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Visibility is vital. That’s why last night I urged South Australia to build a lasting monument to commemorate 125 years since women won the vote and the right to stand in elections. #SAsuffrage125.

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And when I said Julia Gillard should be put in a chaff bag and drowned at sea, of course I meant she should be given a handbag and taken on a cruise. Any moron could work that out..

Women in power enrage Alan Jones. Jacinta Ardern, Julia Gillard, “destroying the joint”. And you may or may not remember his treatment of Brigadier Lynn McDade:.

@EconomistAnge @MikeCarlton01 Like,he did b4 the cronulla riots, like,he did about Julia Gillard etc ! Like who does he think he is fooling!.

@MikeCarlton01 Even his language- preaching - is still demeaning - I guess he didn’t think his comments in regard to Julia Gillard was harmful either! He needs to save himself and go away.

@patstokes @fedupofpollys Everyone knows Alan Jones hates women but especially clever women who speak up in public, Clover Moore, Julia Gillard, Jacinda Ardern, Gillian Triggs & Quentin Bryce all drew his ire. Every man with power who doesn’t call him out is complicit in Jones’ abuse & incitement of hate.

@BrigidWD And that’s the problem. Jones secretly revels in the notoriety, and his claque of geriatric disciples adores it. Pushed, he’ll make an utterly insincere “apology” as he did with Julia Gillard, then carry on as ever..

@MdmAbsentMinded @FijiPM And we should never forget how he and the tribe treated our own PM Julia Gillard 👎🏻🦠🤮❗️👵🏻😡🤷🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️ #auspol.

@slpng_giants_oz @2GB873 Nope. He cannot walk back from this. Especially after the disgraceful comments about Julia Gillard. He is a repeat offender. Maybe tomorrow Jones can discuss his fear of women and woman in power particularly?.

Why the fuck is Alan Jones still on air? This is as disgusting as his Julia Gillard comments. #auspol @2GB873.

@davrosz Agree. No one should be tolerating threatening a female leader like that and, as a country, we have worn it as a badge of honour. Still waiting for the numerous , serious , violent threats against Julia Gillard to be addressed properly and professionally..

@Justloo85230955 Julia Gillard. Louise Herron and now Jacinda Ardern. Alan Jones has a problem with women in power. Deal with it..

Alan Jones hates powerful women and wants violence against them. This is the man who incited the Cronulla riots, he is a dangerous extremist. Jacinda Arden: shove a sock down her throat Julia Gillard: drown her at sea Clover Moore: hang her on George Street He is a disease..

@krONik @Magpie1954nBird She was far from silent! As well as cheering Abbott on, she was very vocal in her own daily attacks on Julia Gillard PM..

@deemadigan Jones is an utter embarrassment to Australia. How can this man be given the platform he has? He should have been sacked years ago for his comments about Julia Gillard. He is a despicable misogynist, and 2GB should be taking him off air, not running his headlines..

@lynlinking Jones might suggest that Jacinda should be placed in a hessian sack and dropped off Sydney Heads like he did for Julia Gillard. What an obnoxious, misogynist creep is Alan Jones..

From the man who suggested former PM Julia Gillard should be tied in a chaff bag, taken to sea and dumped. Bit of a pattern going on..

ENOUGH. Alan Jones is a misogynist pig. He wanted Julia Gillard in a chaff bag & now wants a sock rammed down Jacinta Arderns throat. ENOUGH! Get him off the air. #auspol.

@mana_kailani Wasn’t he the one who suggested Julia Gillard should be put in chaff bag and towed out to sea? Seems this guy likes violence against women !.

@lynlinking This from a complete abusive fool @jacindaardern who also horribly abused Julia Gillard and encouraged violence against her..

@RodS108443078 New Zealand, you have your own Julia Gillard. Be careful because like Trudeau, Obama, May and Macron - she is a Globalist..

How far has Australia actually come in addressing the pervasive and insidious gendered power imbalances in politics? Following comments from Julie Bishop and Julia Gillard on the issue, @KateLeeKoo explores #gendered political leadership culture #auspol.

@randlight What about her attack on Julia Gillard for being on the cover of a local magazine and Bishop then adorns the front page of a different magazine, what a hypocrite.

@alexa_jessop I agree. I just can’t believe the gall of her. She had years to do something meaningful for Aussies. Instead she was a blight & I’ll never forgive her attacks on Julia Gillard & a dying worker seeking compensation. A sycophant believing she was as important as talented people..

Yes Julie Bishop the attacks on Julia Gillard were grotesque and brutal at the time. Not just in retrospect..

Visibility is vital. That’s why last night I urged South Australia to build a lasting monument to commemorate 125 years since women won the vote and the right to stand in elections. #SAsuffrage125.

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