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A 3? I have no words. That is heartbreaking. #HouseRules @Channel7 @HouseRulesOn7.

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I’m going to be so disappointed if the boys don’t ; I’ll be really, really disappointed if Lisa loudmouth does. #houserules.

Fantastic idea for this years finale #houserules but we needed more time to enjoy this reno and get a sense of the build!! @HouseRulesOn7.

I’m pretty annoyed Seven has rushed the finale of #HouseRules. Should of been tonight, Tuesday and finale Sunday night. AGT surely could of waited one day.

#HouseRules Is it even house rules if someone doesn’t end up going through the rubbish for fittings?!.

RETWEET if you think Tim & Mat will take the win with these zones? #HouseRules.

Introducing the Top 3! Who do you think will be crowned the 2019 #HouseRules Champions? #HouseRules Grand Final tonight on @Channel7 Watch latest episodes on @7plus 👉.

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What does working as a fiery involve? Or did they mean Firey. #houserules.

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THREE TEAMS IN THE GRAND FINAL! YEAH BABY!!! #HouseRules @Channel7 @HouseRulesOn7.

SPOILER: Tissues are out as we say goodbye to one of our favourite teams. 😢What an incredible journey! #HouseRules on @Channel7 Watch latest episodes on @7plus 👉.

Spoiler alert. So sad to see this beautiful team of gorgeous, hard working, kind and delightful people go home #HouseRules @Channel7 @HouseRulesOn7.

Great judges feedback on the fix up room. Considering they did it in the first place, that must feel 👍 #HouseRules @Channel7 @HouseRulesOn7.

SPOILER: If there is a perfect time to get a perfect score - this is it, and they have done it! 👏😍🙌 #HouseRules on @Channel7 Streaming now on @7plus 👉.

A 3? I have no words. That is heartbreaking. #HouseRules @Channel7 @HouseRulesOn7.

Wow at least the boys remembered that Casper lives there as well #HouseRules @HouseRulesOn7.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen Andy stressed out in this show! No wonder he’s a brilliant fireman! #houserules.

That karaoke machine will be Gumtree in a few #HouseRules.

Turn the coffee table upside down? What’s the base like? #HouseRules @Channel7 @HouseRulesOn7.

I can feel my calves burning just watching them with those barrows up the #HouseRules.

What I want to see this reno is a lounge with an oxygen tank and mask half way up the driveway path for guests on foot #HouseRules @HouseRulesOn7.

Please channel 7 producers. No more of Lisa. I beg of you. I can’t I just can’t handle the cutsie dumb chick shtick anymore. #HouseRules.

We’re really not too sure how Lisa went from digging a hole, to being a cave woman, to a zombie apocalypse… 🤔🤔🤔 #HouseRules.

Goes without saying 😉 And now I’m craving a quarter pounder with cheese 🙄 #houserules.

The best bit of tonight! There were no eliminations. Thank goodness. Gives me a week to dread next Sunday! @HouseRulesOn7 #houserules.

Now Lisa is disappointed because Tim and Matt didn’t get a low score, omg I’m so done with her crap #HouseRules @HouseRulesOn7.

Lisa’s critiques of the boys things they’ve done repeatedly in their zones since #HouseRules started..

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