hong Kongers’ human rights and fundamental freedoms. A free Hong Kong was one of the world’s most stable, prosperous, and dynamic cities.

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Javier Vasquez.
Javier Vasquez. ()

It’s been 23 years since China took over control of Hong Kong from the British. Now, all freedom of speech and expression is being thwarted by a new Chinese law meant to squash all protests. Britain has offered asylum and China is pissed #ONEV1 #OV1A


Activist Nathan Law flees Hong Kong as protest slogan outlawed

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ABC News
ABC News ()

A Hong Kong police officer draws his weapon and points it at demonstrators during a day of protests against a new national security law imposed by the Chinese government.

🆓Douglass Bastiat יוסף בנט
🆓Douglass Bastiat יוסף בנט ()

Good! UK Offers Path to Citizenship to 3 Million Hongkongers After China Imposes National Security Law

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Reaction to Hong Kong national security law shows more needs to be done to ease concerns

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Senators Propose Giving Hong Kong Residents Priority as Refugees #Newsmax via @Newsmax

Joshua Wong 黃之鋒 😷
Joshua Wong 黃之鋒 😷 ()

Hong Kong’s plight is a Tiananmen Square moment for the free world

Secretary Pompeo
Secretary Pompeo ()

The CCP’s draconian national security law ends free Hong Kong and exposes the Party’s greatest fear: the free will and free thinking of its own people.

Nacho Montes de Oca
Nacho Montes de Oca ()

Hong Kong tiene desde su devolución un régimen especial y diferente a China. Es uno de los territorios más libres en términos de impuestos y reglas económicas. Por eso, más de la mitad del comercio internacional chino se negocia en su territorio

B. Allen-Ebrahimian
B. Allen-Ebrahimian ()

Oh my god am I reading this right??? Article 38: The law applies to persons who do NOT have permanent resident status in HK and commit crimes under this law OUTSIDE Hong Kong. Did Beijing just grant itself sweeping extraterritoriality on the planet?

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A Summer’s End is a rare queer romance that goes where most games won’t

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China Passes Hong Kong National Security Law | New York Times

Chris Loewen
Chris Loewen ()

Beijing passes sweeping national security legislation for Hong Kong, local media reports

John Watson
John Watson ()

Hong Kong national security law unanimously passed by Beijing, while Joshua Wong and associates announce decision to quit party politics

Suriya Subramanian
Suriya Subramanian ()

HKU FinTech Indices reveal a positive outlook for 2020-21 despite negative impact from COVID-19 ...: The HKU FinTech Index Series Project published the second-year Hong Kong FinTech Growth Index (FGI) and the 2020Q1 Hong Kong FinTech Buzz ... #fintech

Joshua Wong 黃之鋒 😷
Joshua Wong 黃之鋒 😷 ()

[End of Hong Kong, Beginning of Reign of Terror] 1. #Beijing has just passed the sweeping #nationalsecuritylaw. It marks the end of Hong Kong that the world knew before.

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Secretary Pompeo
Secretary Pompeo ()

Today, the United States is ending exports of @StateDeptPM controlled origin defense equipment and sensitive @CommerceGov controlled dual-use technologies to Hong Kong. If Beijing now treats Hong Kong as “One Country, One System,” so must we.

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