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NEW: Johnson & Johnson single shot vaccine just approved by FDA for 18 and older. We are ready to roll it out!

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David Lammy
David Lammy ()

Boris Johnson’s makeover of Number 10 will reportedly cost up to £200,000. Priti Patel’s legal settlement amid bullying claims is £340,000. Meanwhile qualified nurses are getting a pay rise of £ a week.

Armando Iannucci
Armando Iannucci ()

A year ago today, after finally attending COBRA and being warned of the seriousness of the virus, Boris Johnson said “I’m shaking hands continuously. I was at a hospital the other night, where I think there were a few coronavirus patients, and I shook hands with everybody.”

Anna Huntsman
Anna Huntsman ()

Interesting - @GovMikeDeWine says Ohio will get 96,100 doses of the newly authorized Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine this week. The doses will go to ~200 independent pharmacies, which have not received any doses previously. @WCPN

Elsa Gillis
Elsa Gillis ()

#Breaking - Mecklenburg County to Receive Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine This Week

HM Murdock
HM Murdock ()

I hope to read the same about Boris Johnson one day. #ToryCorruption #Sarkozy Sarkozy: Former French president sentenced to jail for corruption

Jade 🖤🚀
Jade 🖤🚀 ()

Time for Josephine Langford as Emma Johnson supremacy. Moxie girls fight back! 👑💪🏼#Moxie

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Linda Hill
Linda Hill ()

Governors weigh ease of use against perception of a two-tiered system if new coronavirus vaccine is deployed primarily to harder-to-reach communities.

Dolia Estévez
Dolia Estévez ()

🇺🇸 millones de dosis administradas % de población elegible ha recibido dos dosis Johnson&Johnson inicia hoy envío de millones dosis a estados. Empezarán a aplicarse de inmediato Ventajas: una sola dosis, refrigeración normal Meta: 20 millones dosis fin de mes

NYT Science
NYT Science ()

This is how the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine works

Lindy ()

so Johnson and Johnson is not even gonna kyk their family members there under the table???

JR ()

@Splodgehappy Agreed. There are so many questions that need to be answered. This will come back quite rightly to haunt Johnson and his entourage.

Rick Lutzel
Rick Lutzel ()

Congrats to @SLCALacrosse on the win in their season opener. Great team win. Defense was outstanding and lead by co-captain Will Johnson. Offense fired on all cylinders lead by co-captain Matt Lutzel. @MatthewLutzel

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Suthichai ()

FDA อเมริกาอนุมัติให้ใช้วัคซีน Johnson&Johnson แล้ว โดสเดียวอยู่!

Andy Slavitt
Andy Slavitt ()

NEW: Johnson & Johnson single shot vaccine just approved by FDA for 18 and older. We are ready to roll it out!

The New York Times
The New York Times ()

Breaking News: The FDA authorized Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine, the first that requires only a single shot. Distribution is expected to begin soon.

Stella Beat
Stella Beat ()

Dr. Jason Johnson on Tiffany/MSNBC saying the biggest problem Dem Party has is there are Dems who don’t want to act like Dems. Says Dems need to whip their own party into shape if they want to get things done. Tell it!

Csun ()

I agree with Jason Johnson on this. Hold people accountable for what they vote against. #CrossTalk

Bill ()

@Buccaneers Doug Williams, Rickey Bell, Jerry Eckwood, Cecil Johnson, David Logan, Charley Hannah, Tom Blanchard, Bat 🦇 man Woods, Gimmie Giles. Tom Brady, Gronk

The Redzone
The Redzone ()

Report: Texans hopeful of David Johnson contract adjustment #NFL #Texans

Associazione  PIUE
Associazione PIUE ()

New post: Awaits ’s Green Light for Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine 27 Febbraio 2021

Thomas Conti #TodosPelasVacinas
Thomas Conti #TodosPelasVacinas ()

Vacina da Janssen/Johnson&Johnson ganha recomendação do painel de analistas do FDA. Votação unânime (22/22). Reunião para aprovar uso emergencial nos EUA será neste fim de semana. Vacina de 1 dose que pode ser armazenada em geladeira comum, ideal para o Brasil. Não compramos.

Nickolaus Chatham
Nickolaus Chatham ()

@BuzzFeed Is this to illustrate how Hollywood tries to hide its nepotism? It’s a bad example bc she shares their name. Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty r siblings. Barbra Streisand is Josh Brolin’s stepmother. Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson Amy Schumer and Chuck Schumer

Desinhibidor de la recaptura de serotonina
Desinhibidor de la recaptura de serotonina ()

La FDA respalda la efectividad de la vacuna contra el COVID-19 de Johnson & Johnson

Dean Foy
Dean Foy ()

@gsjosan Another Great Session of Phone Banking Today For Labour. Over 3400 People Called. With Just Under 3000 Supporting Labour. Let’s Get Boris Johnson and The Tories Out.

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WI Northwoods
WI Northwoods ()

@ReallyAmerican1 @mmpadellan Seriously, is antifa a real thing or just something made up by the psychotic nut bag that used to occupy the White House? I had never heard of it before he mentioned it. So naturally, Ron Johnson will say uh huh,uh huh.

susanna minaheili
Susanna minaheili ()

Music and film stars call on Boris Johnson to ban UK fur sales via @NewsNowUK

Dadsa Santa Marta
Dadsa Santa Marta ()

de la producción de este tipo de sintéticos. El Ministerio de Ambiente también destacó los proyectos ‘Bosque Urbano’ y la Guía Ilustrada de Fauna y Flora, los cuales lideran la Alcaldesa Virna Johnson y Patricia Caicedo. Cabe mencionar que a partir de ‘Desplastifica tu Ciudad’

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Pascal Jacquemain 🇫🇷in🇬🇧 #the5million
Pascal Jacquemain 🇫🇷in🇬🇧 #the5million ()

Oh really? And as a politician @borisjohnson has stopped abusing or attacking people? Like he accused the EU of being Nazi like? Or like he accused @the3million of using the UK as an extension of their own countries for far too long?

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Jack Lail
Jack Lail ()

It is hard to understand how Sen. Ron Johnson got elected or will get re-elected. I doubt he actually believes what he says, but he does believe we will.😕

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn ()

Today I asked Boris Johnson to end the scandal of privatisation and outsourcing in our NHS - and to replace the Health Secretary after he was found to have broken the law by failing to reveal contracts worth billions. These are questions which people deserve an answer to.

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