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  • Looks like Ramsey has been left out, Elneny and Jack start.

  • Indoor league returns Sunday: 5.10pm start- Crewkerne Sports centre. 🏏#YCC team to play @longsuttoncc_ Ben Ford (c) Jack Fuller Ben Hurlock Jordan Reeves (wk) Sam Watts Sonny Dennett #RatFeaturesBaaaaaaby #HurlocksOutOfRetirement #Lush

  • COMMON SENSE: If we do not return to our traditional values—the Judeo-Christian value system—our future will be bleak.—Jack Watts

  • Hahahaha.!! Maybe he should work on his craft, as hard as he’d like Jack Watts to.

  • I’d be loading up on Jack Watts to win the Magarey Medal this year #AFLX #PAFC

  • @lukas_pollard Fuck you! I want to hear what Jack Watts has to say!

  • Wow, Jack Watts remains a very unimpressive footballer. Media did a very good job of polishing a turd last trade period #AFLX

  • Jack Watts enjoys AFLX so we all enjoy AFLX sorry I don’t make the rules we must follow the GOAT

  • The real winner tonight was Jack Watts who got to captain the fucking team without playing a bloody game for the team yet

  • Different rules, same shit Jack Watts. #AFLx

  • Jack watts showing he is even a spud at #AFLX #starplayermyarse

  • Jack Watts, same shit different jumper #AFLX

  • Jack Watts looks like he has improved.......#AFLX

  • Petr Čech, Jack Wilshere dan Laurent Koscielny tidak dibawa oleh Arsene Wenger utk di istirahatkan, Sedangkan Aaron Ramsey (Cedera Paha) & Alexandre Lacazette (Cedera Lutut) juga tidak dibawa. [Via: @Charles_Watts]

    Jack Watts twitter.
  • AFLZ ideas: 40-metre by 40-metre square field. A set of goals on every side. Every goal is a Zooper goal. Eight teams on field at all times (one team for every colour of Zooper Dooper). Jack Watts captains all eight teams simultaneously. #AFLX

  • jack watts and james aish going well just about sums up #aflx

  • Janes Aish has slipped under the radar as the worst top-end pick since Jack Watts #AFLX

  • If i could be any player in the afl i would be jack watts. The alluring mix of laconic and good hair.

  • You would expect Jack Watts to be good at this, spent his whole career playing uncontested footy on the outside #AFLX

  • Is someone tracking Jack Watts’ ownership in #SuperCoach? Surely a 🔒 after that half 😉 #Imjoking #plsdont

  • Jack Watts 0-1 as captain #AFLX

  • Jack Watts career summed up perfectly in 10 mins of #aflx

  • Jack Watts career highlights: Number one draft pick 150 games Zooper specialist

  • Petr Čech, Jack Wilshere dan Laurent Koscielny tidak dibawa oleh Arsène Wenger untuk di istirahatkan. Sedangkan Aaron Ramsey (cedera paha) & Alexandre Lacazette (cedera lutut) juga tidak dibawa. [@charles_watts]

  • I woke up this morning thinking exactly what Jack Watts writes here. The liberal progressives, media, and...

  • My mates Chris Watts son is going to Leeds United open trials tomz. Was wondering if you could wish is son Jack good luck @LiamCooper__ #lufc

  • OBAMAGATE: In the most concise way possible, Joe DiGenova explains exactly what has happened. —Jack Watts...

  • My mate Chris Watts son is going to open trials at Leeds United tomz Could you wish is son Jack luck @LiamCooper__ @ChigW777 #LUFC

  • #GunControlNow HALF TIME Jack Watts John McGrath #freestyleskiing #metoo Happy Chinese New Year #VAlgarve2018