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篁 ()

Janet Jackson - If また、紫陽花の季節がやってくる😃 今年もきれいに大きく咲いて欲しいな😊

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Sam Sykes ()

Rarely, a Janet who reincarnates as a Janet over nine times will ascend to a Janine, becoming respected amongst the Jans.

Petey ()

Toto was giving Busta & Janet in the Barbz Zoom tonight 👏🏽

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Tiffany ()

like she not only played good and bad janet at the same time but also showed the slow and consistent gaining of emotions and free will over four seasons??? how???

Tiffany ()

i love all the acting in the good place but i gotta say the woman who plays janet might be an actual genius

Danielle ✨🌑🌞 ()

Taurus are often know for a nice speaking or signing voice. And may at some point have throat issues of some kind. A lot of singers are Taurus -off the top - Adele, Janet Jackson, Bono (U2) Kelli Clarkson, Ella Fitzgerald, Chris Brown, Enrique Iglesias, Stevie Wonder

She had some big ideas. And she pulled them off.🙏 ()

Wayment….Janet you used to watch Kids Incorporated????? Girl me too! This was my SHOW!!!

The Metal Gods Meltdown ()

Have you heard ‘Vixens Janet Gardner Interview’ by @gods_meltdown on #SoundCloud? #np


Beenie Man is even holding on to his grenades. Feel It Boy with Janet Jackson Girl Dem Sugar with Mya. BEENIE HAS HITS IYAH! #VERZUZ

Schloss Lulzville Schadenfreude ()

“Dan-Buster Tim Smith” 🤣 Janet, you’ve outdone yourself. This article will one day hang in a museum toilet cubicle.

Juliana ()

@JanetTXBlessed Great article Janet. May all our Military Warriors Rest In Peace. Cannot thank them enough for their sacrifices to make us free and safe.

Alexander Hardy ()

Listening to @DjAktive’s JJ vs MJ mix while emptying out and wiping down these kitchen cabinets.

Donna D ()

@Janet_Lyn You too Janet! I bought some oregano and planted it this weekend. Inspired by yours!

‎‏ً ()

@MJ_fans_unite @mikkeysbitch She didn’t really have a choice, Jack Gordon threaten to take the lives of Michael and Janet and would beat her if she didn’t.

Eric Targaryen-The Charmed One ()

Whitney & Janet will always be IT for me. The way God made the greatest female singer and performer of all time both be black women. UGH HIS MIND!!

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🦄Leila ($3 only fans 💗) ()

Message me for free trials to my onlyfans! If you’re a SW we can trial swap and spam each other 💕

Greg ()

@janetpascoedean I quite like our Sainsbury’s. It’s a fairly new store with wide aisles. I get a big edgy when I’m surrounded in a busy store by people. But it had a proper weird vibe. It took 5 mins to get in. Glad I don’t live in London, Janet

Werner Schlosser ()

Hahaha, wat gaaf! Ik heb bij @roulettefm een cassette gewonnen met de @rrremix mash-up van Kraftwerks Numern erop, door te herkennen welke samples Roel Regelink daar allemaal ingestopt had. Dat ik uitgerekend Janet Jacksons Rhythm Nation gemist heb is wel een klein smetje ;-)

NBS Television ()

Education Minister, Janet Museveni has spoken out on the failure to deliver on the commitment to provide sanitary towels to school-going girls attributing this to financial constraints and inability to build a local capacity to produce the materials. #NBSLiveAt9 #NBSUpdates

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Leslie Sinks 👻 ()

@zakfan22 Oooooh I loooove it! Thank you Janet. Happy Saturday love. I hope you have a great day. 😊❤️👻

Janet Katzel ()

@trishayearwood @BethBernard85 Hello Beautiful, Beth Waiting patiently to be with my sisters Love to you & your family 💕

Janet Katzel ()

@trishayearwood @AshleyMcBryde Love this story of how you met via beautiful Allie Colleen #trishaskitchen

Janet Lyn ()

More mountain pics are most welcome all the especially right now. #ThankYou for sharing your beautiful mountain photos!!!

Janet ()

@NOS Het is klaar!! 10, gisteren 9, ziekenhuisopnames op 17,5 Miljoen mensen waarom wordt dit land nog steeds in een wurggreep gehouden? Laat alles, buiten grote evenementen, gewoon los! Klaar met die lockdown

Islero ()

Todos me dicen “Oye, Janet, vamos a coger” pero yo no veo a nadie aquí, afuerita de mi puerta, esperando a llevarme 😒

Byron York ()

Off top of head, only time howling Washington mob did not get results was 1996-1997, when Clinton AG Janet Reno steadfastly refused to seek independent counsel to probe Clinton-Trie-Chung-Huang campaign finance scandal. 5/9

Adriani Elisabeth ()

Playlist hari ini✓ 1. Heaven Knows - Rick Price 2. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - Leo Sayer 3. Every Time - Janet Jackson 4. High Hopes - Kodaline 5. Soulmate - Kahitna 5 cukup ya berartiii? Enjoy✨

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Karlie Hustle ()

Janet and Todd have realized they “just can’t take the New York lifestyle anymore” after living here for three years. It’s so hard when the whole world doesn’t bend to your every need, isn’t it? Best of luck in Denver.

Kurt Eichenwald ()

...Alberto Gonzalez, Janet Reno, William French Smith, Benjamin Civiletti, Griffin Bell (yes, I skipped some). Some great, some terrible, but almost across the board - people most Americans had never heard of before. They were lawyers, prosecutors, judges. They did not

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