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UConn is ripping through the PK85 like a chainsaw through butter. This is the best shooting team that Dan Hurley has had in Storrs..

“The Governor-General… would urge - or rather oblige - guests at his official residences, and at events around the country, to sing to one @dfat began forewarning new ambassadors of the Hurley tradition before they made the trek to Government House” writes Niki Savva.

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A much more subdued (on the sidelines) Dan Hurley has this written on his wrist before each game this season to remind him not to worry about the refs, or anything else. Coach Your Guys..

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This is the deepest UConn team in the Dan Hurley Era and the Huskies flexed their options in an 83-59 win over Oregon. It’s amazing what can happen for Connecticut when they have perimeter shooting. 17 treys tonight. The amount of attention Adama Sanogo garners creates open looks.

“No, Mr Bond, your torture shall be psychological - watching England v USA on a loop.”.

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Think for the first time in the Hurley era he has an incredibly balanced team and it shows..

Look, I couldn’t sleep again so, even though I watched some of it back when Ronni Salt exposed it, I just found myself watching Linda Hurley singing again…two songs back to back to be clear, and I’m going back to bed so if I don’t wake from my nightmares tomorrow, much love 💜.

There’s a very real chance we’re 7 minutes away from Hurley running zone with the walk ons again. This rules.

inquiry into multiple appointments of Scott Morrison, when Prime Minister, by current Governor General David Hurley to six ministerial offices of the crown..

Whenever UConn loses one possession games, it’s because of Hurley. Outside circumstances don’t matter. I’m just matching that energy..

UCONN head coach Dan Hurley just waved bad call at a ref. His player literally had his arms across the body of Guerrier on a drive. The Hurley brothers never see a call they know was right..

#auspol Good morning Twitter Folk from sunny & warming Canberra. Spring has sprung. Morrison has behaved like a tin pot dictator and more importantly The Governor General Hurley has questions to answer..

@c_s_wallace I re-refer people to the profile of the Hurleys in “Eternity”. “She prepares for the day ahead in a rather more unusual way. “I hula-hoop every morning and I like to read the Bible or a devotional book while I’m doing that,” she says.” Dead-set weirdos..

Geno on UConn men: They’re really, really good. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win the whole thing..

International embarrassment to Australians. Our Governor General David Hurley. Happy clapper and disappointment to Australians. Scammed the government for $18m before the old PM got the arse. #auspol.

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Regional final tonight for #LSU commit Colin Hurley🐯⭐️.

Congrats to Saint Joe Feeder Program and Christ the King students James Criniti and Brayson Hurley for competing in and winning the Southeast 7on7 Tournament in Birmingham, Alabama! Congrats and great job representing the 574 and ICCL!.

Fuck the Ducks. Hurley’s boys playing on Thanksgiving is a treat - let’s make it 6-0..

Why is #Hurley and his sing-a-long sidekick still camped at #Yarralumla? 🤔.


no but really, Princess Diana would actually have been a guest judge on Drag Race UK, and you know she’d have thrown herself into it entirely like Liz Hurley and Joanna Lumley did 😭.

An meinem Magic Tisch haben gerade Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen den Tyranidenschwarm aus Warhammer zurückgeschlagen. Und ich freue mich über sehr spezielle Themendecks. Hurley ist monorot, Dargo und Breeches als Commander und jede Karte ist mit einer Liedzeile begründet..

As you prepare for finals, make time for a Late Night Study Break with @TarletonPrez and First Lady Kindall Hurley on Tuesday, Nov. 29 at the Trogdon House Lawn from 10 PM - midnight..

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I hear Governor Hurley also dresses as Lachlan Macquarie as Linda leads a tune about the rum rebellion while forcing guests to hide under the bed like little William Bligh & beg for their supper. #truestory #auspol.

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Danny Hurley is a psychopath and I absolutely love it. That’s MY coach.

This is in response to a tweet about Marvel movies. Good morning..

beat just dropped on 6 Music that made me go yaass in my kitchen doing the dishes, this is how I get my kicks now.

EXACTLY - Both Morrison and Hurley should be out on their arses in the street.

@denkoboldmaki @SWiltfong247 Nenne mich sonst um in Wating for Tony Mitchell or Jahlil Hurley..

It’s so hard to realize every day that we can basically trust no one in US government. Those we can trust, are so very few. We stay close to those we can trust & check in every day. We live our lives trusting the few decent & honest scholars. Grateful for their dedication.🙏🏽.

This is a ‘must read’! If limited time go towards the bottom and read about the GG Hurley..

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