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I would say the Bulls should buy a 2nd rounder rn but I doubt Jerry wants to spend the cash.

Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s corporate parent company, announced that the ice cream brand has been sold to an Israeli licensee, reversing a previously announced ban against selling the product in annexed East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank..

Pastor Jerry Eze declare one year salary with be in one day, Hallelujah What our God can not do does not exist #NSPPD.

Make a wish. #Seinfeld S08E03 - The Bizarro Jerry.

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Oh and he owe me for that whataburger cause when i told him to get his wallet out my trunk cause thats where his Tom n jerry Bag was he dead told me LEFT. HIS. DEBIT. CARD. AT. HOME. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

As the Lord spoke and pastor Jerry Eze specifically decreed this morning. It will not get worse than it is already, from today it is getting better in the name of.

@PinkpantherTsla @doki_jerry 테슬라 뭉치와 현금 뭉치를 둘 다 들고 있어야 상하방 다 볼 수 있으니, 지금 가진 테슬라 주식과 현금의 비중을 한번 살펴 보심은 어떨지요? 저는 테슬라:현금 7:3비율인데, 필요시 주식 담보대출도 활용할 거라서 주담대 감안하면 테슬라: 현금(+주담대) 7: 10정도 비중이 되는 셈.

@JustStacie5683 All the way from Memphis Tennessee, ladies and gentlemen, The Who Will The Next Fool Be - Jerry Lee Lewis (Charlie Rich).

My best friend died 14 years is an essay I wrote about our decades long friendship--Partners in Crime: The Life, Loves & Nuyorican Noir of Jerry Rodriguez.

@CenTXLakeRat @TRHLofficial And YouTube has some Scott Weiland/Jerry Cantrell performances. Weiland used to Would? I believe..


@BobaRatBlast he falls from the wall like an accordion as if it was a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

@semaJ7272 Jerry West: *Basically set the foundation by drafting Klay and got KD to buy into joining GS* Everyone else: WOW! HOW DOES BOB MYERS KEEP MAKING THESE MINDBLOWING DRAFT PICKS!.

@jerry_sclater @timkawakami I really wanted to see this pick, too. Would contribute right away. Reminds me of David West. Good passer, good rebounder. But Baldwin is a great, low risk, high reward pick. Super talented, and we know GSW is a good environment for talent that needs to mature..

Jadi laki susah, jadi pompuan susah Jadi tom & jerry je lah Kena hempap piano pun x terasa.

😊😊 The Refinery will work again under the stellar a leadership of Jerry Fiifi Hinson….

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if they can’t do the bohemian rhapsody arc before mickey mouse enters public domain i hope they change it to tom and jerry.

🧕 🧕 🧕 🧕 🧕. Ya Allah bless our daughters with love of Islam and its teachings. Our Daughters will Wear Hijab Any Where They Are Going To And There Is Absolutely Nothing Any Tom Or Jerry Can Do About It..

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@jerryleespears1 Good Friday morning jerry 🙋‍♀️☕️ Thanks, I hope you have an awesome day too! 🦋😊.

Lieber Jerry B. Anderson. Kann es sein, dass diese Only Cutenbergen Maid viel zu sweet ist um ein Pstarsky zu sein? Wir können dich understanden, dass du dir einen auf diese Maid stickst..

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@jerryleespears1 GM Jerry have a beautiful day! ☀️☀️🌺🌺🌴❤️❤️☕️☕️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

@readyreaderone1 @JustStacie5683 Way too early for me, Rhonda, hope you have a great day!.

@Marpely Quisiera darte un detalle, no se como puedo hacértelo llegar y que te gustaría, claro si Jerry permite que te de algo.

Chef Jerry made #chilidogs for the fam for dinner after a fun afternoon at the pool. #longaniza.

품격 있게 행동해야 됩니다. 그게 우리들의 기세를 드높여줄테니까 ㅡJerry James Windsor.

@LBC Didn’t he just meet @BorisJohnson on Monday? Run Jerry, Boris is coming for you!.

@record_mexico No pues si no hacía nada y siempre lo metían a jugar. O a qué era lo que no disfrutaba, los besos de su patrón..

We want to applaud the individuals who have dedicated more than five years to this project: Jerry Jensen; Bryan Taylor; Capt. Matthew Coates; Lt. Bisera Habibija; Lt. Michael Millward; Elizabeth Brown; Steven Turley; and Mike Ambre..

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영란은행 부총재 암호화폐 붕괴 생존 기업, 미래의 아마존 된다.

Ayaw talaga patalo. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH kamuka mo yung lion sa tom and jerry every opening..

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