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Today, Donald Trump endorsed my most extreme opponent, Doug Mastriano. I’m Josh Shapiro — and I know the endorsements that will win this race are from the people of Pennsylvania, not a resident of Mar-a-Lago. Let’s win..

NEW: Senate Republicans are vowing to filibuster the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act after it passed the House on a near-party line vote. The bill would focus on preventing white supremacist terrorism. “It sounds terrible,” Josh Hawley said, per @thehill..

when the movie premiered, josh went around to four theaters in columbus to say hello. watch his journey around town visiting some sold out showings here:.

I’m Josh Shapiro — Democratic nominee for Governor of Pennsylvania. I’m running against an extremist who wants to ban abortion and attended the January 6 insurrection. The margin in PA was less than 1% in 2016. We need all hands on deck. Retweet this and follow us today..

Inconvenient reminders: Nothing happened to Ginni Thomas. Nothing has happened to Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley (the latter sells J-6 merch) Nothing has happened to Donald Trump Nothing has happened to a single Republican lawmaker involved in J-6. And remember #VotingRightsAct ???.

Josh doesn’t want ministers facing public integrity scrutiny, but I don’t recall his opposing highly publicised, ministerially authorised police raids on homes of journalists..

BREAKING: Josh Carvalho will join Liverpool from Fulham on July 1st ✍️.

The Buffalo shooter is the paradigmatic case for public executions. Someone this monstrous deserves not merely to die, but to have his life taken in the public eye, so that the community he has so irreparably wounded may have a modicum of visible retributive justice in return..

Josh Staumont curveball gets Luis Arraez with the bases loaded in the 8th. Jeremy Riggs seemed to like Josh Staumont..

Dr. Oz and Dave Mccormick would easily beat John Fetterman imo. what I am worried about is Doug Mastriano Vs Josh Shapiro. I think that would be ugly.

E deu tudo certo! Josh | Instagram Stories: Eles fizeram isso! Quase tive 6 ataques do coração! Minhas orações foram ouvidas. A playoff beard .

Josh Photo,Josh Photo by Josh Beauchamp Brasil,Josh Beauchamp Brasil on twitter tweets Josh Photo

I thank Commonwealth Partners for joining the many conservative leaders who have given us momentum in the closing days, helping to clarify that we are the only campaign that can unite the Republican Party and beat Josh Shapiro..

Josh Photo,Josh Photo by Lou Barletta – Text LOU to 81230,Lou Barletta – Text LOU to 81230 on twitter tweets Josh Photo

Arizona connections left in the NBA playoffs: Steve Kerr (Warriors) Bruce Fraser (Warriors) Andre Iguodala (Warriors) Josh Green (Mavericks) Damon Stoudamire (Celtics) Strong Lute Olson presence in the conference finals..

Birthday blessings bro @MwesigyeNrm . A formidable MK force to reckon with!!!.

Josh Photo,Josh Photo by D*R*A 001 Joshua Beinomugisha,D*R*A 001 Joshua Beinomugisha on twitter tweets Josh Photo

Awww the Josh Donaldson honeymoon period is still in effect. We all know how this story ends..

Leon 😭 Chris 😭 Carlos 😭 Josh 😭 Parker 😭 HUNK 😭.

Ich fände es gut wenn wir die Kaderplanung schon noch Rouven und nicht Pottinho überlassen.

@Allycxt @Josh_Tried He gifted me 100 after 1 gifted for each sr point he lost me so it’s ok.

E nosso Josh torcedor está mais feliz do que nunca. Josh | Instagram Stories: Chorando..

Josh Photo,Josh Photo by Josh Beauchamp Brasil,Josh Beauchamp Brasil on twitter tweets Josh Photo

sorry guys josh flew back to nashville to spend the weekend with me that’s why he’s not in the post <3 be easy.

📝 Josh Staunton led an injury ravaged #YTFC side to a final day victory over Altrincham..

Josh Allen said that he expects the Bills to talk as a team tomorrow to figure out the best way to help the families of the victims and the community. “I was sick to my stomach all day yesterday..

Onto more recent news, welcome back returning members @NickSF_SSB, @Josh_Tilde! As well as new member Oracle! We look forward to continue to strive and grind to complete our Research here with our new Astronauts at the Pulsar HQ!.

@leedavis303 @KingOfCommSense If MLB bows down to the racist mob in tbis country and suspends Josh Donaldson - I AM DONE WITH MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL F’ EM.


josh chen would have been perfect if he didn’t do what he did in the last half of the book.

Great decision made here! If you don’t want to defend your title you don’t deserve it anyways. #Boxing #joyboyznft.

The fair winner of Haney & Kambosos is top 10. Josh Taylor didn’t win his last fight imo. We still don’t know who’s the best at 175. Estrada lost both fights to Gonzalez clear imo..

Miku Saripadinamtha Bojjanalu Ochayya Lekka @TV9Telugu Inkaa Kavvala 😝🤫 Mi Vedhava Vagulu Thuuuu 🤭 Etha Josh Ga Okokariki Manchi Chesedhanilo Unadhi Unattuga Kukka Kuthalu kuyyakamdi🙁 Ma Babu Movie Gumchi Vaguthara🤫 #SarkaaruVaariPaata #BlockbusterSVP.

Josh Photo,Josh Photo by 🦋Kalaavathi 👼💖 #SVPOnMay12 🔔,🦋Kalaavathi 👼💖 #SVPOnMay12 🔔 on twitter tweets Josh Photo

@not_enough_star ありがとう!まだまだ未熟だけどそう言ってもらえるととても嬉しい!ありがとう!.

Teta tried these same mind games less than 3 days ago and held a 3-0 loss.

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