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A modder named AlexPo21 put The Mandalorian in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and it looks incredibly good. Wish he could he use his jetpacks and wrist rockets but I will never complain about a lightsaber.

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Usagi2099 ()

@obdriftwood @quimicefa No estoy seguro. También tenía por si al Luke del retorno del jedi y una moto Jet. Y un AT-ST que caminaba, pero ese lo cedí a unos primos (junto con un montón de Don Miki) en un instante de debidad que aún no me he perdonado.

🌸alexis moore🌸
🌸alexis moore🌸 ()

“rey nobody” last jedi stan but now it’s “baby yoda nobody” season 1 mandalorian stan

zelda ★ 🧡🤍💙
Zelda ★ 🧡🤍💙 ()

cw // mando spoilers - - - - if ur ever feeling sad just imagine each of the jedi council members holding grogu

🎄Jay🎄 ()

Isn’t this the Jedi that has died like four different times

Whitney Westerfield
Whitney Westerfield ()

@McLHope Mine too, but I’d really like to see Grogoo (sp?) get somewhere, more Jedi, etc.

dai carlo
Dai carlo ()

imagine both Finn AND Jannah became Jedi’s ,,,,, I WANNA SEE IT

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Dr. Ellie Lockhart,data scientist/engineer/analyst
Dr. Ellie Lockhart,data scientist/engineer/analyst ()

I gotta say for a 32 year old Star Wars fan, seeing a Jedi say in live action tell me where Grand Admiral Thrawn is sent a thrill, all else aside

Michael J. Cohen
Michael J. Cohen ()

It’s really clear to me that the best path for the galaxy would be in the Mandalorians and the Jedi came together, into one group of loosely affiliated journeyman protectors. Get rid of the “organization” but keep the community. They have so much in common.

Joe ()

I’m like an emotional wreck over this episode. “I’ve seen what those feelings can do to a fully trained Jedi knight, to the best of us” I can’t handle this.


This post contains major spoilers about the latest episode of #TheMandalorian 👀

うさぎファーストたかし🐇@社労士 ()

@lehmanshock_pon @Charlot_Land いえ、篠田さんのさっきほどではありません😅 ここに、その分野に強い社労士事務所とコンサル会社(人事制度で競合になるので)を入れてます。 最近はIPO要件もあり継ぎ足ししていってます。

Amelia Prospect - She/Her -
Amelia Prospect - She/Her - ()

Can’t wait to see Pedro Pascal act alongside Rahul Kohli later this season #TheMandalorian

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Marshall Julius
Marshall Julius ()

Remembering the original Jedi, Bruce Lee, born today in 1940. The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering. (Fist of Fury #StarWars edit by @Patricknanedits) @brucelee

Sarah Sorensen
Sarah Sorensen ()

@chrisalecanada Empire and Return of Jedi are equally my favourite but Rogue One is pretty good. In fact its the only one of the Disney produced ones that I like.

Tay ()

someone in the replies to this said the rise of skywalker is better than the last last jedi is the superior star wars movie

Yo 👾
Yo 👾 ()

También que esperan de un colectivo de locas que ven acoso en todas partes. A esas medio las miran y ya están haciendo hilos exponiendo a los onvres machistas y opresores.

The TWR Critic
The TWR Critic ()

Since Rise of Skywalker is trending, all I gotta say is that I have never been as disappointed in a finale like that since Cars 3. Like it’s legitimately embarrassing to watch, and this is coming from a die hard Star Wars fan who likes The Last Jedi.

XboxBR ()

Gameplay de #StarWars Jedi Fallen Order + códigos de #XboxGamePass! É agora, corre pro nosso canal do Youtube 🎮

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IGN ()

The Mando is finally playable in a video game but not in the way you think! Check out this Mandalorian-armor skin and Darksaber mod gameplay, running on the PC version of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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Brian Altano
Brian Altano ()

A modder named AlexPo21 put The Mandalorian in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and it looks incredibly good. Wish he could he use his jetpacks and wrist rockets but I will never complain about a lightsaber.

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tw// kota
Tw// kota ()


Snøw ()

@_Alex_Augusto @_Mesoke C’est exactement ça !! « Mais si Anakin renonce à être Jedi il sera quoi ? Un humain comme les autres? » 😭😭

Gavin Stevens
Gavin Stevens ()

@SageRoku22 @JamieMoranUK Super Star Wars, Super Empire Strikes Back and Super Return of the Jedi from the SNES. Three of the best platformers on the system, even more so when you think they were licences games too. Absolute classics. SSW was released on PS4 (I own it)

Mar ()

@taisben @ColourPopCo yess, imagine a palette with the sith side & jedi side, omg

Silence ()

Kaos senaristleri yiyorsa şunu yazın la Jedi usman sefgilisini partneri Akın Akınözünden kıskandığı için sürekli set nöbetleri tutuyordu. Artık durum güzeller güzeli ebru şahini bunaltınca ebru şahin ayrılma kararı aldı! Çift birbirini takipten çıktı! Bu yaşansın laaa çok iyii

Moira ()

tudo nesse vídeo é perfeito: o adam brasileiro, o figurino de the last jedi, a voz dele, o treino no sol de fritar ovo no asfalto e a musiquinha é só você me ligar em inglês

David. ()

dizer que josstice league é melhor que bvs é tipo dizer que the rise of skywalker é melhor que the last jedi

Jane ()

@DerfBackderf I have been one of those older nerds - in the epic hyperspace jump in Last Jedi the cinema was deadly silent and this little kid just screamed “That’s so COOOOOLL”. Honestly it’s one of my favourite star wars memories, so your kids shout is probably someone else favourite too!

Snøw ()

@_Mesoke Mais tes questions aussi elles sont wtf bordel « et pourquoi Anakin il arrête pas d’être un jedi pour être avec Padmé » juste regarde bon sang 😭 laisse moi trql avec ces questions là 😭😭😭 @_Alex_Augusto aide moi

Mktoon ()

@Stuart_Smyth74 @Geek_Buddies Last Jedi goes higher on my list than yours but we are more or less of the same Star Wars philosophy :-)

☚ #AftertheFiresAU #AddictedAustralia ☛
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