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@BernieSanders Will you discuss how radical Islam & Hitler have the same exact goals? Both want to murder gays & Jews..

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و ماذا غير الشمس احضرني اليكِ يا سيدتي ؟ اليست هي السبب في نْضج بذرتِك ، فمن العدالة ان اهيم بها . لديك فلسفة غري… — الشمس سرقت مني عبّاد الشمس الذى بذرته، لأني مُجرد ظل، وهي تعبد النور! أنا متاکدة من أني إذا تُركت في صحراء، سأت….

لا معلش يعني ايه حسيتي انك هتتعلقي بيا فعملتيلي بلوك! اومال انا مغرقك اهتمام و كلام عشان استلف منك الفونديشن بتاعك مثلا ؟.

@josephs_chapel @Pontifex 🔴 What Is Islam? . #Angelus.

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@FitzPuddle I recently received a lockdown on my account for fiercely criticising Islam. Not Muslims but the religion itself—showing that Twitter are also pushing this definition, shielding Islam from criticism and granting it a secured status above other religions..

Hz Muhammed hakkında bize aktarılan bilgilerin tamamı sadece Hadisler ve Siyer-i Nebi kaynaklarından ibarettir. Bilimsel veriler ışığında Muhammed isimli bir Peygamberin yaşadığına dair herhangi bir bilgi-bulgu- kaynak bulunmamaktadır. Hepsi Rivayetmiş!.

@BernieSanders Will you discuss how radical Islam & Hitler have the same exact goals? Both want to murder gays & Jews..

In the name of Islam, Pakistan is a forced occupation against historical nations, Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Saraiki & POK @UN.

The Kashmir crisis isn’t about territory. It’s about a Hindu victory over Islam. - The Washington Post.

Benefit: The Nation of Islam (NOI) Are Kuffār; Their Origin Is Kufr and We Make Takfīr of Them - | Islamic Articles and Audio.

@Chris_Najdek @BidawiFawzi INTERESTING since my right leaning family members despise Islam..

Los zurditos con el islam no se meten pues lo hago, el Islam es una puta basura y me parece una falta de respeto con las mujeres que van a prisión y son golpeadas por no querer usar hijab que las libfems quieran pintarlo como símbolo de liberación en occidente..

tu n’auras contre Allah ni protecteur ni secoureur. » sourate 2 Al-Baqarah (1): c’est à dire la religion de l’Islam est la vraie religion. 2/2.

This article briefly outlines some of the arguments that historians have used to challenge the spread-by-the-sword narrative and, in particular, the question of forced conversions to Islam in history..

@jppfidalgo Hast du noch nicht verstanden wie Identität funktioniert: Ein Mädel mit Vater aus einem mehrheitlich muslimischen Land zu dem sie aber keinen Kontakt hat meinte mal sie darf über Islam reden aber ich nicht, wegen Sprechort. Wenn sie Muslima ist, bist du katholisch.

Ser at mange folk etter Bærum-angrepet svarer på kritikk om rasisme mot muslimer med «men islam er ikke en rase – HA!» Men det er raser heller ikke. For raser finnes ikke. Hvit og svart er ikke raser. Det er poenget: Raser er hat mot imaginære gruppekonstruksjoner..

Jerusalem is not an Islamic city. The only sacred cities in Islam are Mecca and Medina. Smaller Islamic denominations include other cities in Iraq and Iran. We have nothing in Jerusalem. Mohammad died before any Mosque was built in Jerusalem. My article!👇🏽.

“Come forward as servants of Islam, organize the people economically, socially, educationally and politically and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody.” ― Muhammad Ali Jinnah #HumAikHain.

The Friar Who Saved Christendom from Islam and Gave Us Cappuccino.

@STDCode022 Contrary to your beliefs islam was the first religion to adopt the science and education . Do you even know of Al-Beruni ,No. The fact that you are not willing to let people have their own will is causing this fiasco. High time you look inward to stop financing terror..

The 3 sounds are A (Aaa), U (Ooo) & M (Mmm). Together they constitute AUM. These sounds are NOT religion specific. They exist in Christianity and Islam too. Amen in Xtianity sounds as Aaammen. Remove N & sounds as Aaamm Ameen in Islam – remove N & pronounce. Sounds as Aammm 2/5.

@nazirafzal So we all have to love the Islam religion then. Are you blind to all the hallmarks.

Dianjurkan Memberi Minum Orang yang Sedang Sakaratul Maut?.

Nationalist rock star @akshaykumar turns into an Islamist proselytiser. His latest ‘Mangal Yaan’ has the lead woman scientist’s son converting to Islam, growing beard, doing Namaz and calling Lord Ganesha useless god. Hindus depicted negatively. Dubai funding trumps nationalism..

The biggest trick Non-Muslims always fall for when talking to “Islamic Reformers” is when they ask them a question, they respond with: “Well, the way I see ” “Islam to me ” “How I see this Islamic Law ” When the question was not even about them..

Prancis menjadi negara dengan pemeluk Islam terbesar di Eropa..

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