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Thank you Hayley for expertly taking the reins as our Guest Host. #HYBPA Big shoutout to our sponsors @MitsubishiAust and @ANZ_AU.

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Ed Kavalee channelling Graham and The Colonel on #HYBPA tonight and I’m here for it. @TLSChampagne.

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congrats to @TheTimMcDonald ! can only assume that the sweater brought you good luck @HYBPA #HYBPA.

I’m still waiting for the week @HYBPA puts Aaron Chen, Luke McGregor and Ray O’Leary on the same episode #HYBPA.

#BoldAndTheBeautiful has got to be one of the best @HYBPA segments, never fails to amaze/entertain/shock me #HYBPA.

Great episode of #hybpa this week @HYBPA @hayleysproull was a brilliant host this week.

Tim’s looking good tonight. Did his mum pick out that jumper? @TheTimMcDonald #HYBPA.

I really like how I was introduced to Aaron Chen by Fisk, and now he’s sitting next to Kitty and season two comes out in a month. 😍 #HYBPA.

“Farmer Lowers His Standards”- I’m guessing Kitty won’t be watching it then. 😆😆 #HYBPA.

love the idea of tom watching this ep of @HYBPA at home (or maybe tomorrow, guessing he’s in bed by now) #HYBPA.

I got very excited seeing @mrmichaelball on have you been paying attention.

This new Traitors show looks like a cross between Cluedo and Knives Out with a Miss Marple meet Squid Game aesthetic. Intriguing. #HYBPA.

The question should be “ Who’s he doing?” #BoldandtheBeautiful 😆😆😆 #HYBPA.

i graduated on wed and i found out @aaronch3n and i had the same english teacher #hybpa.

So proud to be Hayley hosting both as a fellow kiwi and a Fletch, Vaughan, and Hayley podcast fan. #HYBPA.

@HYBPA @lesmisofficial Micheal Ball? I thought it was going to be Murray Ball..

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love the lil ‘fisk’ cast reunion that’s happening on tonight’s ep of @HYBPA #HYBPA.

@EliteAlex91 @HYBPA oh, so that was the illegal engine Ferrari were running in 2019 they finally discovered the golden mushroom.

@nivek1965 @HYBPA i had presumed they were at couple’s counselling tonight and that’s why they weren’t on 🤣.

@nivek1965 @HYBPA and i think the first suspect we need to track down is Sam Pang 🤣.

#HYBPA was bloody funny tonight! Not saying it has anything to do with Tom Gleisner 🤪 Or how smitten I am with Emma Holland 🥰.

@HYBPA In fairness to Tim, the Nutbush is the only way Australia should ever respond to the Haka.

@HYBPA I heard Red Bull were using mushrooms to get their straight line speed advantage.

How shithouse is #HYBPA tonight?. So sick of this KIWI BS influence they have, Moron Mel will be host next!. So GRONKY Kitty is too no wonder she’s single. Please never have them on again as well as dorky Celia, more Amanda, Kate, Lizzy & Glenn please they’re sooo funny & good!..

Me: *not listening to the intro* Hayley: Michael B— Me: Buble?? 🙀 Hayley: —all!!! #HYBPA.

Curious to hear more about @TheTimMcDonald cure for Covid, was it, salt on the rim? #HYBPA @HYBPA.

@HYBPA can’t you find an Aussie host? The bastardisation of the Aussie accent tonight is really bad..

@HYBPA Me and Kitty said the same answer about the world at the same time Fucked 😂😂😂😂 #HYBPA.

@23fmfan @HYBPA Good one. 🙂 Maybe there is a real bromance between them and they are at a holiday resort. 🤣.

@23fmfan @HYBPA Tom could be kidnapped, tied up, blind-folded and in a large sack in the back in the Mitsubishi Outlander. 🤣.

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