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Everyone is talking about President Trump & Governor DeSantis when they should be supporting Justice Daniel Kelly in Wisconsin. If we don’t win on April 4th, the liberals will get rid of voter ID in Wisconsin. Please prioritize this election:.

Atty Kelly Moran is whining about a J6 defendant having the audacity to reveal EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE to the public. Pay attention, you oppressors… We will release ALL OF THE J6 VIDEO. America will see and hear the full truth about J6. @gregkellyusa @McBrideLawNYC.

Today is Saturday, March 18th, & it’s snowing in Racine, Wisconsin. I’ve been saying it for weeks: it’s going to snow on April 4th — Election Day. Make a plan to vote early for Justice Daniel Kelly:.

Justice Daniel Kelly was the deciding vote providing for medical freedom in Wisconsin. Never forget that it was democrats who shut down Wisconsin, fired healthy workers, & took away pensions from blue collar Wisconsin. Thank you to the @Schroedershow for having me in-studio..

Since we’re talking Chip Kelly: Releasing a 27-year-old DeSean Jackson after a 1,300 yard season due to “gang ties” and “bad attitude” was one of the most ridiculous decisions ever made by a GM..

@VivekGRamaswamy Losing the Wisconsin Supreme Court, too, would be a disaster. Please use your platform to bring attention to Justice Daniel Kelly. Election Day is April 4th. Wisconsinites can learn more about early voting here:.

The Australian Electoral Commission are continuing with their malicious, vexatious & frivolous case against me (over the font size of the authorisation on an election sign saying ‘Craig Kelly - Your local MP’) in the Federal Court. It’s a scandalous waste of taxpayers money on….

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The Iraq War after Twenty Years: There was a Neocon Theory of the War, but It was Packed with Tricky Assumptions and Demanded Excellent Execution. So yeah, Let’s Never Do that Again.

Jared Cushing and Jonathan Kelly both earn a spot on the BIG EAST Weekly Honor Roll! #LetsGoX.

@theblade113 Yes he should Britain is been hypocritical in trying to arrest Putin when we have living and lording a war criminal living free in Britain Blair and Campbell should both be in jail and then there is the death of Dr Kelly.

My first Grandson Reggie congratulations Patrick & Kelly 💙🙏🏻.

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Thanks for trusting @theowletonline with your brand exposure problems #34MOrdersOnOwlet has been completed..

Kelly Sally #青岛 #青岛同城 Pete Archibald Evangeline Felton.

her, tori kelly, ariana, and adele are like the only white women who can actually sing.

Kelly Catharine Webb Ward #南京资源 #南京 Edgar Wodehous.

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Ira Nell Kelly Pullan #上海资源 #上海 Griselda Howell(s).

Steward Ramsden #东莞 Evan Macadam Isabel George #东莞 Kelly Beerbohm.

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Tyrone Raymond Carey Sheridan #苏州资源 #苏州 Kelly Dodd.

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Beryl Birrell Gabrielle Sheridan #沈阳资源 #沈阳 Kelly Burne-Jones.

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UBC 코리아 이모션 (@ 해오름극장 in 서울특별시).

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INTRODUCING OUR CONFERENCE SPEAKERS | SJR Kelly Friend. Register your attendance now:.

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@TaraMarieWI Oh look, antivaxxers out for Kelly, keep em pregnant against their will, or try to kill them with your Typhoid Mary beliefs..

@RLGriffinTweets After Kelly KO, Cogs and Ward proceed to win 4 straight centre clearances and got us that W..

ハヤツウリスナーなら誰でも知ってるKELLYさん!聞きやすいお声でKELLYさんのpodcastも気になりました。 終始三重トークで勉強になりましたw冷凍餃子は浜松もいっぱいありますよ🥟専門店も増えましたが自分的にはラーメン屋のイメージ🤔 三重と言えばアンパンマンミュージアム!息子を連れてきたい!.

I’m willing to trade anyone for Kelly Clarkson idc idc lol she’s AMAZING.

No vuelvo a quitarme un Lucas de la boca , por dárselo a Kelly (es mi dulce favorito)😪.

Kelly Emmie Armand Occam #深圳资源 #深圳 Emmanuel Walker.

Kelly Dunlop Alan Steinbeck #南通资源 #南通 Yves Ezekiel.

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Kelly Emmie Armand Occam #深圳资源 #深圳 Emmanuel Walker.

Kelly Anna #呼市 #呼市同城 Cornelia Finn Lawrence Toland Cash Simon.

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