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They killed her then attack the people carrying her coffin. Even in death Israel cannot leave Palestinians in peace. Revolting..

Police is firing rubber bullets on innocent people. Shahbaz Shareef did you learn this from your Israeli friends ? Rubber bullets & Israel go hand in hand..

⚡️Axios: Israel turns down US request to approve missile supplies to Ukraine. Israel has rejected a request to allow Germany to send Spike anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, Axios reported on May 25, citing and Israeli officials..

@coastalmom11 @NoLieWithBTC Corporate bloc-head mentality. In 1971, Congress gave up their secret ballot. The military-industrial complex including Israel & police lobbies now see every vote of our reps. The only way they can avoid voting as campaign funders demand, is to say my party is voting x way..

Israel Hernandez 6’1 225 pound sophomore running back/ Linebacker from Eastern High! School! COACHES THIS KID CAN FLAT OUT PLAY!⭐️ @Izzy_H1.

Israel Photo,Israel Photo by COACH BREAKER,COACH BREAKER on twitter tweets Israel Photo

@HLiliendahl Israel kan gøre lige hvad de vil, for de ved at de er vestens kæledægge og vil ALDRIG blive sat på plads..

Here is the proof, Israel accuses Palestine that those who carry the coffin threw stones at the occupation policemen, FALSE, here I leave the proof, Israel lies, judge yourselves, it lies in everything #FreePalestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸💚💚💚✌🏻.

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Ni los países que participan en el certamen son casuales (véase el Estado sionista de Israel), ni las votaciones ni los países ganadores son consecuencia de criterios estrictamente musicales..

Sennacherib bragged about the military might of Assyria whilst reveling in the various victories they have had against nations who do not serve a living god. But he was mistaken when he said the Lord, the God of Israel is unable to deliver Judah from his hands..

On May 15, 1948, hours after declaring its independence, the new state of Israel was attacked by Transjordan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon..

PALESTINOS ESCONDEM BALA QUE MATOU JORNALISTA E SE RECUSAM A COOPERAR COM INVESTIGAÇÃO Uma autoridade israelense disse que Israel pediu uma investigação patológica conjunta, “mas os palestinos estão se recusando, talvez para esconder a verdade”..

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@mariamcor Yo tampoco la vi, pero porque boicoteo a Israel. De lo que pude entrever en redes, te debes de haber perdido unas 5 000 baladas. ¡Buenos días!.

@seldeeb @AP Israel can’t be trusted to investigate this. A truly independent investigation is needed..

Despicable crime, committed in name of Judaism and Jewish people. Apartheid Israel is anti-Jewish..

Military Roadblocks on Way to Stop Demonstration in Occupied West Bank | Communist Party of Israel 🤨.

@moiragweigel @sivavaid Every last one of them is invested into LNG down to Golan Heights in Israel. Using LNG to mine crypto. Something is getting rigged somewhere I know that much..

Israel Photo,Israel Photo by THEE nasty rougarou in the machine,THEE nasty rougarou in the machine on twitter tweets Israel Photo

@EmCohen_ Arab birthrates in Israel proper aren’t outpacing Jewish birthrates. Try again..

@Nandadu72189563 You are on the wrong side of this argument chief. You are an apartheid sympathiser. There are even orthodox Jews in Israel itself that disagree with your apartheid mentality..


@SarahFantl Gewöhnt euch dran, das is gelebte Vielfalt in Israel, und diejenigen die für die Ordnung sorgen müssen sind immer die bösen..


@R9Davids @_ChristIng_ Soal siapa aja yg ngdukung israel, itu sdh di luar koridor kritik sy krn yg sy maksud di tweet awal cuma org² kristen dan konsep kasihnya ya. Anyway I got your point. Sy pribadi ga hardcore dukung salah satu pihak. Sy hanya ga suka innocent civilians terbunuh..

Therefore, 2 Witnesses have been instituted to replace the 7lampstands. Unlike the nation of Israel and the Apostles, 2 Witneses of Revelation 11 are not 2 human beings. 2 Witnesses are 2 Lampstands and 2 Olive trees. What are they?.

After nation of Israel failed in the terms of agreement, her candlestick was removed and replaced at the end of 70weeks of Daniel 9:24. It is over with the descendants of Abraham. They are defiant. Matt 23:37-39 Meanwhile, born-again Apostles came out of descendants of.

Regavim: Bennett Selling Out the Negev in Exchange for Coalition Stability - @JewishPress -.

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BBC continues to uncritically promote completely unsubstantiated allegations against Israel by Al Jazeera and Qatar about the death of Shireen Abu Akleh.

@TMarchoul @sam_debruyn Dus volgens jou theorie is Israël en een enorm populair land met veel vriendjes. 🤡 je geeft toe dat je het niet volgt en er niks van weet, maar wel een mening hebt over iets waar je niets van weet.

@HarryPater62 Rusland gediskwalificeerd vanwege Oekraïne. Israël gekwalificeerd, ondanks de laffe moord op een Amerikaanse journaliste..

@Keir_Starmer @lisanandy Nandy seemed to suggest that to “condemn Israeli military atrocities in the West Bank” was ‘antisemitic’ One of Labour Together’s directors is Trevor Chinn; he was appointed on the same day as Nandy. Chinn funds Labour Friends of Israel. #StarmerOut.

@POTUS After the kashogi murder we saw u took action against Saudi Arabia,and you used all ur media to condemn that,But now after shireen murder you still didn’t take any action against ,You didn’t talk about that as if nothing happened in the world.#ShireenAbuAqla.

What Nazi Israel is doing in Palestine is nasty. They think that because of Ukraine, we forget what the Nazi-Jews are doing with Palestine. Dusgusting 🤮 Israel, the Jew Nazi state sponsor of terrorism.

@cbissex Err so Australia EU? I don’t think so Israel EU? Nope Ukraine- nope, Switzerland? What is your point?.

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