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Tweet247 | Updated: Fri, 18 May 2018, 22:04 PM IST

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  • Can’t wait to share some stories about @creativegeelong at #IPAAregional @IPAAVic conference in Bendigo today..

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  • @Etsy is huge and supports the light footprint of creative arts around the world - bespoke making boom according to Marcus Westbury #IPAAregional @creativegeelong.

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  • Marcus Westbury as keynote for #IPAAregional @IPAAVic conference today. He was a great supporter of @creativegeelong #HC2CH documentaries.

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  • 4 elements to @G21_Geelong & @GiveGeelong’s @GrowG21 initiative: 1 job creation thru social procurement 2 job creation thru impact investment 3 linking jobs & job seekers in target areas thru demand led employment brokerage 4 shared impact measurement framework. #IPAAregional.

  • The key element of disadvantage and place based disadvantage is long term joblessness so @G21_Geelong and @GiveGeelong decided to tackle that. - @billmithen #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

  • Who are the people being creative in regional cities #ipaaregional @IPAAVic Marcus Westbury.

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  • What does a region need to succeed in the new regional economy? 1 technology changes geography 2 be a “real” place 3 lifestyle & cost of living 4 offer right infrastructure 5 invite & enable ppl #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

  • Marcus Westbury @RenewAustralia on the renewing cities and supporting creative industries - every empty building is an opportunity for creative revitalisation. #IPAARegional Sponsors: @WorkSafe_Vic @VMIA_VIC @TACVictoria @auspost @IPAAVic.

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  • I’ve wanted to hear Marcus Westbury speak on his experience of reinvigorating Newcastle for ages. So pleased he’s the keynote at #IPAARegional conference @IPAAVic @unsungsongs.

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  • I had a great time today chairing @IPAAVic regional conference in #Bendigo. We heard from fabulous innovators & social entrepreneurs making a difference across our regions #IPAAregional @EY_GovtPublic @EY_Australia.

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  • #IPAAregional Conference @IPAAVic @unsungsongs Marcus Westbury’s keynote.

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  • Smarter cities revolve around public-private partnerships; bringing stakeholders together to collaborate and create. - Dr Simon Egerton, @latrobe #IPAAregional #ipaavic #SmartCities.

  • Our final panel at Regional Conference is ‘partnering to tackle wicked problems’. #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

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  • Story telling is critical to developing creative industries - @jencromarty #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

  • Critical questions are to ask the community: “what do you want to do?” and “what do you need to do that?” - @unsungsongs @RenewAustralia #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

  • We need to identify those who have the leading voices in regional communities to champion new industry and the creative industry - @jencromarty @creativegeelong #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

  • In regional centres there is space and opportunity for young people to create and try (and fail!) new things - @unsungsongs @RenewAustralia #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

  • Each city needs to ask, “what is the story that can come from here?” so that each place is unique - @unsungsongs @RenewAustralia #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

  • Each regional city needs to be aware of its traditional strengths and build on them. - Angelique Lush, @cityofballarat #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

  • #IPAAregional Conference Reimagining Regional Cities - Developing Creative Industries.

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  • The ‘renew’ model “borrows” empty buildings to incubate local businesses with a focus on local people, block by block, space by space. - Marcus Westbury #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

  • Technology has changed the way local/regional businesses can be created and run - Marcus Westbury #IPAAregional #ipaavic.

  • Reimagining cities at the #IPAAregional conference @adamfennessy introducing a fantastic lineup of speakers. @IPAAVic.

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  • We’re kicking off our Regional Conference with Bendigo chair Bernie O’Sullivan. #IPAAvic #IPAAregional.

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  • Bendigo Regional Conference ready! #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

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  • Just a casual 5am wake up call for today’s @IPAAVic Regional Conference in @GreaterBendigo. Have coffee ready please. Here we come! #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

  • At @Bendigo_health robots are helping to create a smarter hospital and city, but a human workforce is critical to the hospital. #IPAAregional #ipaavic #SmartCities.

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  • Data underpins @Bendigo_health’s vision for a healthy city - Bruce Winzar #IPAAregional #ipaavic #SmartCities.

  • [email protected] in the Latrobe Valley, is focusing on: * actions not plans with globalisation & tech a priority * applying success of others * work on big ideas for ‘group’ benefit * continued determination & effort. #IPAAvic #IPAAregional.

  • Key take-aways from our panel on ‘developing creative industries’: 1 embrace failure 2 collaborate and form coalitions 3 story telling is key 4 the broad spectrum of creative industries is critical to regional cities’ growth and energy. #IPAAregional #IPAAvic.

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