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The next deputy premier is said to be Jacinta Allan—from the socialist left wing faction. Normally in ALP the leader and deputy are different factions - Andrews is left; Merlino is right. Andrews is changing that making it the most left wing gov in Australia. Scary thought..

Dan Andrews picks Jacinta Allan as Deputy Premier from the socialist left faction. You are about to witness wokeness on a grand scale, even more than before. 16 ALP MP’s have resigned or lost preselection in this term. One more … #DanNext.

If Jacinta Allan becomes Deputy Premier, we’ll have two socialists occupying the two key posts in the Govt of the Peoples Republic of Victoria. In fact, the Gov will be so left, they won’t be able to stand straight..

Premier Daniel Andrews says the new leadership team shared the view Jacinta Allan should be deputy premier. This would break with the tradition of having a premier/deputy premier from the Labor left and right factions..

SBS News
SBS News

Daniel Andrews farewells Victorian Deputy Premier James Merlino, who is stepping down alongside three other senior Victorian ministers. Jacinta Allan is to be recommended as his replacement. Read more here: #auspol.

This will leave Tim Pallas, Jacinta Allan, Lily D’Ambrosio, Jaala Pulford, Nat Hutchins (and the Premier) as last remaining members of the original Andrews Cabinet sworn in in December 2014..

It’s been 30 years since Victoria had a female premier. Jacinta Allan could become the state’s second..

Premier has confirmed he wants Jacinta Allan as new deputy Premier. Will have to get caucus tick tomorrow..

Jacinta Allan tipped to be new deputy premier of Victoria after four senior ministers resign via @GuardianAus.

Jacinta Allan to be recommended to caucus as Deputy Premier, @DanielAndrewsMP says. @SkyNewsAust #springst.

The Premier will recommend Jacinta Allan to a caucus meeting tomorrow to become Deputy Premier #springst.

Daniel Andrews has revealed which MP has been recommended to take on the role of deputy premier following the resignation of James Merlino..

Jacinta Allan tipped to be new deputy premier of Victoria after four senior ministers resign, by @benitakolovos.

Jacinta Allan said yesterday that the country “suffered nine years of inaction and inadequate leadership (on energy)” under the former federal Coalition government. Instead of buck passing, how about doing your job and guaranteeing that there will be no blackouts in Victoria?.

Daniel Andrews says Jacinta Allan has been recommended as the new deputy premier, but it remains a matter for caucus. #springst.

Premier Daniel Andrews says the senior leadership has recommended Jacinta Allan as the new deputy. “That’s a matter for caucus.”.

@10NewsFirstMelb Jacinta Allan, who shows nothing but disrespect and contempt to communities like ours, negatively impacted by her decisions on Big Build project. People are suffering because of her decisions and she refuses to acknowledge or speak to impacted residents. Appalling behaviour..

Four senior ministers have resigned just five months out from the state election. The premier is pushing for Jacinta Allan to become the new deputy premier, but there are still questions as to who will take over as ministers for police and major events. @SharnelleVella #7NEWS.

🤣 👏 Jacinta Allan is good. Are there any competent, informed, reasonably intelligent reps in Victorian LNP? Asking as a swinging voter. We really do need a genuine opposition party, not these clowns. #vicpol.

Champions each & everyone of them & Jacinta Allan will be great in the future.

Daniel Andrews puts Bendigo East MP Jacinta Allan forward for deputy premier role.

Premier Daniel Andrews says he and the leadership team will tomorrow recommended to caucus that Jacinta Allan becomes deputy Premier. #springst.

Jacinta Allan firms as next deputy premier of Victoria and Dan’s heir apparent.

Familiar faces on the big screen [by Jacinta Allan-Ganae] The Njernda Foster Care ad encourages potential foster carers from the Echuca Moama community to step up and lend a hand to provide care for local children who are in need of support..

Jacinta Allan Photo,Jacinta Allan Photo by First Nations Tgraph,First Nations Tgraph on twitter tweets Jacinta Allan Photo

Jacinta Allan from the left getting the Deputy role means Andrews maybe going soon or just after the Election, and then Allan will naturally as Deputy take over and become the Premier, otherwise it would have been someone from the Right getting the Deputy role..

Bendigo East MP Jacinta Allan to Be Recommended as Deputy Premier #GOLDCentralVictoria.

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