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Pauline Hanson ‘s adviser James Ashby banned from parliament. Senator concedes he had blood on Senator Hanson’s door.

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Ashby comes with form that would cause most employers to say “yeah, nah”. He has long inhabited the fringes of the media and politics. @gabriellechan.

James Ashby is remunerated by the C/Wealth & should be treated in the same way as federal public servants working in Parliament House. That is, should he be proven to have committed assault, he should be summarily dismissed from the public purse & banned from the building #auspol.

James Ashby claims he is passionate about the safety of women, yet both One Nation Senators voted against my motion yesterday to allow women the option to carry pepper spray for their safety. One Nation policy split??? #auspol.

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James Ashby: His temper and telephones ⁦@newscomauHQ⁩.

“This news comes as a great relief. The revocation of One Nation staffer James Ashby’s pass preventing him from entering Parliament House will enable our Senate leader to conduct his Senate duties safely as all Australians must be provided a safe workplace,” Ms Wrightson said..

Acting National Secretary of the UAP Suellen Wrightson said she applauded the decision by Senate President Scott Ryan to strip access to Parliament House from One Nation staffer James Ashby..

Judith Ireland reports on the consequences arising from the Ashby/Burston clash..

Minor parties mix it up over mobile phone after miner’s parliamentary dinner @no_filter_Yamba This is not the first time PHON CoS James Ashby has been involved in an incident where his anger has boiled over excerpt.

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One Nation staffer James Ashby has been stripped of his parliamentary pass and banned from the building, following a clash with United Australia Party senator Brian Burston. #9News.

Morons. All of them. They demean parliamentary democracy..

⁦Serious NSW State candidates like @RealMarkLatham⁩ must be concerned the antics of these unbelievably stupid boofheads will affect his & other fair dinkum minor Party’s chances as they highlight risks of voting for low grade amateur politicians..

@AntiPovertyN_SA @jpwarren Nobody is “trapped inside” when a racist senator punches James Ashby, or when an angry voter takes out her frustration with our concentration camps on a Liberal candidate. I can’t stop cheering..

Funnily enough, I was thinking just a few days ago that James Ashby seemed to be doing better at keeping himself out of the media..

Hanson adviser James Ashby barred from parliament over scuffle with Brian Burston.

Pauline Hanson ‘s adviser James Ashby banned from parliament. Senator concedes he had blood on Senator Hanson’s door.

Senate President Scott Ryan: The video footage that I have reviewed records the reported incident between Senator Burston and Mr James Ashby last night. I have exercised my authority to revoke Mr James Ashby of his pass to access the building. MORE:.

The Senate President has revoked James Ashby’s parliamentary pass over the Incident with Brian Burston. Brian Burston has admitted it was him who put blood on an office door. Your money at work people..

#BREAKING: Senate president Scott Ryan on the Burston/Ashby dust-up: says senators must be free to do their work, says he has revoked Hanson advisor James Ashby of his pass to access the Parliament House building.

@James_Jeffrey @RBJRON Why isn’t Ashby banned from Parliament House? He stole an MP’s diary and copied it, then shared the contents for heavens got off without charge! He should never have been allowed back in the place!.

14/11/2016 Allegations that James Ashby has been violent toward people in parliament before. #qldpol #auspol.

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: New images obtained by Nine News shed new light on the scuffle between One Nation staffer James Ashby and Senator Brian Burston #auspol #9news @9newsAus.

Statement from Brian Burston: Brian Burston has reported the full mater to the Australian Federal Police and has commenced legal proceedings against James Ashby seeking a restraining order over repeated acts of harassment and aggression of which the Senator has ample evidence..

Fist Fights, Bloody Stains And Harassment Allegations: One Nation’s 2019 Is Off To A Great Start.

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What a lovely bunch of coconuts 🌴. James Ashby is a poor man’s Roger Stone..

Extraordinary scenes in Canberra, as Brian Burston gets into a physical altercation with James Ashby #auspol.

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