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Focused. In the zone. Eyes on target. That’s how it got ✅ 📸 ⁦@ila66⁩ #INEOS159.

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@INEOS159 Things are turning out great for my motherland kenya.

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En unas semanas hemos visto un maratón del mundial a 30 grados y sin público mientras algunas de las estrellas del maratón preferían participar en ineos159, Berlín o Chicago. No sé, igual el problema de la iaaf no son las zapatillas..

Only #safaricom that has the strongest network but when they give you free bundles they the slowest. Like the #INEOS159 mbs after the marathon and the so called ati free WhatsApp 😑😑😑taabu aise.

Abrázame, lo mejor está por #INEOS159 @EliudKipchoge..

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JOSHUA CHEPTEGEI: Eliud Kipchoge is the @INEOS159 #INEOS159 #KipchogeINEOSChallenge.

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I knew Eliud would win that race when I saw Tupac shakur behind him. #INEOS159.

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En el maratón de Chicago hay más publicidad de Nike que en ineos159. Y tiene sentido porque sí es patrocinador de Chicago..

Good read here on some of the science behind @INEOS159 and #vaporfly Velocity=F*VO2max/Cr.

Focused. In the zone. Eyes on target. That’s how it got ✅ 📸 ⁦@ila66⁩ #INEOS159.

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Ayer viendo el #INEOS159 con las lucecitas y el coche controlando todo y yo hoy me voy sin batería en el GPS. Si es que así no se puede.

Incredible watching the pacemaker change overs. So slick. Anyone else thinking their shoe of choice is going to be @Nike #vaporfly for their next marathon? 😆🏃🏼‍♀️.

#nohumanslimited #INEOS159 Kenyans continue to excel in spite of Kenya..

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Watching #FreeSolo for the first time yesterday then the #INEOS159 live feed lead me to appreciate even more just how dedicated the best people in any field have to be. Inspiring, but also thought provoking about the sacrifices involved..

إعجازي وتاريخي 🚨🚨 الكيني Eliud Kipchoge أول رجل ينهي الماراطون في أقل من ساعتين 🎩 ب 41 أرنب سباق نجح الأسطورة الحية في التحدي وحقق توقيتا قدره 1 ساعة و59 دقيقة و40 ثانية بمدينة فيينا. رياضي الموسم بامتيااااز 🔥🔥🔥#INEOS159 #marathon.

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I cannot get enough of this slo-mo clip of @EliudKipchoge. Inject this into my veins and let me live to see this unbreakable record broken..

Will @EliudKipchoge rewrite history and run the first-ever sub-two-hour marathon? He’s still in with a chance. Follow all the latest updates from #INEOS159 here..

Estamos viendo historia compañ[email protected], lo de hoy se recordará para siempre. Señor Eliud, deme un paseo en su nave espacial 👽. #INEOS159 #NoHumanIsLimited.

Ready for #IneosChallenge Tuko pamoja @EliudKipchoge #NoHumanIsLimited.

Go @EliudKipchoge @INEOS159 #NoHumanIsLimited #sub2hourmarathon.

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To our very own @EliudKipchoge, you are the greatest athlete today and nothing can stop you from doing your best because you are the best. How great is it to attempt to Shutter your own record. Go! Go! Go! Eliud the whole world is behind you #INEOS159 #NoHumanIsLimited.

If only Kenyas were united the way they are when wishing Eliud Kipchoge all the best in #INEOS159. Then we would go far. But vitu kwa ground ni different. #Eliud159.

I can’t believe that in just about an hour Eliud Kipchoge will attempt to break the 2 hour marathon!!! Years of training has led to this moment! #NoHumanIsLimited #INEOS159.

God Make a way for @EliudKipchoge. All the best Marathon Runner the Great #ineos159challenge #INEOS159.

I’m so excited for the @INEOS159 challenge to start. I’ve been waiting 5 months since they announced it to watch Eliud Break 2.

Schrijft @EliudKipchoge vandaag geschiedenis? Een marathon lopen onder 2 uur, dat is de @INEOS159 challenge. Je kan het hier live volgen! #INEOS159 #NoHumanIsLimited.

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