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Updated: November 28th, 2021 04:40 AM IST

Can’t wait for the Julia Banks-Christine Holgate x Brittany Higgins-Grace Tame crossover episode

Julia Banks Twitter

@Vic_Rollison In the same way Frydenberg was broadcasting his conversation with Julia Banks, he is helping to corner another woman. What a creep!

@Chris86767838 @cheryl_kernot Never forget Julia Banks #insiders #Auspol

EVERYTHING #ScottyThePathologicalLiar said about Bridget Archer was exactly the same he said about Julia Banks. This guy is a piece of work #insiders

Remember Frydenberg’s role after Julia Banks gave her speech in Parlt He was the one banging on her door & leaking simultaneously to the media. With Bridget Archer he pretends to be supportive & delivers her to Disunity is Death Morrison. Frydenberg 🔪🔪🔪 . #insiders

@JulianAndrew63 It was a good question because Dutton’s war games will have us all dead? Wtf is he thinking? How dare he not answer. But #LNPDisgrace are always dismissive of and bullying to women. Ask Julia Banks and Brittany and Christine and Grace and Bridget etc

@KatieAllenMP wants women to join the Liberal Party yeah nah #auspol

Daily reminder to Australians that our our religious and devout Christian PM Scott Morrison lies about lying. #Liesalot #LordOfTheLies V2 Julia Banks

Julia Banks , Bridget Archer and so many present and past female ministers are nought but Paper Bag Princesses to a govt hierarchy that sees women as a target for subjugation .Better seen but not heard .

@papalia_chris @THE_Russell Was Morrison going to try the mental health tripe he tried to discredit Julia Banks with?

@michellegrattan Precisely the same dishonest betrayal Morrison employed on Julia Banks. Verbatim. The man is a grub

@michellegrattan @sspencer_63 She should have refused. The Libs are always talking about the broad church and all that BS. She could have done what Julia Banks did ... told them Morrison had he number and he could call if he wanted to speak with her.

@michellegrattan i recall Julia Banks describing that same pattern of behaviour - this time Josh helped him.

As Banks later noted, Morrison has a habit of doing this, comparing his undermining of and faux concern for “Julia” to the way he treated Christine Holgate and Brittany Higgins (). (Australian of the Year Grace Tame has her own observations…

@Adelaide9876 @ChristineMilne Re-education camp type “support” I would imagine. Some of the things Julia Banks shared were harrowing

@michellegrattan Sorry, Fridayitis… Julia Banks! But intimidation and bullying could be any woman. Anytime. As we know.

@JaneCaro Morrison thinks he’s on first name basis with Grace Tame, Brittany Higgins, and Julia Banks? I wonder if he thinks he’s on first name basis with the young lady he tried to force to shake his hand?

@Monocotyledon Because any member who would not be supporting the government’s legislation must of course be suffering mental health problems. Just like Julia Banks.

@Monocotyledon Morrison offered Julia Banks a trip overseas to shut her down but offered Bridget Archer a paired vote to shut her vote down. That’s his idea of ‘support’.

@ToryShepherd Here we go again - Julia Banks, Brittany Higgins. ‘Concern for mental health’.

@michellegrattan Morrison is doing the same thing to Bridget Archer as he did to Julia Banks, pretending she needs his support. What will he leak about her to the Murdoch papers? Who will Frydenberg make calls to? #auspol #KooyongVotes

@emma__jayne14 And their next line in this script? Like with Julia Banks, they’ll express concern about Bridget Archer’s mental health.

@mumbletwits Julia Banks was the subject of a bullying payout at her previous job. Hardly a saint

@michellegrattan @BernardZuel It sounds a little similar to the story of Ms Julia Banks…

Julia Banks, Brittany Higgins and Bridget Archer walk into a bar…

@BelindaJones68 @ScottMorrisonMP This is the same language he used for Julia Banks basically casting doubt on her emotional state

@emma__jayne14 Like Julia Banks, the next thing they’ll come out and say is, they’re worried for Bridget Archer’s “mental health”. You know, the ole Morrison / LNP modus operandi

Julia Banks Photo,Julia Banks Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@PoroMark Commonly known as stand-over tactics. Our sinister Prime Spin-ister was also supporting Ms Julia Banks too, if we recall, whilst his office was backgrounding the media on her. #auspol

@abcnews Must be nearly Christmas. Pull the other one it plays Jingle Bells. Perhaps you could have asked someone who is or has been on the inside for their view. Someone like Julia Banks for example. Seriously, this is election propaganda not reporting.

@michellegrattan The same way Morrison supported Grace Tame, Julia Banks and Brittany Higgins?

Can’t wait for the Julia Banks-Christine Holgate x Brittany Higgins-Grace Tame crossover episode

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