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This Jeremy Lin finals highlight video has me HOLLERING..

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@nmacdaddy @55GACrowder No sports team pays players evenly. Let’s see what Jeremy Lin and Kahwi Leonard make.

@damnshawtyokk one of the most confusing days in awhile but jeremy lin got a ring yesterday so.

Jeremy Lin, NBA champion, even if he wasn’t a starter #TaiwaneseAmerican #FearTheNorth.

@kingrobinsonnn @wagjake8 Where were you when Jeremy Lin beat the buzzer against the Raptors in 2012.

Jeremy Lin is an NBA champion and fans on Twitter are loving it.

Everyone congratulating Jeremy Lin on winning a ring STFU. He didn’t help in any way. Y’all sound so fucking stupid it’s painful.

Jeremy Lin played for the hawks most of the season and got traded to the raptors and got a ring. I’m ☠️😄.


Pretty sure I just saw Jeremy Lin pouring champagne over himself in the Raptors dressing room?.

dont you ever put jeremy lin and the 🐐 emoji in same sentence again.

This Jeremy Lin finals highlight video has me HOLLERING..

@vodkasnowflake I wouldn’t celebrate when/if someone gets hurt, even if it was against the Mets in the World Series. Klay’s knee might be fucked, you never know. In the words of Jeremy Lin, “Tomorrow is not guaranteed”.

Jeremy Lin is a champion before CP3, James Harden, & Carmelo 🤦🏽‍♂️.

I’m happy for Jeremy i don’t care if he did nothing. Mans went though Injuries this time last year and now he’s a champion. Congrats man.

Jeremy Lin got a ring before Kemba Walker🥴... but I know DeMar DeRozan is livid wherever he is right now.

@ArceNatanael Idk man. I want Danny Green, Fred VanFleet, and Jeremy Lin to get a ring, but I don’t want Kawhi to win.

Marc Gasol is shooting 0-5, has 1 point, and 4 fouls. Put Jeremy Lin in at center at this point.

All basketball fans just sit and think about this Jeremy Lin & Jody Meeks are a couple mins away from getting rings b4 @carmeloanthony or @alleniverson Ridiculous right?.

agr imagina, bem rapido, se o jeremy lin estivesse no modo linsanity agora #NBAFinals #WeTheNorth.

Falta de respeito com Jeremy Lin nem ser cogitado na rotação! Mais jogador que o Volta pra Charlotte onde você sempre foi amado!.

i really want the raptors to give Jeremy Lin a chance to play in the finals, sucks seeing him just sit there when we all know what he is capable of doing /:.

@aprilnicole82 are Kyle Lowry and Jeremy Lin about to win a ship?#RocketsRejects.

I’m back!! Marc “big white” Gasol is awful! Raptors suck and if you can’t win without KD in the lineup than you don’t deserve the championship! #iknowbasketball put Jeremy lin in!!!.

第三节结束,我看到Jeremy Lin 跑过去和Steph Curry 击掌😂,高压状态下的,Warriors 挺住!.

Celebrities I have seen around LA at random today: Aaron Sorkin, ”Hot Mugshot Guy” Jeremy Meeks bopping in his car in traffic..

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