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Jeremy Sochan (@SochanJeremy) gets selected 9th overall by the @spurs in the 2022 #NBADraft presented by State Farm!.

It’s Jeremy Corbyn’s turn to speak. Unfiltered by the establishment media. Here’s my 6k word interview with him for @declassifieduk. It’s a window into how he was brought down. But, more crucially, it’s a window into who really runs Britain + for whom..

“James has been to a civil war,” Marazzo warned at the end of the presentation. “I’m not saying that that’s what’s going to happen here, but there’s a lot of similarities.” “You have allies. You’ve had allies all long,” Conservative MP Jeremy Patzer told the three men afterwards..

Throughout his life, Jeremy Corbyn has been on more picket lines than all of his political enemies combined. It’s what he does - always on the side of workers..

Jeremy Peña (thumb) will be activated in the next day or two. Dusty says they have to decide if he’ll face Gerrit Cole tomorrow or wait one more day with the team off day Monday..

Po lewej GM Spurs Brian Wright. Jeremy Sochan zacznie w NBA z nr 10, tym samym z którym grał… Dennis Rodman. W całej historii organizacji z #10 grało aż 20 zawodników. Ostatnim był DeMar DeRozan..

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Pięknie to wygląda. Szafka Jeremy’ego Sochana w szatni San Antonio Spurs już gotowa :).

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🇮🇩 If you’re looking down the entry list & you don’t see Jeremy Seewer, it’s because he is unwell this morning. Potentially food poisoning. He still hopes to get some laps in later today..

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With basketball experiences in England, Poland, Germany and the United States, Jeremy Sochan has a hoops journey unlike any other. Spurs fans: Meet the No. 9 overall pick and a self-proclaimed citizen of the world. Feature by @ethman43 ✍️.

We *were* planning a roadtrip through Utah and the Southwest this plans have now changed..

Glastonbury has hit rock bottom since the days of “Ohhhhhhh Jeremy Corbyn!” Now it’s a glorified fundraiser for NATO and the arms industry….

Good day . Join along #AT40 year 1977 follow along . Jeremy does an awesome job. Don’t forget to share a smile 😊.

jw: Maybe Morricone’s best score for me, though the Battle for Algiers is tough competition. What you can’t beat is those themes. Faith, politics and colonialism. Jeremy Irons (only one this time) and Ray McAnally both excellent..

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⁦@akpaah has a new⁩ interview with ⁦@nk_masinga. check it out! ⁩.

A Marvel tem literalmente Jeremy Renner, Josh Brolin, Paul Bettany, Chris Patt, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen e mais um caralho de gente problemática.

Draft night is just one snapshot in a very long film. #NBADraft.

Director and producer of STATION ELEVEN Jeremy Podeswa talked to me about filming a show about a pandemic…before getting shut down by a pandemic. He also shared his biggest challenges on the show, as well as some of his most cherished memories of his career. Give it a listen!.

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@DominiqueTaegon @Sozzinski Jeremy, Greta and Andy are going to clear up the rubbish afterwards..

jeremy slater i will pay you all the money i have to my name + all the money i will ever earn if you never touch moon knight or anything related to the character ever again.

guys .. my boyfriend literally im dating if u look in my bio it says my boyfriend is and its also in my carrd.

Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn on the establishment campaign to stop him becoming PM.

@PRGuy17 Thank you Jeremy for your common sense and work for Victorians The issues raised so eloquently in the video with Jordies were so important Very, very well done!.

@meizacatto Sa true lang. Anything with Aaron or Jeremy talaga Yung happy pill ko huhu. I love them boys😍😍😍.

@PRGuy17 Hi Jeremy - nice to meet you ! Do stick around and use the platform you have built for yourself. Loved the watermark - perfection 👏👏👏👏.

#ICantBelieveItsNotAStaffer 😂 well played @friendlyjordies and Jeremy, well played….


@GBNEWS The same Glastonbury crowd that were singing the praises of oh jeremy corbyn?.

If Jeremy Roach gets drafted next year it would mean that Coach K had a starting lineup this year, in terms of NBA draft picks, as that of the Chicago Bulls. Nothing much to show for it. 🙈.

@attorneyjeremy1 @digitalassetbuy Even Jeremy’s work clothes hold more water than the SEC arguments..

@Jeremy_Danner Is it weird af that every reply to that tweet is the same? Are they a bunch of cult robots or what?.

Hoping the crowd starting singing “Oh Jeremy Corbyn”! Have a great Glastonbury Stormzy! 🤭.

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