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Their split comes as a surprise to those close to the family..


Even if she just keeps the engagement ring she will walk away from this a much much wealthier woman! All the #RupertMurdoch and #JerryHall details HERE:.

Jerry Hall will take over control of Australia as early as next week, after the two came to an agreement over their divorce settlement this morning. More ... The Shovel.

“Sure, he’s a cold hearted bastard who has held back action on climate change endangering future generations and he’s tried to destroy peaceful democracies and colluded with despots, but, you know, deep down, he’s rich.” Jerry Hall, probably, allegedly..

Silly me I thought Jerry Hall was the best wife money could buy!.

@karaswisher Jerry Hall never thought that R. Murdoch would live this long. She got tired of waiting..

@DaveAFAF Poor old Vance! Failed media tycoon and he never even got to marry Jerry Hall! Life can be very cruel sometimes?.

@B52Malmet Does Jerry Hall marry wealthy men, just to leave them and collect big parting gifts?.

@AyoCaesar Is that the same Jerry Hall that was married to Mick Jagger? So she went from (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction to Black Market Republican Coup Organizer?.

Now Will Murdoch Share His $17bn Fortune As He And Jerry Hall Divorce.

The couple have been the regular subject of rival tabloids since their wedding six years ago..

Good for her ! (et superbe formule du Times à propos de leur couple : an “October-December pairing”).

I am a great admirer of Jerry Hall. She is divorcing Mr Murdock. More power to your elbow duckie 🌹🌹🌹.

Jerry Hall Photo,Jerry Hall Photo by James Sherwood,James Sherwood on twitter tweets Jerry Hall Photo

I suspect she was getting a bit old for him. #SingleAndReadyToMingle.

Any ageing billionaires looking to get married? Asking for a er, friend. #JerryHall #RupertMurdoch.

Jerry Hall is divorcing Murdoch to hide some money before the Dominion suit and now what looks like other pending litigation..

Too late for a @StephenAtHome “tip of the hat/ wag of the finger” to Jerry Hall? #JaggerMurdoch.

Under the agreement, Mr Murdoch will retain control of the United States and Britain, with the ‘scraps’ – as one Murdoch ally described it – going to Hall. .

@RudeMood7 Mick Jagger to Jerry Hall: You used to be my party doll, but now those salad days are over..

How Did she marry him & stay this long??? Oh Never Mind $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ & $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Personally Not For Billions someone who fells like me would sell their soul to evildoers like him or anyone like him! I can swear on this🙏🏼👯‍♀️😎.

Who’d have thought and who could care? 🥱 #SmashTheMurdochracy.

.@NYTimes describes the imperiled union as an “October-December pairing.” Brutal!.

I wonder how much Jerry Hall will get in her divorce settlement. After all that’s why she married him. It certainly wasn’t for his looks or personality 🤢.

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Jerry Hall discovers her own cure for #cancer. Divorce from @rupertmurdoch.

Divorcing Murdoch after Mick Jagger. Jerry Hall Ventures now even outperforming Nancy Pelosi Capital..

Jerry Hall’s Kids With Mick Jagger: Meet 2 Daughters & 2 Sons.

@nytimes Jerry Hall is a “pro-wife”. They’re all over places like south Orange County in California. And they do…. Very well..

Now will Murdoch share his $17bn fortune as he and Jerry Hall divorce.


Now will Murdoch share his $17bn fortune as he and Jerry Hall divorce.

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