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James Hooper trying to mansplain his way back to some credibility after Lara Pitt expands on and clarifies every point Hooper makes is pure gold.

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Eliescha ()

@FOXNRL James hooper is such a bin and it’s contents. He knows shit about Cameron smith - dumbass

Junior ()

@billyslater Summed up from a superstar about superstar that spent many a change rooms talks!! Hooper would only be perving on the guys in the change room!! Jog on James!

Thorson *🏆
Thorson *🏆 ()

@FOXNRL Fuck me James Hooper is pathetic. Go jump on some more cars you absolute waste of fucking oxygen.

Breaking Views
Breaking Views ()

@billyslater Typical James Hooper bullshit. These drama queen rugby league journalists are pathetic.

Shiellsy ()

Nice 2 see a large group of ppl calling out James Hooper & his crap. He’s had an agenda against Smith for years now. A shame some idiots actually believe him but it’s NSW league fans what can you expect. Genuinely believe @FOXNRL won’t be happy till they drive him out of the game

Cyril Sidestep
Cyril Sidestep ()

@billyslater @fatzgorrie James Hooper still suffering a serious case of HIA after body slamming car bonnets. Absolute myth

Martin ()

Article is rightly getting hammered, but also, what more proof do you need that James Hooper is paid by the word than the fact he LITERALLY wrote out John Paul Young lyrics and pressed publish.

💜⚡️Sally ⚡️💜
💜⚡️Sally ⚡️💜 ()

At this point I reckon James Hooper writes shit about cam just to see if he or his wife takes the bait and says something ...I bet Barb is fuming privately

Jack. ()

@FOXNRL How James Hooper still has a job at Fox writing dribble like this is beyond me. News let go of so many hard working people but let this muppet stay.

cherie foyster
Cherie foyster ()

@FOXNRL James Hooper you forgotten tool!! You were never any use on the paddock and you sure as hell aren’t any use in the shed!! I’d better disown my sons, my sisters, my nephews, daughters and friends because they’ve all used bad words also! Do us all a favour and BE GONE!!

Hayley ()

Almost finals time. That means the annual hatchet job by James Hooper on cam smith and Melbourne. Prepare for 40,000 articles every week on it 🙄 #NRL

Social Kris-tancing
Social Kris-tancing ()

James Hooper literally calls Cameron Smith ‘sociopathic’ for swearing in a dressing room to fire up his teammates. How he (Hooper) has so many platforms for his hack journalism is beyond me

Podcast IMMORTAL ()

Unseen lol. Cam Smith is a well known grub of the highest order. He;s also probably the best player of the modern generation Also James Hooper sucks

JT Stewart
JT Stewart ()

@billyslater Well said Billy. James Hooper talks shit on a daily basis and no one believes his dribble anyway.

Michael Daffy
Michael Daffy ()

@FOXNRL Finally something to agree with James Hooper about. What did Kenty say once; Peter Fitzsimmons has never backed a winning cause in his life. He’s nothing but a mouthpiece for cockheads everywhere.

Fox League
Fox League ()

‘Don’t you c**** let me down’: The unseen side of Cameron Smith 😮🔥 Jimmy Brings 👉 ✍James Hooper

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Ramírez Jnr
Ramírez Jnr ()

James Hooper trying to mansplain his way back to some credibility after Lara Pitt expands on and clarifies every point Hooper makes is pure gold.

The Back Shop
The Back Shop ()

@espn @ESPNFantasy 1. Saqoun Barkley 2. James Conner 3. Phillip Rivers 4. Joe Mixon 5. Michael Thomas 6. Stephen Gostkowski 7. Odell 8. Nick Chubb 9. Brandon Cooks 10. Austin Hooper


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C&W Chamber of Commerce #StayAlert
C&W Chamber of Commerce #StayAlert ()

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Stiff Upper Lip Podcast
Stiff Upper Lip Podcast ()

The garbage time giants touchdown just lost me my last 3 fantasy games, 4 leagues, 4 Ls, all because of Austin Hooper and James Conner being complete gash for fantasy this week

pogipogi aka Noël // BLM
Pogipogi aka Noël // BLM ()

@Holeyfield85 @JohnJustL Every hooper not in the league: BALL IS LIFE! James Harden: Ball is my Job.

movie pitch bot
Movie pitch bot ()

Samuel L. Jackson, Timothée Chalamet and James McAvoy team up against Samuel L. Jackson, Willem Dafoe and Jay Baruchel in a blood feud. Written and directed by Tom Hooper

Russell sprouts Industries.
Russell sprouts Industries. ()

If there was ever an award for the bloke who asks the most ridiculous questions James hooper is a certainty. #nrl360

Brian ()

Tell the boys at @TheParraEels to print out this headline along with a photo of James Hooper and pin it up in the training sheds!! Time to get

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Fox League
Fox League ()

Parra doesn’t matter in the Eels are gorrrn 👀 Blog with James Hooper from 1pm👉

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🇰🇭Noah Terranova🇰🇭 #BlackLivesMatter ACAB
🇰🇭Noah Terranova🇰🇭 #BlackLivesMatter ACAB ()

Rams gave up this for Jared Goff 2016 15th Pick (Keanu Neal, Ryan Kelly, Kenny Clark) 43rd/45th Pick(Derrick Henry, Michael Thomas, Deion Jones) 76th Pick (Austin Hooper) 2017 5th Pick (Jamal Adams, CMC, Marshon Lattimore) 100th Pick (Jonnu Smith, James Conner, Eddie Jackson)

Steve Kirkwood
Steve Kirkwood ()

@prodnose Hooper James Jones (Kirkwood) Knight Knight Lawrence. Funnier if you say it quickly. ....

League Freak
League Freak ()

But James Hooper thinks he is being selfish and should retire! 😂👍 #RugbyLeague #NRL

Adam Harmon
Adam Harmon ()

@WorldWideWob James Harden should have 3 MVPs. Steph would’ve buckled with our roster then. We all know Giannis isn’t an actual hooper, just a specimen.

☚ #nct2020_resonance jemma ☛
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