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You know, Indiana Jones killed way more people than the average archeologist/college professor.

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Davey Hudson ()

My Sweet 16 Must See Films: Anchorman The Dark Knight Rises Die Hard Forgetting Sarah Marshall The Goonies Guardians of the Galaxy Hot Rod Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1/2)

Elizabeth Foster ()

You know how you put on a movie just to have something on while you do a jigsaw puzzle but then watch the whole thing? Anyway. “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” remains great. #StayHome

Jurassic Parker ()

Bout to watch Indiana Jones and the temple of doom and play animal crossing. Dm if you’d like to join. *FEMALES ONLY*

🔞 Kespe 🌌🌟 works in a grocery store🛒 ()

@cervine_salad i feel like its indiana jones real name is henry, but he goes by indy? maybe tex is the same? Heath Tex Kogane? but i also HC Dadgane as being a hotshot who also works for the parks dept as a wildlife rehabber

 Victorino Moya ()

Fino detalle en Indiana Jones y el Arca Pérdida con el miquito haciendo el saludo nazi.

Jamie Wolfe ()

@KithKyubi I’ve been getting the Indiana Jones theme and the Snow White dwarves themes in my head for a while

Surecantpickem ()

@TheRickWilson They must have been stored in that big warehouse where they hold artifacts retrieved by Indiana jones

Phish100 ()

@wmchammer33 Agreed with Die Hard with a Vengeance. But would certainly add Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Best Indiana Jones movie.

Troubadour 🇫🇷⚜️🇫🇷⚜️🇫🇷 ()

Fin 2019/ début 2020 j’étais grave dans le doute à l’idée de rentrer en France, je suis complètement dans un autre mood, super excité je me sens comme indiana jones partant pour une nouvelle aventure

JD Rowe ()

My ★★ review of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) on @letterboxd:

Surecantpickem ()

@24baseballReed @cincity631 Sitting right next to the Indiana jones ark of the covenant

Ademo ()

Q: This 1984 Spielberg sequel had nothing to do with a Philadelphia university A: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom #question #answer

Katherine Murphy (Earth-615) ()

@MuertasOutcast I know. The clothes she was wearing were similar to what Indiana Jones would wear, covered in mud and dirt.

Candice is staying home 🤪 ()

Stress eating pickles ✔️ Hunting for TP ✔️ Stress eating chocolate ✔️ Buying TP 😐 Stress eating chocolate ✔️✔️ Writing 😐😐 Indiana Jones marathon ▶️ Being an emotionally drained empath during a pandemic pseudo-lockdown with no way of recharging - 😫☠️

Matt Griffin ()

Random, but how in the f is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom rated PG but The Breakfast Club is rated R?

Jose Luis Ojeda ()

@Cauaka Creo que siempre lo fue, pasa que ahora no lo podemos esquivar como aquellos felices días sin cautiverio. Me pasó hace un rato querer ir al patio abierto que está más al fondo. Me sentí Indiana Jones cuando encontró el Santo Grial 🙄

Stephen J. Beans ()

@BreeWithGravy @mostlymartha Also my mom may or may not have written fan fic about Indiana Jones and Sophia Hapgood.


@arcobalenoceano ma spegni quel programma orrendo, dai retta a un fesso. metti Indiana Jones il tempio maledetto su Iris!

Jason Foster ()

You know, Indiana Jones killed way more people than the average archeologist/college professor.

Bresus Cheezus in Thesis Hell ()

@jaybeans Remembered something very random. While playing Fate of Atlantis back in the day, I had @mostlymartha on the phone. I made her listen to how sexy I thought Indiana Jones sounded when he climbed up the counter weight chain in the labyrinth. She humored me very kindly 😄

Rob Dixon ()

@karl_trotsky No Great Escape. Coldfinger. Indiana Jones and the Last Pack of Conchiglie.

Kelly Narofsky ()

@frz3rbRnotaku1 @DavidHarewood The Lord of the Rings. Star Wars. Indiana Jones. Bonus: Jaws!!!!

Professor O ()

Sage Boggs is the internet version of Indiana Jones. via @cheezburger

Mariknickerbocker ()

@bisexualcapps watching Indiana Jones with the young one, drinking cocktails & texting inappropriate thoughts back&forth about a certain archeologist 😉

AlayA Ladycat ()

@lojuroxtatuaje 12 monos? En serio?? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 No había otra menos virulenta? Yo estoy con Indiana Jones y la última cruzada 😋

Darth Beoulve ()

Oiga @christiangloria si nunca he visto bien las de Indiana Jones ¿me las recomienda? ¿Si son muy buenas?

Aliza Tweets ()

(Street mural of Indiana Jones staring in awe at a golden roll of toilet paper. Attribution unknown.)

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Chris Bores Bot ()

Indiana Jones returns and it’s about damn time. How long has it been since the last one, 10 years?

Marcos ()

@marcelohessel A diferença entre nazismo e nazismo, me lembro que em um vídeo sobre o Indiana Jones 5 em que você falava sobre como os nazistas são os vilões inquestionáveis, esse vídeo fala disso e mais um pouco, acho que pode achar interessante

Phammertime (Mr. C.) ()

@TimberCarini Objectively the best of the Indiana Jones w/o a doubt. Is it better than Toy Story 3? Honestly a similar plot line. The more I think about, Toy Story 3 should have been called the Last Crusade and it should have ended the series. Just like LC should have ended Indiana Jones. 😂

☚ derby Christian ☛
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