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Updated: October 15th, 2021 05:39 AM IST

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Joe Rogan Confronts Sanjay Gupta on CNN’s Coverage of Him Taking Ivermectin: ‘Why Would They Lie?’

Ivermectin Twitter

lied, and he helped an entire news network lie As their chief medical correspondent he knew Ivermectin wasn’t a horse dewormer They ran that narrative for weeks Stop trusting professional liars

@ChozenStellar @Kay_Whoa i will not use nih as the real authority on health medicines nowadays. Yup ivermectin works whether nic or cd says not.

@Humanlty1o1 -The incessant lying by the media -Gain of function research -Chinese communist infiltration -Huawei incident -False studies discrediting the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin -Ports being purposefully blocked Continued ….

@drsanjaygupta embarrassing for you to say that ivermectin has not been proven to be effective against covid. Have you not done any reading about it’s success in INDIA?!?! Do some research and stop spreading lies. Pathetic.

@BoytMoezy @CapitalisticPig Ivermectin as Broad-Spectrum Host-Directed Antiviral: The Real Deal?

@ClayTravis I have horses. We give them ivermectin to deworm them. It’s not a lie: ivermectin is a horse and livestock dewormer. If you take for covid, you’ll probably die (which wouldn’t be a terrible thing bc then you would no longer be in the gene pool).

Ivermectin, ‘Wonder drug’ from Japan: the human use perspective

@benthecarman If they wanted to make a vaccine that works they would’ve just given the sick ivermectin

@elandhuis @smjyoti I’m wondering whether you can extract a theme (controversial drugs with a following, say) and use ivermectin as one of three examples rather than have it be your whole piece?

Joe Rogan Corners CNN Doctor Over Ivermectin Claims On The Network Rogan calls them out for the shady wordplay lies. Somebody has too!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼🎉

@LilMonkeyWoman @LevineJonathan He said he took ivermectin. Not horse dewormer. You people are morons.

A five-day course of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 may reduce the duration of illness - PubMed

@ThaBaddestWifey @Benaskren Well, Rogan was in ivermectin and beat it in 3 days sooooo

@FarrellAllan1 Did you know that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are a good treatment for stupid too?

They still can’t admit that is Ivermectin is a FDA approved drug for multiple uses.

@TheBuffaloNews publishing an opinion piece about ivermectin is irresponsible. There is no scientific evidence that this drug should be used for Covid treatment right? Especially when we already have tested and proven treatment methods. What’s the end goal there?

@iksanchez @LevineJonathan Since ivermectin does save lives, that does t seem to be the case. Derrrr

The Overlords get #Ivermectin We get experimental vaccines, ventilators and death. We are governed by absolute fucking psychopaths.

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the maker of Ivermectin says there’s no scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19 from pre-clinical studies.

@PierrePoilievre Pierre , just have a look at what MSM is doing to ivermectin. A proven therapy!!! Demonized it when 240 million in India are Covid free Costs pennies!!!

@YarmondShore @christineb0316 Ivermectin is an award winning medication that has had an excellent safety record for 35 yrs.

@LPaseab @mtgreenee Early treatment with Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine would have saved a lot of lives but Dr. Fauci demonized both and made them impossible to obtain. The vaccines are saving no one. You can still get COVID, and still give Grandma COVID. These jabs are worthless!

Ivermectin is trending under the entertainment category 😂🤣😂🤣 Good job Twitter

Ivermectin Photo,Ivermectin Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Ivermectin is a Nobel Prize-winning wonder drug – but not for COVID-19

@TheRonboe @Lukewearechange He literally said a Dr prescribed him ivermectin when he had Covid. The bottle on his table was given to him. You’re dense.

@jeffpatriot69 Although ivermectin has been a game-changer for people with certain infectious diseases, it isn’t going to save patients from COVID-19 infection. In fact, it could cost them their lives.

Ivermectin is an effective for human beings with parasitic worms, or head lice- or for barnyard animals.

@nojanerivers @Cernovich It is literally a lie. Ivermectin is a human medicine prescribed to humans every day. He used a drug designed for humans. This is like saying someone who eats corn is “eating cow feed” because cows eat corn too.

Joe Rogan Confronts Sanjay Gupta on CNN’s Coverage of Him Taking Ivermectin: ‘Why Would They Lie?’

1/ NEW: A TIME investigation reveals how an online pharmacy was able to capitalize on the pandemic—backed by PPP loans—by partnering with right-wing groups to sell millions worth of ivermectin to vaccine skeptics

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