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Just in from Liberal leader John Pesutto: He will move a motion to EXPEL @MoiraDeemingMP from the party after she attended the anti-trans rally (which neo Nazis said they were a vanguard for). @9NewsMelb.

John Pesutto Photo,John Pesutto Photo by Lana Murphy,Lana Murphy on twitter tweets John Pesutto Photo

Opposition leader John Pesutto on his decision to move a motion to expel MP Moira Deeming: “It will never be acceptable in Victoria for Nazis to get a platform, or anyone who shares their views, or anyone who works with them to help them promote their odious agenda.”.

John Pesutto Photo,John Pesutto Photo by Benita Kolovos,Benita Kolovos on twitter tweets John Pesutto Photo

Leader of the Opposition John Pesutto says Moira Deeming crossed the line when she worked with organisers, stayed at the rally when nazi supporters turned up and celebrated the rally after. @7NewsMelbourne.

John Pesutto Photo,John Pesutto Photo by Sharnelle Vella,Sharnelle Vella on twitter tweets John Pesutto Photo

When asked if it’s ok for a member of the liberal party to be anti trans as long as that view is expressed in a way civilised way - John Pesutto says: ‘We have to be careful to make sure that in our advanced democracy, there is the capacity for people to disagree’..

John Pesutto Photo,John Pesutto Photo by Sharnelle Vella,Sharnelle Vella on twitter tweets John Pesutto Photo
SBS News
SBS News

Victorian Liberal leader John Pesutto plans to expel MP Moira Deeming from the parliamentary party over her involvement in an anti-trans rally that took place outside the Victorian parliament on Saturday..

@angijones @JohnPesutto So sue John Pesutto then. Also, after 48 hours your excuses are still completely pathetic and unbelievable- in the sense nobody believes you. You’re a crumbmaiden of the Nazis..

@rwillingham @abcmelbourne This is insanity . Those other 30 were nothing to do with the ‘Let women speak “group. Completely unfair actions John Pesutto ..

@GuardianAus The Liberal party should not have let her stand at the last election - they have known all along what her ideology is and what she stands for. They were happy to tolerate her bigotry to win the seat. Too little, too late, John Pesutto..

@Markyles @JonesHowdareyou John Pesutto, Catholic, lawyer, who has worked for IPA, is as far right as the rest of his party. Has read the room, he knows he must act on Moira Deeming to save his hypocritical face..

I hope Deeming stays in politics & wins in a landslide. And misogynist ‘SNAG’ John Pesutto? I hope he gets kicked to the curb..

@BrentHodgson @DavidDavisMP Freedom or Freedumb? Poor John Pesutto is seriously going to have some serious conversations with his Libs MP team….

@deves_katherine Any Liberal politicians or members going to push against the VicLib leader, John Pesutto, using false accusations to expel Moira Deeming from the Liberal party in Victoria?.

Opposition leader John Pesutto says his decision to seek to expel Moira Deeming from the parliamentary Liberal party was “not made lightly.” “I want to assure all Victorians I am a strong supporter of free speech. But free speech is not hate speech.”.

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@therealrukshan John Pesutto needs to think long n hard on his decision as he will put the women off side n liberal cannot afford to lose more votes. John you are not Dans voice piece!.

@MoiraDeemingMP Moira, I’m absolutely appalled by John Pesutto!! Such ignorance!! Thank you for your courage!!.

Moira Deeming: Opposition Leader John Pesutto moves to expel controversial MP over neo-Nazi rally links.

truly an abominable response from John Pesutto tuning out to women’s voices & choosing to blame & shame them for having their space invaded. These women nobly standing for what should be a given is in stark contrast to those pusillanimous politicians throwing them under the bus.

I don’t vote Liberal When Matthew Guy was reinstated as leader if the Liberals I voiced an opinion that John Pesutto was the better choice , hard to lead from outside the party , but the better side of the LNP might offer a decent opposition Saving Democracy from Pentecostals.

#Victorianpolitics #Victoria Victorian opposition leader moves to expel MP involved in anti-trans protest attended by neo-Nazis: John Pesutto says Moira Deeming’s position is ‘untenable’ and he will ask the Liberal party room to expel her * Follow our….

John Pesutto Has made the right decision to expel Moira Deeming from the Liberal Party room. But you still have to question his judgement about why he let someone with such hateful views sit in the party room to begin with. #springst.

@_davidlimbrick John Pesutto has just knee jerked himself in the penis. Brad Battin will now grab the baton. #LetWomenSpeak #GrabTheBatonBattin.

If the government supports this, then why is there even a suggestion that John Pesutto will ask for Moira Deeming to be removed from the party because she attended a women’s rights rally? Double standard as usual.

Gender Agenda Update: Is he? Well, that puts things beyond doubt. John Pesutto is clearly an.

@therealrukshan Opposition leader John Pesutto SHAME SHAME SHAME! shame on your for not upholding real womens rights. MEN CANNOT BE WOMEN!.

@deves_katherine The contact details for the Opposition Leader, John Pesutto, who is responsible for this decision are attached. Please contact him directly and let him know how unacceptable this decision is, and how it affects your future votes going forward..

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@JmarrMarr Expelling from the party room is not enough. She needs to be expelled from the party if John Pesutto is serious about the issue.

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