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Really? The Libs give JobKeeper payments to a $ American uni, while Australian unis get nothing? Stunning hypocrisy. More than 10,000 uni staff have been sacked so far because @ScottMorrisonMP refused to help. What does he say to those workers + their families? #auspol

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Maxten ()

@davrosz US uni qualified for jobkeeper, Josh is all fine with that 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ruperts Conscience
Ruperts Conscience ()

This is top of priests getting JobKeeper, how can the Feds justify this ongoing inequality??? @JoshFrydenberg ???? #auspol

Big rick
Big rick ()

@BcsmMatthews @ScooterMcNeice Couldn’t afford one. Still on jobkeeper 💔💔😭😭😭

Thomas Balakas
Thomas Balakas ()

Next level shit. Govt decision to not give unis JobKeeper a complete and total disgrace. But also in some cases, the crisis has exacerbated problems stemming from unis itching to splash cash on buildings that lay mostly vacant when they’re finished.

Jewel1891 ()

@sophieelsworth @kathy_skidmore1 Tipping you have no idea Sophie, what it’s like to have your entire industry shut down, to be ineligable for jobkeeper, to need numbers down to open safely and then hear a privileged, employed ‘journalist’ whinge about not being able to go to the pub.

John Muir
John Muir ()

Thinktank validates that JobKeeper and JobSeeker cuts are lethal via @AusIndiMedia

💧Urban Wronski
💧Urban Wronski ()

The Sydney campus of NYU, with annual revenue of more than $16 billion, gets JobKeeper payments, even though Australian public universities are deliberately excluded from the scheme & job losses in the sector near 11,000. As Albanese puts it, “This is rolled-gold hypocrisy,”

Nate NC
Nate NC ()

@australian @All_4justice he got $ million this year but the fake news media forgot to mention that he got a huge bonus and rorted JobKeeper payments at the expense of workers 💯

Daniel Bleakley ✊🌿🌿🐝🦎🐅
Daniel Bleakley ✊🌿🌿🐝🦎🐅 ()

And inflation only happens when the economy is running at full capacity (basically never). We can afford to pay #Jobkeeper for as long as we need to. But really we should just change the structure slightly and call it #UBI and get on with it.

💧💛 Average Jo
💧💛 Average Jo ()

@1Hendorable1 Without her it is unlikely jobkeeper would have existed.

BernadetteFitzgibbon ()

Churches, casinos & the Sydney campus of NYU (?!) all eligible for jobkeeper while public universities are obliterated. I hope Australia has enough money to buy its knowledge, treatments and technology in the future because it is sure as sh*t going to have a hard time keeping up.

Simon Dwyer
Simon Dwyer ()

How are the JobKeeper / JobSeeker rates for Victorians not a topic of discussion at National Cabinet today?

Employsure ()

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Senator Murray Watt
Senator Murray Watt ()

Most of the Qld suburbs relying on JobKeeper are on the Gold Coast. How many GC jobs will go when Morrison cuts JobKeeper in 10 days’ time?

Conor Duffy
Conor Duffy ()

Exclusive: New York Uni’s Sydney campus receives JobKeeper while locals miss out, RMIT appoints a new exec the week it sacks 250 staff and Senator Rex Patrick tells me he’s voting against govt’s #highered legislation #auspol via ⁦@abcnews⁩

Nigel ()

@mjrowland68 Can you ask why businesses and organisations are having JobKeeper cut completely, not just reduced as announced. ESP in VIC. We haven’t recovered yet and there are lots of people including myself that may be out of job soon.

PaulTee ()

So let me get this straight - JobKeeper is fine for pumped up exec bonuses, pumped up dividends, churches and a special exemption to *checks notes* New York But casuals and Aussie academic staff can go and get stuffed? Straya. You know it makes sense #auspol

archduke franzfurter
Archduke franzfurter ()

@LesStonehouse I dont have to guess. The prick on the right is actively stealing my wallet & those of thousands of Australians by refusing to extend jobkeeper to universities & pushing for renewable energy to subsidise gas. The person on the left got us through the GFC unharmed.

Conor Duffy
Conor Duffy ()

The @NTEUNational National President Dr Alison Barnes says the NYU revelations mean university exclusion from jobkeeper more baffling

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9News Australia
9News Australia ()

Many people across Australia will be nervous this morning with the government planning to wind back JobKeeper and to put tighter rules around JobSeeker. @joshdryden explains how Australians will stay afloat. #9News

Tanya Plibersek
Tanya Plibersek ()

Really? The Libs give JobKeeper payments to a $ American uni, while Australian unis get nothing? Stunning hypocrisy. More than 10,000 uni staff have been sacked so far because @ScottMorrisonMP refused to help. What does he say to those workers + their families? #auspol

Avid Commentator 🇦🇺
Avid Commentator 🇦🇺 ()

@SensibleSenta @ShaneOliverAMP In August Treasury stated that they believed the unemployment rate would rise to 10% in December. Some very rough math based on the unemployment numbers they had available to them at the time suggests ~300k jobs lost. Which is around 23% of the expected to exit JobKeeper.

Mike ()

“Across town, players from – owned , who heads up the #’ representative body – were paid only the $1500 JobKeeper allowance, putting some in a precarious financial position.” Great “leadership” from the Chair of the CARTEL no? 🤔💀 ⚰️

Michelle McIntosh
Michelle McIntosh ()

2020 has delivered a new low for Higher Education in Australia, and the remifications will be felt for decades. JobKeeper would have been a game changer. Friends and colleagues losing jobs, leaving research and education sector, rising stars moving ’s loss 😔

Pale Horse🇦🇺
Pale Horse🇦🇺 ()

@darkfox29227365 Do they count people on JobKeeper as unemployed? I think they may be classified as employed because they receive money, but JobSeeker is unemployed? Could be wrong.

StoneFishHugger ()

@keavo_jp @26Suicides Did you forget the spare $60billion they have now from their massive Jobkeeper miscalculation?

💧Captain Thin
💧Captain Thin ()

Morrison was dead against a jobkeeper type scheme until Labor talked him around, now he takes the credit for it.

Margaret Lawson
Margaret Lawson ()

Will there be any universities with all the redundancies happening this week? How can private universities gain access to JobKeeper but our Public Universities be denied?

Dan Golding
Dan Golding ()

RMIT: $0 in JobKeeper, 1200 jobs going (sept) ANU: $0 in JobKeeper, 215 redundancies (sept) UNSW: $0, 256 redundancies (sept), 493 more (july) Deakin: $0, 400 redundancies (july) UTS: $0, 500 redundancies (aug) Monash: $0, 300 redundancies (aug) Unimelb: $0, 450 redundancies (aug

Jim Chalmers MP
Jim Chalmers MP ()

Scott Morrison should reconsider his upcoming cuts to JobKeeper which are coming at the worst possible time for many workers, businesses and communities who are relying on it. #auspol

☚ #CHELIV #AngelChenDay ☛
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