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Liberal Senator Jane Hume tells Nine: “We thought there would be a bigger Dan Andrews effect in Vic and there hasn’t … We have had such negative feedback about those harsh lockdowns in Vic, and we thought that may play out in those outer suburban areas. Clearly, they haven’t.”.

BREAKING: Coalition spokesperson Jane Hume concedes to @PatsKarvelas on @abcnews that the Government’s housing plan will make houses even more expensive..

The PM doesn’t seem to accept Jane Hume’s clear acknowledgement of a price bump this morning. Looks through a question about modelling of the policy. Then departs #auspol.

Jane Hume on @theprojecttv tonight talking about Australians buying a home for $650k. 😂 😂.

Morrison “… has been a leader at a time when we needed him most” - Jane Hume May 16, 2022🙄👇 #auspol.

Jane Hume Photo,Jane Hume Photo by Julia Banks,Julia Banks on twitter tweets Jane Hume Photo

Before 8am this morning, the minister for superannuation Jane Hume admitted yes, the Coalition’s superannuation housing policy will drive up house prices.

Jane Hume Photo,Jane Hume Photo by Amy Remeikis,Amy Remeikis on twitter tweets Jane Hume Photo

That comment says absolutely everything you need to know about the Jane Hume 👇.

Stick it up your jumper! The panel has been left stunned following a tense exchange between millionaire investor and founder of Climate 200, Simon Holmes and Liberal MP Jane Hume. #AusVotes | LIVE on @Channel9.

Ms Plibersek responded, saying Senator Hume’s comments were in “very poor taste’’. “We are grieving a colleague, Jane,” Ms Plibersek said. Bull S**T Tanya.

IMO Jane Hume isn’t really trying. For goodness sake just look at her! No pearls - not even earrings! How are we supposed to take her seriously? #Crumbmaiden #FireTheLiar.

I don’t get any election pamphlets except flyers attacking @helenhainesindi anymore. Yesterday was attack adverts from the ACL, today’s flyer was auth’d by Sen. Jane Hume.

@EmergencyBK Jane Hume of Rank Hypocrisy and zombie drooler over Morrison? I CANNOT stand that person 🤮.

WATCH: Lots of economists say the Morrison government policy allowing people to use their super to buy a house WILL lead to house prices rising further. Here’s Jane Hume’s admission that she agrees with them. #auspol #ausvotes.

@TheQuietAustra7 and ... as Jane Hume said ... Kimberley was my friend ..... so she knows something ...

@HumanHeadline Collect on all the erroneous govt contracts he signed off on that had no tender run away with Jane Hume, Katherine Deves or Tina Arena.


@Lisa_Wilkinson Jane Hume is a Morrison mouthpiece…what’s she going to do now 🤣🤣🤣🤣.


@PatsKarvelas @SenatorHume Jane Hume is a pathological liar, like her friend Scott Morrison #ScottyThePathologicalLiar #FireTheLiar.

Superannuation Minister, Jane Hume, on Channel 9 Today Show blames @AlboMP for spinning stories about women not liking SCOMO & was atrocious, guttural, towards @tanya_plibersek at the end of the interview. Appalling!.

@BerkleyBearNews Jane Hume, she of the pretty face, posh voice and horrid personality, is a really nasty piece of work..

So true Kat. I am a man and all the women I know are repulsed by what they hear from Jane Hume. Jane Hume comes across as a spoilt privilged snob who is out of touch with ordinary women. Her disingenous attacks on unions is just the tip of the iceberg..

@BreakfastNews Jane Hume says that people can sell the house and put the earnings back into their super. Fine. How do they buy their next house? Prices will have gone up..

Does anyone know how many properties Jane Hume owns. I wonder how many properties the LNP pollies own between them. Perhaps they would consider downsizing ... their property portfolios..

Coalition minister says allowing first homebuyers to access super will increase house prices. Superannuation Minister, Jane Hume said there would likely be “a bump in house prices”, as “a lot of people bring forward their decision to buy a house”..

Don’t forget how Jane Hume & her LNP band of thieves tried to take down Industry super funds because they were performing so much better than the private ones run by their mates. Couldn’t do that so now they’re getting you to sabotage your own super..

Listen to brilliant @davidmarchese interview Labor leader Anthony Albanese on young people’s disillusionment with politics. And the Coalition’s Super Min. Jane Hume on policy to withdraw from your super to buy your first home. Such great listening. 🙌🏾🙌🏾.

Labor and Coalition frontbenchers Tanya Plibersek and Jane Hume have clashed over the late senator Kimberley Kitching during a fiery Today segment. #9News.

@darwinb0y And will cost more under this new scheme, as confirmed by Jane Hume yesterday..

Baba ke mil jane ke baad Ab in muslim ko shanti purvak hume hamara mandir wapas kr dena chahiye.

@Deb_Champion @carolemorrissey She 🤣 also 🤣 suggested 🤣 Jane Hume 🤣🤣🤣.

Jane Hume all “class”! What a pathetic loser! Good riddance to the most corrupt government in history. And Hume epitomises the abject lack humility that lot displayed last night. What an immature lightweight on every level, no adults in the kindergarten of LNP politics!.

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