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The people of Ukraine will not see one penny of the $50+ billion delegated for Ukraine. All by design. Because the money is being printed for a small group of wealthy regime insiders on the backs of the American taxpayer..

Really looking forward to @InsidersABC analysing the news released on Friday that government debt hit $ billion & that it continues to borrow money - over $16 billion now - that will not be repaid for 30 years. An important issue it would seem. #Insiders.

The Fed can’t regain credibility without coming clean on all its mistakes, an honest accounting of the consequences of its actions and full disclosure of how Fed insiders have personally financially benefited from trading with inside information..


.@IMPACTWRESTLING is #UnderSiege LIVE TONIGHT at 8pm ET from the Promowest Pavilion at Ovation in the Greater Cincinnati Area streaming on IMPACT Plus and YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders! Full Preview: Get IMPACT+:.

Un proyecto remaster de Gears of War está en camino y será presentado el 12 de junio en el #Xbox Show Case según nueva información de insiders de Xbox. 🌹⚙️ ¿Gears of War 2: Ultimate Edition? ¿Gears of War Fenix Collection? El tiempo dirá si los rumores se hacen realidad..

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We at Inven Global have a series of interviews with the various people working in esports to highlight their work. This is #3 of our Meet the Insiders series: Meet @_salty_cocoa, the PR Associate for the LCK. ✍️@LoLQuestKR #LCK Read:.

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NEW at SCOTUS: leaky faucet continues to drip. More insiders say 5-Justice majority to ditch Roe holds and that Roberts is going his own way with a narrower opinion upholding Mississippi’s law.

Tô passando as informações antes dos insiders que tem todas as coisinhas a disposição.

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Appalling bias against Albo with the intro on #insiders this morning. No focus on the negatives of Morrison. Bias so blatant. #ThisIsNotJournalism.

Square Enix is having a busy week. PlayStation are reportedly eyeing up the company for acquisition 👀.

@ThinkingBitmex - Genesis and 3AC Sell $ of $BTC for $UST - They go ahead and liquidate all of that $ in Terra Markets - $UST peg gets fucked because of it - LUNA insiders have to defend peg by liquidating ETH.

#🅱🅷🅸🆂🅰🅼🅿🅸🆃🅰🅼🅰 •Below 2593 for 20 minutes with volumes •Will kiss 2530-2510 ? ►Will think to add for Dead Cat Bounce only. ►From 2850 to 2700 already #Insiders sold heavily.

Mike Cannon-Brookes takes on AGL, plus Hitachi’s Stephen Sproul on advanced inverters.

Transitividade nos gêneros: O mais novo EP da Ju segundo insiders, vai ter Reggae, Pop, Funk, Pagode e Forró. Tudo em um mesmo conjunto, mas NÃO vocês preferem ficar na mesmisse de Olivia Rodrigo, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande….

As always, the outsiders in a society understand its true nature so, so much better than the insiders.

@Megawatts55 The Rebel Alliance now has insiders burning down imperial fuel depots & leaking Death Star blue prints. May the Force be with them..

“In other parts of the country, when legislators change the voting laws after their side has lost an election, we call it voter suppression. Here in San Francisco, that tactic is called Proposition C”.


Health care insiders lay out top predictions for the industry.

@spenderallegra an example of the relevance, intelligence, insight of independents politics , the way of the future ??. #Insiders #auspoI.

Insiders information reaching me is asides from earning as high as 300k, you can also get some mind blowing commission for being among the top 10 canvasser of the month! So hurry now and send in your applications via.

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Who paid the mules? Who supplied the fake ballots? Only insiders could make fake ballots. #2000MulesMovie.

One reporter who was present at the game b/n us and Liverpool earlier this year at SB said this same thing on here. I’m not surprised insiders are saying a burst up happened yesterday. He defo has an inflated ego..


@Fan_Of_RDJ @Doom_Guyy Naa sollala Insiders Ena E3 um Summer feast mattum Rockstar game announce pannanum na Showcase la thevai illa 🔥.

15/05/2022 The CCP has once again staged a farce of outsiders directing insiders: the Ministry of Agriculture called off the harvest of silage wheat due to internet speculation, leaving a large amount of wheat that would have been grown for silage unharvested and causing losses..

@DeItaone How can this be, when insiders have shown their confidence by owning [checks notes]…enough shares to cover a pimple on a ticks ass.

Having so many freakin elections on different days is also disenfranchisement and we also do this in georgia Complexity favors insiders, always.

Vamos lá, as imagens acima são do atual vazamento do Dusk, ele afirma que são 3 jogos em desenvolvimento e que a Sony está envolvida, em pelo menos 1 jogo. A sua declaração bate exatamente com a antiga IGN Alanah Pearce disse em 2019. Outros insiders já confirmaram no msm período.

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.@PeterMacKay knows what all the insiders know. As I have often said on this platform, this ritual is not a contest. #Poilievre will easily win the leadership. His general election viability is a question mark. His leadership victory is baked into the Conservative cake. #cpcldr.

panel. Aly says the major parties are “going to pump money into the economy”. Labor into the caring economy, he says, and the Coalition into what? Rorts? #Insiders.

@MasterScarcella Interesting scott has picked up the votes that would have previously gone to Pauline the older, white, parochial bloke. Scott has fanboys. #insiders.

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