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I’m not saying Joe Hildebrand is a sycophantic fascist moron, but I’m not not saying it. #auspol #ausvotes.

Anthony Albanese edges closer to becoming Australia’s next Prime Minister. And there was one moment that proved why he would win..

@mjrowland68 @latingle LMFAO - Joe Hildebrand now imploring labor Kooyong voters to vote for Josh because otherwise the LNP lose their “moderate liberals”.Desperate stuff - shame Josh’s “moderate” voting record makes a mockery of this attempt to grasp at straws 😏the murdochracy has legit lost the plot.

@JaneCaro I love seeing Joe Hildebrand shown up as foolish and wrong. He’s not nice, really arrogant and I’ve met him.


“This is an election day I never thought would come. After the darkest of decades Labor has somehow managed to heal itself and offer to the Australian people a leader who is the rarest commodity in politics: A decent bloke”.

@newscomauHQ You know we can’t stand Joe Hildebrand, don’t you? What is famous for?.

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You know, sometimes the universe sends you a message And frankly, it is a message Joe Hildebrand refuses to learn.

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@SkyNewsAust Is that the same Joe Hildebrand who a week ago predicted none of the teal indepdendents would get elected. Clearly a man with his finger on the pulse.🤣.

I go back and forth on whether he’s a grifter or actually dumb as a bucket of shit, but either way Joe Hildebrand is a goddamn tremendous stooge. Just a perfect example of “crappy guy”.

@MikeCarlton01 Another Murdoch minion, looking after his job, Joe Hildebrand, you are supposed to be a journalist, grew some balls , be honest..

Hildebrand: ‘It is time for Labor to come home. And I will be there waiting.’ Do I have this right? That Hildebrand has been the last true believer holding a little candle in the window at The House of Labor to light the way home? Brave, plucky, loyal Joe? Please….

@SkyNewsAust When I’ve died and my children need advice, I’ll tell them to go find Joe Hildebrand and ask what he’d do in their situation. Then, crucially, they should do the opposite..

@bychero @simonahac Joe Hildebrand another hugely biased far right wing non thinker predicted Teals not to win one seat. They just don’t get it..

This why @Joe_Hildebrand gets paid the big bucks and why @SkyNews is the new most trusted news source. Missed it by that much …...

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In other words, the Greens are to Labor what the teals are to Liberal: their most intimate enemy; a deadly sleeper cell lying within. A real sentence from Joe Hildebrand.

It was a busy night of awards and recognitions last evening. Among other recognitions, Officer Luke Hildebrand was sworn in by Mayor Clatfelter, JoLynn Crain received a Letter of Appreciation, and Joe Brackhan received a Lifesaving Award..

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And there we have it … the wisdom of Joe Hildebrand! Oh how tweets can age in just a week. #ausvotes.

@TracyWesterman Beautiful words from Joe Hildebrand. Albo is very decent and honest human being. He has qualities that Morrison wouldn’t even knew existed. Australia will be a less combatative PM, and Politics will be more inclusive of ALL Australians..

@zdaniel The last time Joe Hildebrand was right, the LNP were still a centrist party..

@SkyNewsAust Joe Hildebrand - the man who weirdly still has a job after so many hopelessly wrong opinion pieces.

Joe Hildebrand secretly self-bastes in more right-wing Liberal party bile, & seeks vengeance against Teal Independents. In three years time, Joe will still be unaware in 2022, Merde-och lost his media power over parliament. Australia unleashed a better govt. #auspol #ICAC🚮.

@SkyNewsAust Whenever Joe Hildebrand says anything, you can be sure that the exact opposite is true.

@SkyNewsAust Joe Hildebrand is absorbed in an orgy of self-gratification, unaware he has no power in public opinion and has unleashed a more informed and astute readership that will return with a vengeance every time he pens more of this deluded bullshit..

@manjusrii I really don’t know why @Joe_Hildebrand gets a mention.”Like so many MSM employees he is a person of absolutely no consequence. Really hes just a cartoon character searching for recognition..

@adamajacoby I Joe Hildebrand is a sycophantic fascist moron there, I said it for 🤣🤣🤣😜.


Joe Hildebrand on why Anthony Albanese deserves to be Prime Minister | —.

@TimOverland3 @Joe_Hildebrand Strange how Joe insists on checking that pulse with his thumb via his own rectum..

@JeremyTattersa2 @Joe_Hildebrand Oz is currently full of irrelevant msm types, including JoeH. They’re currently laying low, waiting for this bruising little stoush to wash over..

Joe Hildebrand : “The Teal independents are on track to lose all of their targeted seats on Saturday – and with good reason”🤣.

@SkyNewsAust @Joe_Hildebrand annoyed he got his initial call so wrong, compounds it with another ridiculous story. The man has the cognition of a pillow..

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