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Nikola Jokic has been voted MVP, per @wojespn Back-to-back for the Joker puts him in legendary company 🏆.

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Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic has been voted the NBA’s Most Valuable Player for a second consecutive season, sources tell ESPN. A formal announcement is expected this week..


Back. To. Back. Nikola Jokic has been voted the NBA’s Most Valuable Player for a second consecutive season, sources tell @wojespn..

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I imagine this is how Jokic was yesterday when the MVP was announced 😂🤣.

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Nikola Jokic beat out Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid to win his second straight MVP award..

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A new wide ranging mailbag, with ?s ranging from Duncan Robinson’s potential role to the trustworthiness of various Sixers rotation players to the influence of analytics on MVP to Elden Ring (?) getting drunk at sporting events (??) and Hideo Kojima (???).

Isnere karşı bu kadar fileye takmak büyük başarı gerçekten, kayıp..

This guy voted for Jokic…it all makes sense now @Espngreeny.

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🏀 Otro imperdible #PodcastESPN de #BasketIQ 🏀 Celtics encuentra la fórmula de neutralizar a Giannis 🏀 Los picks de las semifinales, el MVP de Jokic y más… 🎙️@fer_tirado y @tonhorodriguez.

The ultimate sign of somebody who hasn’t watched any Nuggets games is claiming that Nikola Jokić’s only MVP case comes from “analytics.” Dude passes the eye test with flying colors..

Fun fact, the day the NBA announced Jokic was the MVP last went for 40, Clint Capela had 5 fouls and John Collins fouled out of the game lol it was in Philly, but take that for what you will..

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I am now rooting for Nikola Jokić to win MVP again. — @getnickwright on Jokić winning back-to-back MVPs:.

@DaveDuFourNBA If we are honest, all the Jokic MVP arguments overate his defense and rely on analytics.

Just over here toggling between liking Nuggets/Jokic posts and Avs posts what a neat little Monday it’s been for Denver sports.

Draymond Green in these playoffs - Game Winning steal on Nikola Jokic - Game Winning Block on Jaren Jackson Jr. - Steals Per Game - Blocks Per Game + 92 Defensive Player of the year snub!.

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Next years Western Conference: Suns(Booker, Paul) Warriors(Curry, Klay) Grizzlies(Ja, JJJ) Mavs(Luka) Jazz(Gobert, Spida) Lakers(AD, LeBron) Clippers(PG, Kawhi) Wolves(KAT, Ant) Pelicans(Zion, BI) Nuggets(Murray, Jokic) Blazers(Dame, Simons) Spurs(Murray, Keldon) holy shit….

That’s a very good comp. Russ - Jokic Harden - Embiid Kawhi - Giannis.

@GregSmallzz People forget Jokic played without Murray and MPJ the whole season and got that team to the playoffs without another 20 point scorer, no other rebounder and no other playmaker.

@LesBowen If your stats say Jokic had more ppg than the scoring champ, maybe check them.

@J_Kidd11 Averaging what Jokic averaged while your 2nd best player is Will Barton has to account for sum too gang.

Daora que a NBA é completamente dominado por estrangeiros quando se trata dos melhores jogadores né... Jokic 1° Giannis 2° Embiid 3° Doncic dá pra discutir top 5. Esperando ansiosamente pelo brasileiro que vai passar o carro nessa porra ai.


@BrooklynNetcast I agree the first time around but this one both embid and Giannis were playing in tougher conference with the same amount of help Jokic had.

Nikola Jokic absolutely, unequivocally, No Doubt deserved the MVP this year. Not many 1 man bands can drag a team into the Playoffs..

In addition to Giannis and Jokic, Dirk Nowitzki is the only other European player to have won the #MVP. Other non-US winners include Tim Duncan (US Virgin Islands), Steve Nash (Canada) and Hakeem Olajuwon (Nigeria)..


Rudy struggles with Jokic. Shaq is like Jokic except bigger, stronger, faster and more agile. Outrage warranted..

@MJ24Slayer Such different games. Shame power and explosion , jokic precision passes and handles.

@marcelluswiley Both Jokic and Giannis put it on Embid. Jokic actually hit a game winner in Embid’s mug! Right dude won that thang! ✌🏾.

@rockets1000grau o jokic é um dos malucos mais discretos pprt, o cara n faz nada pra chamar atenção so vai vivendo a vida dele e obviamente jogando muito.

@joaogabidias Achar ele mala pelas provocações é aceitável, eu discordo, mas dá pra aceitar. Agora o Jokic e Harden, não vejo motivos kkkkkk.

@CheefBasedGod Man i gotta disagree, jokic team is worse and still lead them to playoffs ! Averages more rebounds, assits and PPG (embiid has more points because he played more games). Jokic just isn’t as flashy but still dominates games in more ways than embiid.

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