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Former Australian of the Year Grace Tame (@TamePunk) has accused @ScottMorrisonMP of using his wife Jenny as an ‘object of blame’. Latest election coverage: #auspol #TheAdvertiser.

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When I ask if we are really to believe that a 1 line email is sufficient to sign off a ferry contract costing £100m’s Jenny Gilruth answers “that’s how government works” If that’s true, the problem is much bigger than we thought..

The previous four World Championship Gold medalists are: 1. MC Mary Kom 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇 2. Lekha 🥇 3. Jenny RL 🥇 4. Sarita Devi 🥇 @nikhat_zareen joins the list 🥇.


Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl DLC characters Jenny, Hugh Neutron, and Rocko announced.

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Ferries response to a Tory debate, Jenny Gilruth tells MSPs that the missing document has been found - an email from the office of Derek Mackay confirming he was content to go ahead with the Fergusons ferry contract.

If you didn’t grow up with Jerry Springer, Phil Donahue, Jenny Jones, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Oprah platforming white supremacists, did you even grow up in America??.

I took this pic real quick on the patio of a busy place but it’s def one of my favorites in a while (it’s a repost I know but I like it).

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#EXPRESIONES Mayo llega con propuestas bastante frescas para los amantes de la música. Jazz, soft rock y pop son los géneros de los nuevos temas de los artistas nacionales. Todos disponibles en las plataformas digitales..

Good morning friends and family I’m Jenny , can I know you ??.

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Yesterday, Jenny got announced in All-Star Brawl so I decided to draw Jenny again.

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It’s been hard to sit on this one! So honoured to be this years Hall of Fame inductee(!) thank you to all who nominated and have supported me! Hope to see you all in London. 😊🙏.

if we can get jenny i demand el.

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gravando um episódio sobre joelma e chimbinha com jenny prioli ai gente é cada uma viu kkkkkkkkkkkk.

Jag ångrar att jag läste Jenny Norbergs text om hur chiqt det är att kvinnor offentligt ska ventilera att de ångrar sina barn. Däremot ångrar jag inte att jag offentligt uttryckt min ånger över att ha läst texten..

jenny’s model, animation and stage are top notch. really wish the rest of the game had this much time in the oven. hopefully a potential sequel in its entirety looks this good..

When at anytime during the election have you heard Albo say “Jodi and I…” NEVER! So sick of Scummo bringing “Jenny” into ever bloody answer!.

@maddow “No group can be truly suppressed until its members are trained and convinced to suppress one another.” — Jenny Nordberg The Underground Girls of Kabul:.

Imagine government regulation over male ejaculations. 350 million vibrant, energetic, swimming sperm…dead after a tryst with Jenny from HR in the supply closet. And that was just this afternoon! What about yesterday? And the day before? Trillions of dead sperm on your watch..

Frittata with spinach, red peppers and goat cheese. Can’t go wrong with eggs for dinner. (Although still working out how to cook off excess liquid from fresh veggies.).

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Jeremy Hunt knew about the seriously low staffing levels in the NHS when he was health secretary, says Dr Jenny Vaughan, chair of @theda_uk, but his tenure was marked by staff becoming disillusioned with the health service and leaving for other countries or changing career..

@simonfazio At age 100 my mother used to say she was “past her use by date”. I think Fran Kelly should retire !!.

@tribunaltweets Hey maybe you should delete the Tweet and condemn the people sending abuse her way..

census tract around downtown Silver Spring built >4000 new homes since 2000. For context, average census tract pop is around 5000 people. Way to go, DTSS!!! (And if *already* dense Silver Spring can add 4k homes, do not tell me single-family hoods are “built out”.).

37, 38 will be in 3 months 🙏🏼💕🥳.

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Alec draws jenny as jeff thank you Alec!! Great work!! Keep it up!!.

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Today’s aesthetic inspiration is Jenny Agutter in The Railway Children.

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Jenny Gilruth: our islanders need a well-informed debate about these ferries. Well then, why not provide the Auditor General with all the documents he asked for, lift the gagging orders on Ferguson Marine staff and stop cabinet ministers from hiding in canteens?!.

@jruddy99 Just watched Jenny Gilruth reading out a speech. None of them can speak without a script..

皆様おはようございます🌞 昨日はコストコでお買い物♪ 行けば必ず寝巻きを買ってしまう😂 家にいるのが好きだから寝巻きでいる率高いんよな笑 お母さんには普通の服も買いなさい言われるけど、、。 そして今日はダンスの日💃ノリノリで踊ってくるぞっ🧡みんなも1日ノリノリで楽しい日を過ごしてね.

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Me mudé a Lince para que le quede cerca a mi flaco pero ahora ya no tengo flaco 😔.

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