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FYI: Anything Jordan Peterson writes about Trudeau, remember: Jordo thought Trudeau was responsible for the US vaccine mandates and spent 4 months being radicalized in a Russian hospital a few years ago. Context, people, context,.

V good by @MacaesBruno - Just wish this was translated for Germany, where this text might be needed most these days..

Ao ser perguntado se apagaria um Tweet que levou a sua suspensão por conter termos “não aprovados” pelo tribunal da novilingua woke Jordan Peterson disse que preferia a morte. Eu não tenho como discordar dele..

Jordan Peterson Photo,Jordan Peterson Photo by Dr. Ribeiro_MD,Dr. Ribeiro_MD on twitter tweets Jordan Peterson Photo

Somewhere, Jordan Peterson tries to buy a 3 Musketeers Bar. The vending machine takes his money, but dispenses no bar. “This is because of pronouns,” he whispers..

Jordan Peterson Gives A Union Busting Motivational Speech For Snowflake CEOs Drowning In Wokeness.

So I was watching a video about how Jordan Peterson is wrong about the gender pay gap And the video mentioned something I had never heard of before The ecological fallacy.

“You don’t get to choose not to pay a price, you only get to choose which price you pay.” ~ Jordan Peterson.

Been saying it for the longest time Jordan Peterson is a H!nduPhobe.

Jordan Peterson Photo,Jordan Peterson Photo by Rozario, রোজারিও,Rozario, রোজারিও on twitter tweets Jordan Peterson Photo

FyYI Jordan Peterson is Islamophilic and promotes Judeo-Christian dominance..

一般来说如果有人自称木桶饭,我一般会默认他就是,毕竟性别是自我认同,而非鉴跨鉴出来的。 但我不会默认他的性格。一个人会不会背刺你跟他的性取向和性别认同之间没有任何必然联系。认为一个人是否值得处是要花时间了解对方实际想法的。 不要向Jordan Peterson学习如何鉴跨。.

Mano, o que é isto? As redes da IL estão a passar pela sua fase Ben Shapiro e Jordan Peterson.

More Jordan Peterson mental off-gassing on PM Justin Trudeau in the National Post. This from a middling professor whose students glued his office door shut. Who lost his mind over pronouns. Who nearly killed himself with meat. And who cried after getting roasted over Elliot Page..

Jordan Peterson: Worst is yet to come from Trudeau Liberals via @nationalpost.

Need to get @PierrePoilievre trending again today Harper is trending because he endorsed Poilievre. Jordan Peterson is trending because he wrote an article about Trudeau Liberals incompetencies asking, “Conservatives: do you have it in you?” to rid them? Hell, YES! #Pierre4PM.

(5) This is why, in the year 2022, the most influential White male thought leaders are men who appeal to White male insecurity & seek to massage White Male egos. Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, even Donald Trump. They speak to White men b/c they strike the ego of White insecurity..

I wonder what kind of foreigner would consider Russia the best country? Seriously. A person whose biggest problem is wokeness around them, like Jordan Peterson?.

Jordan Peterson Photo,Jordan Peterson Photo by Viktoriya 🇺🇦 #RussiaIsATerroristState,Viktoriya 🇺🇦 #RussiaIsATerroristState on twitter tweets Jordan Peterson Photo

Jordan Peterson is to academia as Jeffrey Dahmer is to fine dining.

Jordan Peterson Photo,Jordan Peterson Photo by Mister Race Bannon,Mister Race Bannon on twitter tweets Jordan Peterson Photo

Jürgen Habermas, the ultimate intellectual snob, has reflected with amusement on the childishness of the Ukrainians, who still believe that wars can be won, writes @MacaesBruno..

If you think tough men are dangerous, wait until you see what weak men are capable of.”(Jordan Peterson).

@Veritatem2021 New Jordan Peterson bashing Climate Alarmists.

Jordan Peterson could paint a fake tunnel on the side of a wall and I would simply run through it, while he would try to follow and end up smashing himself into an accordion shape..

I’m convinced. He’s the dumbest man alive. A rare feat on a planet where Jordan Peterson is breathing..

Jordan Peterson Photo,Jordan Peterson Photo by no escape issue one out now (check pin) // 🏴,no escape issue one out now (check pin) // 🏴 on twitter tweets Jordan Peterson Photo

I liked that Instagram recommended me black and white videos of Jordan Peterson crying because Tuxedo Mask wasn’t treated with respect in Sailor Moon.

This is the kind of shit the internet was made for. Jordan Peterson interrupts soviet general (C&C RA2) via @YouTube.

我必须要重申的是,不要向 Rowling和Jordan Peterson学习如何鉴跨。 你跟这帮傻逼学习鉴跨还不如赶紧报名加入Proud Boys。.

@19Caino81 @KieranCFC88 There’s nothing wrong with Jordan Peterson so what’s ur point.

Dare to be dangerous. Dare to be truthful. Dare to articulate yourself and express, or at least become aware of, what would really justify your life. - Jordan B. Peterson (@jordanbpeterson).

@ross_couzens Oh it’s definitely ideological. Many tech nerds have little empathy, spend a lot of them alone, come from decently well off backgrounds. Just visit Reddit and see the tech workers who simp for people like Jordan Peterson. Arrogant but know very little about the world..

Dear Canadians, after reading this outstanding article by Dr Jordan Peterson, take the time to reflect and pass this article on to every Canadian we know. Canadians must take the initiative to learn what’s truly going on in Canada. Thank You Jordan for your on-going efforts ..

Crazy how some westerners like Jordan Peterson want to lecture Muslims on anti semitism. Like Mr. Peterson, It wasn’t the Muslim world who burned 6 million Jews..

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